Love is....pain



"The quote if u love something let it free and if I was meant to be it will come back isn't true.if u love something don't set it free,stay with it and if they stay with u,then it's truly meant to be"


"Some times the past hurts,it's scary thinking that the something new won't be as good as the old.But the past is the past and u can't change that.Believing in change can be hard but it's something we all go through.If you don't open your eyes to the present and stop living in the past u will never see what is in front of ur eyes"


"If ur lucky enough for a girl to open her heart to u, don't break it because that will only make it harder for her to open it back up." -DD

"Writing out your feelings and emotions help you get rid out a heart break or a void.It relieves u,and kinda clears your head.As long as u write out all u need to U'll be good"

-My best friend,Beverly

"Don't judge a relationship, before u have heard the back story"

-DD and Natalia

"Don't cry over someone who wasn't lucky enough for your love" -DD

"Quotes are inspirations,trying to help u through life.They don't want u to suffer and believe what those people once did."


"You can't control what happened in the past, but you can control what happens in the future"


"You know when your in love with someone when the thought of the person u love being with someone else kills u on the inside"


"Don't ever feel unwanted because you will always have yourself and that's all it takes to say you have someone"


"If you can't show yourself to someone without the fear that they won't love or except you,then they weren't worth trying"


"A true best friend will see your flaws and weirdness and stick by them"


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