Story of My Life

This Story Is A Story About My Whole Life From What I can Remember From A Kid To Now In Life. I Will Keep Everything Update Once I Get To My Life Right Now!!!! :) Hope You Guys Like It :)


1. Intro *Chapter 1*

Intro *Chapter 1*

Hey Guys. Well, I was thinking of making a book and decided on this one. Once I am done with the book I want you guys to tell me if you think this is all Real or Fake. Okay on to the story now.


Hey guys, my name is Kiley. 

I have blonde hair all the way down the middle of my back. 

I have Ocean Shore Blue Eyes. 

I am 5'2.

I weigh 120 lbs.

My Personality is: 

I am Funny, I Love To play Guitar and Piano. I also play the Flute. I love to horseback ride. I Write my own music. I Love Scary Movies.  I am always happy. The only time I am never happy is if you bring me down really badly and hurt me. Other then that Im Always happy. I am very crazy and talk a lot. 

There are some things about me.

Picture of me:


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