The perfect year {ON HOLD}

A girl named Claire thought this year was going to be perfect. But with her boyfriend Louis, best friend Ashley and the 4 new kids (Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall) it doesn't turn out the way she hoped. Will everything turn out fine at the end of the year or will it all go downhill??? Read to find out!!!!!!! ;)


7. The look-a-like cousin.

Claire's POV:

I walked down stairs to get something to eat. Suddenly someone walked threw the front door, she looked like........ME. A lot like me, if I didn't know her I would swear were twins. She had the same hair as me, same eye's as me and really good fashion sense."Hanna, darling. How are you?" Hanna? Who is this girl and why is she in my house? "I'm good aunt B." " That's good. Hanna this is your cousin Claire. If you girl's weren't cousin's I could swear you two were sister's. Claire, show Hanna to her new room. Her parent's past away and we are all she has left." "Ok mum." my mom walked into the backyard and I looked at Hanna, I swear it's like looking in a mirror. "Why have I never heard of you?" I asked." I'm not sure, I haven't heard about you either." We walked upstairs to what now seem's to be her new room. I opened the door and she sat on the bed. We spent the day talking and getting to know each other. We are like the exact same. We have almost the exact same clothes.

Me and Hanna went shopping the next day and bought all the same thing's, just in different colors. Harry had texted me 13 times today and called me 7 times. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ. Make that 8. "Is that Harry again?" asked Hanna. " Ugh, yes." I said and pressed ignore. Hanna completely understands me and what I have to go through. As we were leaving I saw Niall. Niall turned and saw me and his face lite up. He ran over and hugged Hanna thinking it was me. "Ummm, wrong person." Hanna said giggling. Niall looked up at me and let go of Hanna. He looked at me, then her, then me again. "Whoa, 2 CC's. How?" "Niall this is my cousin Hanna, Hanna this is Niall." They shook hand's. " Ohhhhhh, so this is Niall." I nodded. "Look it was great to meet you and great to see you CC, but I have to go. Ziah's waiting for me. see ya!!" He waved and walked away. " Bye." Hanna and i said at the same time then giggled. We went home and went to bed early for school in the morning.

Hanna's POV:

*The next morning*

I woke up at 6:30 am to the sound of my phone alarm. I had to be up early to get ready for school today. Claire had showed me pictures of who to watch out for, I should stay away from Louis, Harry, Mackenzie and Nina (Nina is a girl that's always with Mackenzie.) I got up and went to take a shower. I got out of the shower so Claire could take one. She walked out of the bathroom wearing the exact same thing as me except my shirt was blue and her's was pink. We walked down stairs and ate pancakes, then off we were to school. 

*At school*

When we got to school I went to the office and got my stuff. I had the same classes as Claire and my locker was on the left side of her's. Claire went to the toilets so I decided to put my stuff in my locker. As I did someone came and slammed it shut, the grabbed me by the waist and turned me around. I looked up and remembered seeing that face in one of the pictures Claire had shown me, it was Harry. "H....harry?" I stuttered. Before i knew it Harry was kissing me. He probably thought I was Claire. I pushed him off and stated to walk away when someone grabbed my shoulder, this time it was Louis. I turned around and he had anger in his eye's. "What the fuck Claire, first you had sex with him, now your kissing him right in front of me. I know you saw me before you kissed him" He said a little louder than he should have. I turned around and ran to the toilet's sobbing. I walked in and Claire came running up to me. "Hanna what happened?" I told her what had happened with me, Harry and Louis. She grabbed my wrist and walked me out of the washroom. She walked up to Harry and slapped him in the face, he looked back and forth between me and Claire. Then Claire started to walk again still holding on to my wrist. This time she walked up to Louis and slapped him, He had the same reaction as Harry. Then she started to walk toward's Niall. Now that was a face I didn't mind seeing. "Hey CC, hey Hanna!!" He said as we walked up to him. Claire let go my wrist and hugged Niall. " Claire, what's wrong?" Claire started to cry still hugging Niall. "Life, that's what's wrong." Niall lightly kissed her head, trying to make her feel better. "Oh so now you have Niall kissing you to?" Louis said storming up after seeing what's going on. "Fuck off Louis." I said surprisingly and I saw the surprise jump onto his face. "What the fuck? Who the hell are you?" " I'm Claire's cousin. Who the fuck are you to but into people's live's. You broke up with her, so why does it matter if she kisses somebody else?" I said with attitude. He turned and walked away. "Claire are you ok?" somebody said behind me. I turned around and saw Liam, Ashley, Zayn, Kathryn and Keziah. "No, not really." "Awe, it's alright. Were here for you." Zayn said and we all went up and hugged her. "Wait a sec who's the other Claire?" Asked Liam. I looked over at him. "Oh, I'm Claire's cousin Hanna." " You look allot like Claire, exactly like Claire." I smiled. "Well I think she look's hotter than Claire." Zayn said and winked. I smiled and giggled. " That's hurtful." Claire joked. "Well we all better get to class." So we all walked to class together and Claire didn't seem as upset. The rest of the day was great. I had so much fun and I'm friend's with so many people now. People love that I look like Claire cause they love Claire. Zayn keep's saying i'm hot, he's really cute but I like Niall more. After school I went straight home, It's was a long emotional, fun day!!!! I love being Claire's look-a-like cousin!! :)


Thank you to everyone that has read my story. It really mean's allot to me cause it is my first story so I'm still new at this. Please comment, like and favorite.

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