The perfect year {ON HOLD}

A girl named Claire thought this year was going to be perfect. But with her boyfriend Louis, best friend Ashley and the 4 new kids (Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall) it doesn't turn out the way she hoped. Will everything turn out fine at the end of the year or will it all go downhill??? Read to find out!!!!!!! ;)


8. I'm sorry (Also include's a birthday shout out to Harry Styles)


I would like to dedicate this chapter to Harry Styles!!!! The day I wrote this chapter was on his BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY HARRY!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BABY AND WILL SUPPORT YOU TILL THE END!!!!!!! Anyways, now the chapter!!


Claire's POV:
I woke up to a call from Harry. I ignored it without hesitation. I rubbed my eye's as they tried to adjust to the light. I looked over to my night stand at the clock. He woke me up a half hour early, It's only 6:00 am and I'm still tired but I can't fall asleep now. I sat up on the bed and swung my legs off the bed and just sat there. I stood up and Harry called again. This time I picked up, I'm sick of him calling me all the time.

Me: "What the fuck do you want Harry?"

Harry: "Why wont you answer my call's or text's?"

Me: " hmm, let's see. You took advantage of me when I was drunk. you call and text me non-stop and you kissed my cousi...."

 Harry: " I didn't know it was you cousin ok? You 2 look to much a like. wait a sec, before I kissed her she said my name. How did she know me?"

Me: " Ughh, Harry it's 6 am, and your asking me how someone know's you?"

Harry: "Fine i'll just ask her myself at school."

Me: "Go ahead and try, she wont tell you anything. beside's she'll be with the group so she wont want to leave."

Harry: " Ugh your no help. bye."

Why can't he just go and bother someone at 6 am, like Liam of Zayn. but i know Zayn wouldn't answer. I stood up and grabbed my Pink tank top that had a pair of shimmering lips on it and my white skinny jeans, and walked to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and the hot water felt great on my skin after all the stress that came from the one phone call from Harry. Why can't he take a hint, you can't meet someone then a week later have sex with them. IN FRONT OF THEIR EX-BOYFRIEND. It's his fault that Louis broke up with me, and he has the guts to keep calling after all he's done, in just one week. I got out of the shower and and dried off. I looked up into the mirror and smiled. I'm not one of those girl's that cares to much about their appearance nor the kind that doesn't think she's pretty. I really don't care how I look. I could care less. I got dressed and curled my hair, then Hanna came in. "It's like looking into a mirror." she said and smiled. I walked out of the bathroom so she could take a shower. I did my makeup at my desk and went threw my jewelry box and of course I chose something pink. Hanna walked in and wore the same exact things as me all thought her shirt and jewelry were blue not pink. people had to find a way to tell us apart so we wear different colors. I wear pink and she wears blue. I swear she my sister, we look to alike to be cousin's. We both smiled. "Let's go to eat breakfast before we leave." I nodded and we went down stairs and sat at the table to eat our cereal. "you'll never guess who called me this morning." "Harry again?" I sighed. "Ya, I answered this time and he was asking a load of crap like why i wouldn't answer his calls or texts, how you knew him and crap like that. He said that he was going to ask you at school how you knew him." Hanna rolled her eyes. "He's such a bitch." " I know right." We giggled and put our dishes in the dishwasher, grabbed our stuff and went to school.

*At school*

I parked and me and Hanna climbed out of the car. As soon as we did Niall ran up. "CC!!!!!!" "NIALLER!!!!!!!" we both laughed. " We need a nickname for Hanna. How about.......umm.... Han." i giggled. "Ya that would work for now." Hanna laughed. We walked into the school and the rest of the group (not including Louis and Harry) ran up to us. "Harry has gone mad looking for Hanna." Ashley said, we all had concern in our eyes. We heard someone yell. "Was that Harry?" I asked quickly after I heard the yell. "Yup. He's looked everywhere for you Hanna. He even went into the girls washroom." Liam said. All of a sudden Harry turned the corner and looked at me, then Hanna. " Hanna come here." I saw the fear in her eyes and she looked over at me. "Hanna, I said come here." his voice rising. " Maybe she doesn't want to." Zayn defended. Harry's stared at Zayn with an evil look on his face. "You stay out of this Malik." Harry said in a harsh tone. " Hanna I just want to talk." "After what you just pulled I don't want to talk to you. You insane fuckin freak." She was allot braver than I thought she would be. " Please Hanna just go, then he will stop yelling." I said and I wasn't thinking. "NO, Claire are you insane.." Zayn said and pushed Hanna back. " whatever you want to say, you can say to all of us." Hanna said proudly. "How do you know who I am? You said my name before I kissed you, how did you know who  I was?" "Oh that's easy to answer, Claire warned her about you, Louis Mackenzie and Nina." Harry shot a look at me and I back up and grabbed Niall's hand. I instantly felt protected. "Ok. now was that so hard to say Claire. So hard that you can't say it over the phone." He turn's and walks away and I turn and Put my head on Niall's shoulder. Hanna did the same to Zayn. "It's alright CC, It's all over now." "Claire are you ok?" I turned to see Louis generally concerned for me. "Ya I'm ok." He let out a huge breath. " I'm sorry for the way I acted when you were with Harry was unacceptable. Would you take me back." I nodded and teared up and gave Louis a huge hug. The rest of the day we stayed in our group. (Not including Harry.) The day felt long and as we walked out of the school, I saw Harry with Nina. OUT OF ALL PEOPLE YOU CHOSE NINA!! I swear this boy is insane. Nina was Louis ex-girlfriend's best friend and she always tries to hit on him. She's a little slut. We all look away as they talk. Were hanging out at Zayn's place tonight and he said Harry sometime's show's up unexpectedly. Greaaattt!!!!


I know that I dedicated this chapter to Harry, then made him sound like a Bitch in it but It was mostly just a shout out to him to say Happy Birthday and that I love him. And I really hopes he has a good birthday. I LOVE YOU HARRY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! ( I didn't, in any way mean to offend Harry with this story. making him sound like a bitch and everything. I would never hurt him. He's my baby. Well all 5 of them are) Don't forget to comment, Love and favorite!!!!!! and you can follow me on twitter:


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