The perfect year {ON HOLD}

A girl named Claire thought this year was going to be perfect. But with her boyfriend Louis, best friend Ashley and the 4 new kids (Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall) it doesn't turn out the way she hoped. Will everything turn out fine at the end of the year or will it all go downhill??? Read to find out!!!!!!! ;)


4. A group

Harry's POV:

I woke up to the sound of my phone alarm going off at 8:00am. I didn't feel like getting up, then again if I did I would get to see Claire. When I saw her kiss that guy, I don't know why but it hurt. I know I like Claire but why would I care if she kissed her boyfriend. It's her boyfriend, what was supposed to do. I was up late thinking about her after talk to Zayn on the phone, I didn't do much talking though. He wouldn't stop talking about Kathryn. He hasn't talked that much about a girl since he dated Perrie. At least he's happy. I got off the bed and went over to the closet and grabbed a white V neck and a black pair of skinny jean's. I walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower, got dressed, grabbed my stuff and went down stairs. Gemma (my sister) was sitting at the table reading a magazine. " You know there are better things in life other than magazines." i said sitting down across from her to eat my cereal. she looked up at me and smiled."who's the girl?" she asked. " What are you talking about?" "harr, I know you like a girl, you came home last night humming, your wearing your expensive cologne and you did your hair the same as yesterday. the same thing you did when you liked Katie and Taylor. I'm not stupid Harr, I know there's a girl." " Think what you want, I have to go to school." I stood up grabbed my keys and started humming again." I can hear you humming Harry" she sang."Then your hearing things" I sang back and walked out the door and drove to school.

*At school*

I pulled into the parking lot and perked the car.I walked inside the school and went to put my things in my locker when I noticed Claire and her Boyfriend. Claire had her back against her locker and her boyfriend had one hand on the locker and the other hand was stroking her cheek. I felt like some had just punched me in the stomach, I had only known her for two day's. How can I feel this way about somebody I had just met. It's strange.

Claire's POV:

I walked over to my locker to put my stuff in there and I started to feel somebody kissing my neck. I turned around and Louis closed my locker, pushed me against it and started to kiss me on the lips. It was like five minutes before he pulled away. We both smiled."Hello princess" "Prince charming how nice of you to stop by." I smiled and kissed his nose. " So, wanna go out later?" He asked . "depend's on how long I'm at my friend's place after school. If it's not long than ya sure." "Great. We'll talk later." He kissed me again then wandered off. I stood there smiling then Niall walked over. " Heeyyy CC. That's what I'm calling you now, CC." I smiled "I like it. I think it sound's kool, I'm gonna call you..... Nialler."  "Kool, so are you coming over later or what?" "ya only for a while thought cause I'm going out with Louis later." "ok." Niall had called me this morning asking if i wanted to come over to his place cause Keziah was. I turned around and saw Harry looking at me and I motioned for him to come over, so he did." Heyyy Harry" Niall said " sup Niall, what's going on here?" he asked. "nothing really, just here talking to CC" "CC?" "Y that's what I'm calling her now, she thinks its cool." He looked over at me "Yup, and i call Niall Nialler." "Nialler? cool, what would mine be?" asked Harry "Ummm...... Hazza!!!" We all started to laugh." Hazza? Awesome." I laughed again." I like your laugh." said harry and I stopped laughing and smiled, starring into his eye trying to read them."Thanks." We stared into each other's eyes for a little longer than we needed to. I could feel the tension between us, was it love? No it couldn't be, I just meet harry, I can't be in love with him."ummm.... come back down to earth will ya?" Niall said breaking the silents, I didn't want to look away but I had to, so I did."Oh umm sorry Nialler" " No it's ok if you love birds wanna be alone go right ahead,I can leave." and Niall walked away and we started laughing."We better get to class" "ya lets go" and me and Harry walked to class together laughing and talking and I could feel Louis Looking at us. When I sat down next to Louis he seemed mad. "What's wrong sweetie?" I asked cause I knew something was wrong. "Nothing" he said giving Harry and evil look. "You sure you look angry." "I'm fine ok" "Ok Lou" I kept looking over and smiling at Harry and every time I did Louis would give him and evil look telling him to stop flirting with me but it didn't work. We "flirted" the whole class.

Niall's POV:

I knew there was something going on between Harry and Claire and I didn't want Her to get hurt, she's my friend and the last time I was friend's with the girl harry liked I never talked to her again cause she had sex with Harry and he never called her back and completely ignored her so she completely shut down and moved away. I don't want that happening to Claire so I have to keep an eye on her and Harry as much as I could.

*Friday at school*

I have become very close with Claire, Louis, Keziah, Ashley and Katelyn. We were all like best friend's. Harry and Louis didn't seem to hate each other any more and Harry has gotten closer and flirty-er with Claire. To the point were he doesn't leave her alone at all. I haven't seen a time when he wasn't with her but it didn't seem to bother Louis. Harry was having a big party at his place tonight and everyone was talking about it. I saw Harry and Claire at there lockers so I went over to make sure nothing happened between them. " Heyy CC, sup Hazza." We had also given everyone a nickname. I'm Nialler, Liam is LiLi, Zayn is Zaynie, Harry is Hazza but sometimes we call him Hazza bear,Louis is Lou, Claire was CC, Ashley was ash, Katelyn was Kat and Keziah was Ziah. "hey Nialler" they both said "So Hazza, What's up with the party, I still haven't been told what time to show up." "Umm..... you can come around 7:30." "cool got it. So what's up?" Niall asked ."Nothing really just talking about the party." "I gotta go, see you guys tonight." Said Claire. she quickly gave harry a little kiss on the nose and left. "What was that kiss about?" I asked "Just a habit she's gotten i guess, I gotta go see ya." Harry walked away and i saw Claire crying by the wall, I ran over to her. "CC what's wrong?" I asked with a concerned look on my face. "Louis.... broke up......with me." she said in between sob's. I pulled her in and hugged her "It's gonna be ok CC, I'm always here for you." "Thanks" She stopped crying and I spent the rest of the day by her side.

Claire's POV:

I can't believe Louis broke up with me over a stupid nose kiss that he saw me give Harry in the hall way. I just have to let it go, and get ready for the party at Harry's. I put on my purple mini dress I had gotten when I went shopping with Louis before school started. I have to admit I really miss him, he was my everything. Then he just broke up with me, it's heart breaking. at least I had Niall with me all day so I wasn't alone. I curled my hair and did my make up, picked up my phone and my keys and left for the party. hopefully I could fix everything cause without Louis all of us would be, ummm, what am I looking for, oh ya. We wouldn't be a group!!!  



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