Sit back, and enjoy.


1. How It All Started

**Emily's POV**
     "It's your entire fault!" Harry screamed at me. He was angry, and I mean, REALLY angry. His fists were clenched at his sides, face red, and body tense. I trembled from head to toe; he was scaring me so badly. I mean, he was NEVER like this. NEVER. I watched as he stepped closer to me, tall frame towering even more over my small frame of 4'8". He was a giant compared to me, like everyone else. "Alana left me, because we were 'friends' and she didn't like you!" he yelled; spit flying into my face, mocking 'friends'. It felt like my world tore apart. He KNOWS how much of a touchy subject friends are to me. 3 smiling lads, Niall, Liam, and Louis, burst through the door, and took in the scene before them. Vases littered the floor in shards, makeup, and chairs were toppled over. One by one, the smiles disappeared, as did my hope. "I LOVED HER!" he screeched. The floor disappeared out from my legs, and I crumpled to the ground in a rush to meet gravity. "Harry!" I heard Louis' faint British accent yell, as the pounding came upon me, my face, my arms, my ribs. Louis and Liam were there, trying with all their might to rip his iron grip off of me. It seemed like it took years, when in reality it took merely seconds. They succeeded, and I rolled over with a groan. I clutched my sides in agony. I could barely breathe. Blood was everywhere. It felt like I was dying. "Damn, he hits hard...” I breathed out, with a chuckle. Harry was passed to Zayn, who appeared out of nowhere, and was standing in the door way. I could see the white show on his hands. He was griping Harry pretty tight. He looked mortified, once he finally looked at me. I felt arms scoop under me. Looking up, I melted at the sight of Liam's deep brown eyes, full of worry. I was set on a couch and relief washed over my aching bones. "Are you okay, Em? Is anything broken? Should I call a doctor, or Paul, or Simon, or-" I slipped my finger over his lips, cutting him off. "Shhh..." I pleaded. I waited before answering him. "Simon. Get Simon." I told him. He disappeared out the door and his spot was taken by that cute, Irish lad.

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