Asking for Trouble


2. Trouble x1

“Misa! Kate! It’s good you could make it!”

That was Jake, who shouted. No matter how loud he shouted, it sounded like music. No matter who he cosplayed, he would look cute. “I like your hat, Kate” he said. Then he turned around “and I really like your butler uniform, Misa.” He said with the cutest smile ever! Ok just stay cool. “And I really like your costume. Grell is one of my favorite characters”

“Come on guys! We need to hurry, or else we’ll be late!” a random dude cosplaying as Madam Red.


“Omg! That was one of the best conventions, I’ve ever been on!” I said pleased. “We really should do this more often”

As we neared my house, we began to plan a cosplaywalk on Halloween next week. That would be awesome, cause then we would have an excuse to dress up. “Well, I have to go. I’ll see you as soon as possible.” I said while waving.

“I’m home!” I shouted. As I walked in the kitchen,

Now, I see my Mom sitting and drinking some tea. She looks pale. She turns her head, and got even paler, when she saw the clothes, that I was wearing. I begin to walk to her. Then I walk to the other side and sat. “what the hell is this?! You weren’t leaving in these clothes.” She said. “That’s it! I’ve had enough. I want you to stay away from those people!”

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