Love is....pain


2. don't mean what u say

Have u ever noticed how people can say one thing one day and then another thing the next.Well I have.Mostly with guys.I think they don't care about anything,they think we're just toys and dolls they can just leave and come back to whenever they feel like it.Ill give u an example.A real life example, that makes me think,why?


I just got out of P.E and it starts to drizzle.I feel my best guy friend Brandon pull me into the rain in the school court yard next to my 4th period.We start dancing in the rain,when all of a sudden my boyfriend,Jay,walks out of class.He sees me and smiles.He then walks into the rain with me and Brandon leave and gives us some space.He comes and give me a long hug,when I pull away he looks into my eyes and kisses me.A bunch of people were like"OMG. That's so cute.He kissed her in the rain!" A girls dream.Im so in love with him.


We've kissed like once or twice.Every period he waits outside my class to give me a cuddling hug and sometimes walk me to class.My best friend Bev come to me after school and tells me"D,don't get to close,plz trust me on this one.Its for ur own good.Im just trying to protect u"Well that's weird.Shes never been wrong though.Maybe I should listen to her

Next week Wednesday:

Jay during lunch told Nati,one of my best friends, something.All I heard was "plz don't tell her".5th period,I ask Nati"Come on Nati plz tell me wat he said!","Yea plz tell us wat he said!" Steven,my ex but also a close friend of mine,and our friend Duardy say.

"No cause U'll be depressed and I don't want that"Nati responded."No I won't,I promise,just plz tell me!"I told her wanting to know soooo badly."He said u were to shy and that u were annoying him.He's gonna break up with u,D"she finally told us.Bev was right.

That's all that went though my head.Nothing sad or anything.When I got out of class I walk passed Jay like if he wasn't there.I block people out,it's how I save myself from a broken heart."u ok,want a hug?"Steven said opening his arms and I snap to reality."no I'm fine"I respond but he knows me to well and gives me a hug anyway.

Later I went to the dentist.When I got home,I had a text from him.He was ending it.


I ignored him the most I could.I didn't want to see him.I did my day as usual.Like nothing happened.He didn't talk to me I didn't talk to him.He trying to talk to me twice but I turning and walked away.Yet again I got home to a text from him.It said I'm sorry ,can we still be friends?

The end.

U see my point.People don't mean what they say because someone can't go from telling u I love u one day to its over the next.

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