Everything About You

18 year old, Beth, had tried to kill herself at a young age and no one lets her live it down. She knew it was a mistake, and she has always regretted it. Her parents and siblings love her, along with her whole extended family, but there are still times, bad times, when she wishes she hadn't survived the fall. As she takes care of the animals kept in her room, she gets an unexpected surprise, 3 actually. But one is something she was born with, something that she didn't know about. (Sorry, I keep getting new ideas)


5. Chapter 4: Trapped Inside

I looked at him with teary eyes. "Let's get you back. A storm is coming." He said. I nodded. For an odd reason, I couldn't walk. My legs were really weak. "You ran too much. You can't push yourself so hard." He whispered. He picked me up bridal style and my face reddened. "You're like a feather. A pretty feather." He laughed. My face got really warm. The rain started and Harry started to run. Lightning flashed, followed by thunder. "The animals!" I exclaimed. "Harry! Put me down!" I said. So he did. I took off, him trying to keep up. I ran in my front door and up the stairs. The boys were still in my room, but I took no notice. I scooped up the puppy, kitten and bunnies. They were all shaking. As I was standing there with them in my arms when my legs gave out. Harry came running in. I started to get dizzy. I looked over at Liam. "I'm sorry I punched you... It's just a reaction I have, but normally when I'm with my punching bag." I said. "It's alright." He said. I looked back down at the floor and I had to let go of the animals so I could hold myself up. I pushed myself off the floor while sill looking at in. I held my head. Harry helped me. "I told you not to push yourself." He said. "I know, I know." I huffed. Harry helped me to my bed and I laid down. "You'll be alright. Just stay in bed. We're stuck here tonight. We'll check on you in the morning." Loui said. "Can someone at least get the animals for me?" I asked. Zayn picked them up one by one. Skittles cuddled my face, the bunnies cuddled my feet, and the puppy cuddled my hair. I laughed and before I knew it, I was asleep.

 I woke up to music outside my door. What the? I thought. I got out of bed. Harry was outside my door in the hall. He was sitting on the floor. "Harry Styles!? Are you crazy?" I hissed. He looked at me. "Sorry, love." He said and turned off the music. "What is the matter with you. I have a 2 year old sister!" I snapped. I was not one who was happy when awaken. "Sorry." He said and stood up. He walked towards me. "I should've known. If I let Harry in my house, something's bound to happen." I said to myself. I turned my back and walked back into my room. Arms went around my waist. I turned. "Harry! Are you seriously crazy?!" I said. I didn't know what happened, but his lips were on mine. My eyes went wide. I pushed him off. "I am crazy. I'm crazy about you." He said. "Oh no you don't. I know how you are with girls! You bang them up then drop them! Well, not me!" I said. "Then why is my name on your arm?" He asked. I drew on myself earlier. I had Harry's name on my arm. "Because... Because...." I couldn't find an answer. "I don't!" I said. "Oh really?" He asked, raising his left eyebrow. I nodded. He grabbed my arm and pushed up my sleeve. "Hmmm?" Is what he said. I bit my lip. He pushed me into my room and closed the door. "And you still wanna deny it?" He asked. I shook my head. He wrapped his arms around my again and crashed his lips to mine. I tried to push him off, but he was too strong. I enjoyed it, but I didn't want him to know. Honestly, sparks flew. I never thought my first kiss would be with Harry Styles. He pushed me onto my bed without separating our lips. He started grinding on me. He came off my lips and moved to my neck. 

I was being shaken awake. "Beth!" Loui hissed. My eyes flew open. It was all just a dream. "What Lou?" I asked sleepily. "We've been trying to wake you up for an hour. Your mom told us to get you." He said. I rolled out of bed. I dragged myself downstairs and into the kitchen. I sat at the island and face planted into it. "Happy Birthday, Beth." My dad said. I grumbled. "Wait? Did you say birthday?" I asked. He nodded. "So I'm 19?" I asked. Mom nodded. "Awesome!" I said. "Happy Birthday, Beth!" The boys said. I smiled. "Thanks." I said. "I like your hair." Harry laughed. I stood up and ruffled his hair, making it worse than mine. "Shush, Curly." I said. We laughed. I remembered I wasn't wearing my sweater. I grabbed the part of my arm that had Harry's name on it. "Are you alright?" Niall asked. I nodded. "Just a small pain." I lied. "I'm going to feed the animals." I said and rushed off. I was fed the animals and I was going to grab a sweater, but I couldn't find it. "Looking for something, love?" Harry asked from behind me. I spun around and he had my sweater. "How did you get that?!" I said. "I got it when I tried to wake you up. So, why do you always wear it?" He asked. "N...No reason. Just give it back." I said, grabbing my arm. "There's a reason. Show me your arm." He said. I shook my head. He tightened his grip on my sweater. "Harry, give me my sweater." I said. "Not until you show me your arm." He said. I bit my lip and removed my hand. "There, now give me my sweater, Styles!" I said. He just stood there with a smirk. "What's so funny?" I snapped. "You're so cute when you're mad." He said. "Don't try to charm me, just give me my sweater." I said. He dropped my sweater and grabbed my hips. "Harr--" He cut me off. He smashed his lips to mine. I wasn't dreaming, I knew it. My eyes were wide with shock. He pulled away. "What just happened..." I said out loud. "What happened was me thinking you're a very beautiful girl. I want you to be mine." He said. I tried to pull away from him. His grip tightened. He pressed his lips to mine again. Sparks flew. I enjoyed this, but he couldn't know. He smiled against my lips and pulled away enough that our lips still touched. "I know you enjoy this. Your heart is saying it all." He said before sticking his tongue in my mouth. This caught me off guard. I tried to pull away, but everytime I tried, his grip tightened. His tongue explored my mouth. OK, I was liking this too much, but why was I liking this? I scooted closer. I felt him smile again. He pulled away. "You look so innocent. It makes me wanna bang it out of you." He said. "No way, Styles." I said. "I'm kidding." He said. "Oh..." I felt kinda stupid. "So, what'd you say? Can I keep you?" He asked. "K..." I said.

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