Wait, I can't be!

This is the story of a kind, frail, and shy young girl named Stephanie Brooks, or Stephy. Her dad has married before, but had fights everyday with his wife.
Her father finds a woman that her child, or son, is someone she didn't expect.
Stephy has to live her life with her step-brother.
But she won't call him her "brother" or


2. Finally

I get out of the car and shut the door. I grab the house keys out of my purse and open the front door. I run to my room on the first floor and jump on my bed. I grab my phone out of my pocket and type in 'Niallerrr' in the contact to text box. I quickly write:

Hi, I'm home. What's Up?

And he replies with,

Hey, lovely. I'm just sitting with Zayn and Louis. They keep asking who am I texting xD

S: Tell them that I say to stay out of your business. And do you think I can come over tomorrow? :)

N: Yeah. No problem! Mum is going to be at work all day. And when I say all day I mean all day. You can stay as long as you want. :)

S:Yay! What are we going to do? :P I need to be prepared!! *whine* ily and I can't wait.

N:Did you just say ily?

S:No. Why?

N:Yeah you did. ily too. You're very sweet and nice.

S:Really?! No one has ever said that besides dad. I mean it. I really have no friends. :( but you're sweet too. I'm gonna head to bed. I'll talk to you in the morning. Ily<3

N:Ok, love. ily too. <3 oh, and we're going to the boardwalk. :*

*end convo*

I turn my lamp off and go to sleep. Thinking of tomorrow.


I half wake up with a low purring sound and shadows over me. "Good morning." The persons said with a smile. "Good morning." I said with a yawn. "Look what I brought you!" They say. "Ooh! A kitty!" I say like a little kid. They hand it over. I pet the cat for a while and fall back asleep with the cat snuggled with me. I snap out of my dream and see who it was. I pick the cat up and run over to the person.

I accidentally bump into the person and see them. "Hello." they all say. "What were you doing in my room?!" I yell. "We wanted to give you the cat." They say shrugging. "First off, I live here. Second- talk to them." I look over to the others. "Uhh... We found where you live. And he told us to do it!" They say pointing fingers at dad.

On the inside, I'm freaking out! On the outside, I'm super calm and a little mad at them coming in and interrupting my dreams.

"Gimme the pussy cat!" Harry yells. "Harry, don't say that in front of you know who and me." I say looking at dad. "It's alright Stephy." Dad says not looking up and continuing to make pancakes.

I hand harry the cat and keep my arms crossed. "Alright." I finally say. I look at what I'm wearing and my hair and run to my room. I change into my Hipsta Please crop top. I put my jean shorts on and my neon green converse. I come out of my room and see the boys staring. "Like you've never seen a girl before." I giggle. "When are we leaving?" I ask niall. "Anytime you want. Just let me eat the pancakes." He says smiling. "Alright. Make it quick!" I smile back.


He leads me to his car and he open the door for me. He gets in and drives to L.A. with the top down. I hope dad won't mind me going out for the day.

I blast out my music and we both sing to it.

"I got that off-black Cadillac, midnight drive. Got that gas pedal, leaned back, taking my time, I’m rollin' out, roof off, letting in sky. I shine, the city never looked so bright" we finish.

"That's a good song." I say. "Yeah. Ooh! Let me play one." He says playing some Demi Lovato. "Oh no." I mumble. 'Let It Go' starts playing and niall screams the lyrics out. "THE COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME ANYWAY!"


When we finally made it to the beach/boardwalk, I hopped out of the front seat. I grabbed my frilly purse and started to walk with Niall.

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