The perfect year {ON HOLD}

A girl named Claire thought this year was going to be perfect. But with her boyfriend Louis, best friend Ashley and the 4 new kids (Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall) it doesn't turn out the way she hoped. Will everything turn out fine at the end of the year or will it all go downhill??? Read to find out!!!!!!! ;)


5. The Party Drama

Claire's POV:

I can't even think about not having Louis around, he's been here for so many year's then finally found the courage to ask me out and what do I do, I mess the whole fucking thing up. I always dreamed about Louis asking me out and now that he has I fuck up the whole thing. At least I could try to keep it out of my mind at Harry's Party. It's going to be so much fun, I hope. When I finally pulled up in Harry's drive way, there were already tons of people there having a blast. I made sure to wear my bathing suit under this cause he's got a pool and I intend on using it. I walked into his house and Ashley ran over to me."Heeeey gurly, why you still at the door come on." she pulled me over to our group of friends (Louis was there)"Heeeey everybody, look who I found!!!" Everyone except Louis yelled "CC!!!" I laughed and Niall came over and hugged me." you ok CC?" I looked at him."Ya I'm fine, now let's have some fun." Niall laughed. " YESS, now your talking, come on let's dance." Niall pulled me on the dance floor and we dance for whet seemed like a half hour. When I finally escaped, Harry walked over."heeeeyyy CC!!" He handed me a drink "HAZZA BEAR!!!!"  I smiled widely and Drank all of my beer, then kissed him on the nose. I caught Louis eyeing me and I got a small quick idea. I smiled and Louis and  pulled Harry down and kissed him on the lip's. When I pulled away I looked at Louis who looked torn. That's what he get's for breaking up with me over one little nose kiss, what can I say, it became a habit over the week. I looked up and Harry who had a huge smile on his face which made me smile. I walked over and grabbed another drink, then another, and another. Soon I lost count and was drink as hell. So was Harry, Ashley and Zayn. I found my way back to Harry who was sitting on the couch. I went over and sat on his lap. "Heeyyyyyyy CC!!!!." he said smiling just at the sight of me. "Heeyyy Hazza Bear!!!" I said then kissed him. It was a few minutes the we started making out on the couch. "Why don't we take this upstairs" he said and smiled. I smiled and nodded, letting my drunk side take over. we walked upstairs and he opened a door and we walked in. So this is what Harry's room looked like,Not that I was going to remember much of it in the morning. before I knew it I was laying on harry's bed making out with him. His hand's slowly moving up and down my body. I had my hands on his neck. He took my shirt off then i took off his, we did the same with his and my pant's. He asked for entry and i granted. I could feel Harry coming inside me inch by inch. I had only know him a week and now were having sex. Part of me said stop but a bigger/more drunk said of me said keep going. I started to moan so I took His pillow an put it over my mouth. he started thrusting in and out hard which made me moan louder. I was moaning and saying his name loudly into his pillow. Apparently we were so quiet that someone came in not noticing we were in here. That someone way Louis.


Louis's POV:

I missed Claire so much, even thought I broke up with her. I didn't know what else to do, I was afraid she was going to cheat on me with harry so I broke up with her so if she and harry did anything, she wouldn't be cheating on me. Apparently I was right because when I was at Harry's party. I was stressed from all the drinking and all the stuff with Claire so I went upstairs to try to think out my thought's alone. I opened to door not realizing there were people in her. when I felt like I was being watched I turned my head and saw to people naked under a sheet having sex. " omg I'm so sorry I didn't know anyone was in here" I said feeling embarrassed and guilty. I looked over to see that the two people were Harry and Claire. Harry and Claire?? HARRY AND CLAIRE!!!!!!!!" Harry, Claire?" "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE??????" I asked furious."It's called having fun Louis." Harry said with attitude. I couldn't stand seeing her on HARRY'S bed,  with HARRY inside her. I walked out and slammed the door shut. i grabbed my coat and went home.


Claire's POV:

"It's called having fun Louis." Harry said with attitude. Louis walked out and slammed the door behind him. Harry turned his head back to me. He still wanted to have sex after what had just happened. He started trusting into me again. "Harry no, not after what had just happened. I'm sorry." He didn't loo upset. He got off me and layed there next to me looking into my eye's. He leaned in and we made out for what seemed like an hour then I got tired and fell asleep.

*The next morning*

I woke up, my head was pounding from all the beer i drank. I rolled over and saw harry laying next to me. I don't remember everything, I remember Louis being pissed for some reason, I remember dancing with Niall then all of a sudden I remembered what me and Harry had done. I can't believe it. I've only known him a week and we had SEX!!!!! I got up quickly not caring if Harry woke up and saw me naked, apparently he had last so what did it matter. I got dressed and raced home, Harry never woke up but I will never forgive myself for doing that and causing all the party drama!! 

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