The perfect year {ON HOLD}

A girl named Claire thought this year was going to be perfect. But with her boyfriend Louis, best friend Ashley and the 4 new kids (Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall) it doesn't turn out the way she hoped. Will everything turn out fine at the end of the year or will it all go downhill??? Read to find out!!!!!!! ;)


2. He's Just a guy that was at the mall


Claire's POV:

I woke up to the light sneaking into my room threw the window. I sat up and looked over at my night stand at the clock, it was 12:30pm. Shit, I was supposed to meet Louis (my boyfriend) at the mall half an hour ago. I ran over to my desk and grabbed my phone. I unlocked it and saw I three messages and two missed calls.  Two of the messages were from Louis, the other was from Ashley (my best friend) and the two calls were from Louis. 


Hey babe, I've been at the mall for ten minutes now and your not here. Please hurry.


Where are you? It's not like you to be late. I'm getting worried. :/



Hey Louis called asking if you were with me, he sounded a bit worried. Just wanted to let you know.


Thanks for telling me, I slept in so i'm late going to the mall to meet him.


Hey babe, sorry I slept in. I was up late at Ashley's place last night. I will be there in half an hour.'


I threw my phone onto my bed and ran to my closet to find something to wear. Louis insisted last week that he was going to take me shopping the day before school. He's so sweet. When he asked me out a few weeks ago (four to be exact) he brought flowers and got down on one knee. It was so romantic. I looked at all of my clothes but couldn't find anything to wear. As I was rummaging threw my dresser, there was a knock at the door. I quickly did my hair into a bun so it wouldn't look as crappy and ran down stairs. I opened the door and there was Louis looking worried as hell. He quickly pulled me into a tight hug. "OMG, Claire you scared me so bad when you didn't show up and I called Ashley and she didn't know where you were either." " I know sweet heart i'm soo sorry. I slept in cause I was at Ashley's late last night. didn't you get my text?" "What text" He took his phone out of his back pocket and stared at it, I could tell he was reading the text. He looked back up at me."Oh I must have been so worried I didn't even check my phone. I was to busy trying to get here as fast as I could." "It's ok. I'm just getting dressed but I cant find anything to wear" "Well here, I'll come up and help." We both went upstairs. 


I finally found something to wear, with the help of Louis of course. He passed me a shirt. "here you can wear this. Now get dressed." "No." " Why not?" "Cause your still in the room, duh." "Don't be a smart ass with me." Louis said with a fake serious look on his face. He walked over so we were face to face."Why not?" I said putting a fake serious face on as well."Cause then I would have to do this." He grabbed the shirt out of my hand and tossed it on my desk, then picked me up. I screamed. Then he threw me onto the bed and stood there laughing. I sat up and started laughing to. He walked out of my room and yelled."Now, get dressed." I closed the door and got dressed. I did my makeup quickly and went downstairs wearing my pink leggings, my black mini skirt and my white strapless shirt that said " I'm yours" with little hearts on it."Beautiful, now lets get to the mall" Louis said and we left.


We walked into the mall. Me and Louis started to walk down to my favorite store when we saw Louis's ex girlfriend Mackenzie. She smiled and waved at Louis, when he saw her he looked away. She looked at me with a disgusted look on her face and I put my arm behind Louis back and he rapped his arm around me. I looked away from Mackenzie and walked on with a proud look on my face.

*After shopping*

   Me and Louis decided to go to the food court to get a late lunch. I got us a table and Louis went to subway to get the food. As I was waiting I was looking around the food court at everything trying to waist time. All of a sudden I saw this guy. I didn't know him but he was really attractive. He was just sitting at a table alone on his phone. He had brown curly hair that looked perfect. His eyes were  a beautiful shade of blue and When I saw him smile He had dimples that made him look even cuter. I stared at him for a while then he noticed, he smiled his beautiful smile and i blushed then smiled, we looked at each other and kept smiling for a while. Louis walked up and saw me staring and smiling at something. He sat down and put the food on the table."What are you looking at?" He asked. I turned my head to look at Louis."Nothing." I said. I picked up my phone and quickly looked back at the guy and smiled at him again, then started to eat. I kept looking back at him in the corner and realized he was staring at me."What do you keep looking at? Is it a guy? Are you cheating on me?"Louis asked."No, of course I'm not cheating on you. I'm just looking around." I said. He looked a bit hurt but shook it off.


When we were done, we started walking to the parking lot. We walked out the doors and I saw that guy again, He looked over at me, smiled, winked then got in his car. I giggled." What are you laughing at?" Louis asked." Nothing." I lied. We got in his car and he drove me home. He kissed my forehead and we said good night. I walked into the house and ran up to my room. I striped my self and put on my pajama's. I laid down in my bed and couldn't stop thinking about that guy. He's just a guy that was at the mall, It's not like i'm ever going to see him again. I pushed the thought to the back of my head and fell asleep.I had school in the morning, Didn't want to be late on the first day.



I hoped you liked the first chapter, I know its long but I had a lot of idea's so i tried to fit them. I wonder who that guy was at the mall. Perfect curly hair, Beautiful blue eye's, cute dimples. It could be anyone. Please comment like and favorite.  :)))))))


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