Everything About You

18 year old, Beth, had tried to kill herself at a young age and no one lets her live it down. She knew it was a mistake, and she has always regretted it. Her parents and siblings love her, along with her whole extended family, but there are still times, bad times, when she wishes she hadn't survived the fall. As she takes care of the animals kept in her room, she gets an unexpected surprise, 3 actually. But one is something she was born with, something that she didn't know about. (Sorry, I keep getting new ideas)


3. Chapter 2: The Present

I sat on my queen sized bed and flopped down on my zebra printed sheets. The world knew about my attempt and no one liked me. Only my family did, but my sister often kept her distance from me. Even though she moved out, she rarely comes near me when she visits. My 16 year old brother didn't have much memory from it, he just remembers me in the hospital, as for my 6 year old brother, he doesn't know. Then there's my 2 year old sister. Of course she doesn't know.

My long wavy, auburn hair fell to the middle of my back as I stood up. I brushed the bits of hair that hung in my face, behind my ear. I didn't talk to many people, I kept myself locked away from the world. My only friends were the animals I took in to take care of. When they went back to the wild or their family, they'd visit knowing I helped them. I checked up on the stray kitten with a broken leg. I pet her gently. She purred and I fed her. "There you go, little one." I whispered. Next, I checked on the bird in the cage with a broken wing. I fed him and smiled. "Beth, your aunt is coming to visit with your cousin. Please don't stay up here the whole time." Mom said. "Alright." I sighed. My mom walked in and pulled me into the hug. "Honey, this was years ago. You have to let go." She said. "Tell that to all the kids who tease me, mum." I whispered. She squeezed me and let go. "I know you have a hard time sticking up for yourself, but you have to. I don't want you to be sad all the time." She said. "Mum, I'm not sad. I'm actually quite happy. Especially with all the animals... Crap! The bunnies! I forgot to feed them!" I said and rushed over to give them a carrot, grabbing one for myself. The door bell rang. "Oh! They're here!" Mum said and hurried downstairs. As she ran out, I closed my door. I was never good at talking to people, so I'd go downstairs when mom yelled at me. I curled up on my bed with the bunnies and kitten. I fell asleep like that.

*35 Minutes Later*

I was woken by a startled kitten. I picked her up and calmed her down. Apparently someone was knocking on my door. I opened it slightly. "Beth, come on. Your cousin wants to see you." Mom said. "Alright. Hold on." I said and closed the door over again. I checked on the bird and bunnies. They were all fine. The kitten had crawled up onto my shoulder and sat there. She had amazing balance for a kitten with a broken leg. I walked out of my room and closed the door. "Remember, don't jump down." I said softly. It's almost like the animals understood me, because it looked as if she nodded. I walked down the stairs carefully so the kitten didn't fall. I walked into the living room and saw that no one noticed. My mom finally looked over at me. "Bethany Ally Ross! What have I told you about your animals outside of your room!?" My father said. "Sorry daddy. She was scared and I didn't want to leave her alone." I said. The kitten licked my ear and I laughed. "Crap! Hang on! The bunnies can't get off the bed!" I said in a panic and carried the kitten as I ran upstairs. When I opened the door I almost fell over laughing. The bunnies looked so confused as they tried to get off my bed. "Aw, you 2 are so cute!" I said as I took them off the bed. I left the kitten on her bed. "Sorry sweetie. Dad doesn't want you downstairs." I said and left my room. I turned after closing my door to see my cousin coming up the stairs. I quickly ran back inside my room. I swear he looked like Loui Tomlinson from One Direction. I looked out my window and saw a very small puppy being dropped on the street as the car it was dropped from drove away. "No!" I yelled and ran out of my room. I ran out the front door and picked up the puppy. I carefully carried him (Yes, him) back inside. "Another animal? How many do you have?" My 16 year old brother, Ryan, asked. "4, now 5." I said and took the puppy up to my room. I fed him and carefully placed him on the bed. The kitten ran up to me and cuddled my leg. "Alright, you can come, but you have to stay in my hair." I whispered. She climbed up and hid herself in my hair. I walked back downstairs and back into the living room. "Are the animals you have actually yours?" My aunt asked. I shook my head. "I just take them in and find homes for them unless they are wild, then I send them back to the wild when they're better." I explained. She nodded. I sat down in the corner chair. The kitten started to move around. I bit my lip hoping my dad wouldn't notice. That was until my 6 year old brother, Scott, looked at me. "Kitty!" He shouted. I cursed under my breath. The kitten climbed onto my shoulder as my cousin walked in. Was that Loui, 'cause he looked like it. I didn't know their last name, so I had no idea. His phone rang. "Sorry. Please excuse me." He said and walked out into the dining room across the hall. "Niall, I'm at my aunt and uncle's house. Can it wait?" I heard him say. I died inside. "Well, tell Zayn I'm not getting him a new comb, he can get one himself." He said. I heard him hang up. He came back and sat down. "So, Louis. What do you?" My mom asked. "Well, I'm in a band, One Direction." He replied happily. "Hey, isn't that the band you're obsessed with, Beth?" Ryan asked. I felt my face redden and I didn't reply. "It's not an obsession... I just like listening to the music and drawing them all the time...." I said quietly. "Ryan, leave your sister alone. She's been through enough!" My dad snapped. "I have to go check up on the puppy!" I said quickly. "Oh no you don't. Sit down." Dad said. I sighed and stayed.


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