Story of My Life

This Story Is A Story About My Whole Life From What I can Remember From A Kid To Now In Life. I Will Keep Everything Update Once I Get To My Life Right Now!!!! :) Hope You Guys Like It :)


2. *Chapter 2*

Okay, so I am going to start off from my middle school years.

*First Day of Middle School*

I was riding the bus with my best friend

Aly, LaLecia, and Cassie.

We all talked about how middle school is going to be different. How everything is going to change. We knew that this was going to be Exciting.

We walked inside the school and there were teachers there handing out schedule. We grabbed our schedules and went to our lockers. I had a locker five down from my friend Aly. Once we got our lockers opened and bags put away. I grabbed a folder, notebook, and a pencil. Aly and I met up and we walked to our first class-room. I had Social Studies first and she had Science first.

This was my schedule:

1st: Social Studies

2nd: Math

3rd: Exploratory

4th: Reading/P.E.

5th: Lang. Arts

6th: Science

7th: Band/Choir 

8th: Homeroom 

*Lunch Time.*

I had P.E. today so after P.E. I go straight to lunch. We were having hamburgers. I went somewhere and sat down. I wait for about 3 minutes and then I saw Cassie and LaLecia come over to my table. We all sat there talking to each other and then Aly came over to us. We talked about how our first day of school was going and how we got to see each other again. Then the bell rang and everyone went to there 6th hour class.

*After School*

"So did you guys have a great day today?" I asked my friends.

"Yah, was not to bad. Sucks we dont have a lot of classes together." Aly said.

"Yah, I know right. Mine was pretty good for a first day of school. I hate the first day of school cause you have new classes, you have to learn things over, and met everyone. I just dont like that."

"Yah, I have to agree." LaLecia said.

The whole ride home we just chit chatted.

When I got home my mom and dad asked me how my whole day went today and it was pretty good. Then I went upstairs and called one of my friends. Which is usually Aly. Can't wait to see what we do tomorrow and how tomorrow goes.


Here Is A Picture Of My Best Friends. Most Of Them Have Me In Them Cause That Is All I Have Of Them. So Yah. Lol :)


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