Everything About You

18 year old, Beth, had tried to kill herself at a young age and no one lets her live it down. She knew it was a mistake, and she has always regretted it. Her parents and siblings love her, along with her whole extended family, but there are still times, bad times, when she wishes she hadn't survived the fall. As she takes care of the animals kept in her room, she gets an unexpected surprise, 3 actually. But one is something she was born with, something that she didn't know about. (Sorry, I keep getting new ideas)


2. Chapter 1: Flashback

I walked into my new home. "Mommy! Daddy! Can I choose my room first?" A young girl around the age of 5 asked as she stared down the red and white corridor. "Of course! Come on." Her mother said, taking her hand. They walked up the steep blue carpeted stairs. Down at the end of the long hall, there was a big room that caught the little girl's eye. She pulled her mother along as she ran down the hallway. "Bethany! Slow down!" Her mother laughed. "Sorry mommy." The little girl said. They reached the room. It had black walls, a deep purple carpet, and huge white walk-in-closet. "This one! I like this one!" She said. Her mother smiled. "Alright," She said, kneeling down next to the small girl, "if you like this room, you have to remember that you have to take care of it." The little girl nodded. "Bethany! Where have you gone?" Her father called. "Upstairs, daddy!" She called. Her father came upstairs with a little boy his arms and an older girl with him.The older one looked about 7 or 8, as for the younger boy, he was about 2. 

*3 Years later*

"Bethany! What did you do!?" Her older sister asked in worry. The little girl didn't respond. She was on the ground, motionless at the bottom of the stairs. "Mom! Dad! Bethany is badly hurt!" The older one called. The rushed her over to the hospital to find out that Bethany had a broken arm, a broken leg, and a bruise on her head. She woke up 3 hours later. "Bethany, did you slip on something when you went downstairs?" Her mother asked. She shook her head. "I wanted to fall. I threw myself down. I don't like my life." She said. Her parent's and sibling's eyes filled with tears at her words. Bethany was bullied at school and was in a lot of depression at that age.

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