Simple But Effective

Harry Styles, of One Direction, begins to fall for a Directioner named Elyse. She doesn't know if she wants to be involved in his crazy life, but Harry promises her that he will protect her. Will Harry get what he wants, or will Elyse stick to her gut? **READ MORE TO FIND OUT!**


3. Chapter Two


 As we slowly approached the big crowd of girls, I noticed that the people in the middle of the crowd was One Direction!! I could not believe my eyes that they were really here. I love them so much, that no matter where I go, I keep their Up All Night CD and a sharpie with me incase I ever meet them. 
         I could hear Paul yelling, "Ok, girls. It's time to go now." 
        All the girls began to disappear, and I slowly went up to the boys and said, "Hey, guys! My friend and I just got here and didn't know about you guys being here, so could you please sign this CD for me?" 
        "Paul," Harry said, "may we, please?"
        "Yes, of course boys," said Paul. 
        Harry said, "Hey, um.... you don't happen to be @HES_onething1d right?"
        My jaw dropped and I think he knew the answer to that. "Y-yes." I managed to get out. 
        "Well, love," Louis said, "I guess your wish has come true about meeting us here."
        "Yeah." I said.
        They continued to all sign my CD and Harry threw in a few extra things, probably because I wasn't totally fangirling over them. "Hey guys, I have a favor to ask," I said. 
        "Yes, what's up love?" Niall asked in his cute Irish voice.
        "Can you guys please follow my friend and I? I understand if you can't because you're so busy, but I wanted to just throw that out there."
        "Well of course we can!" Louis said, "what's your Twitter name?" I gave them all my Twitter name.
        "Come on, boys," Paul said, "you guys have to be recording in twenty minutes." 
        "Alright, well sorry love but we gotta go." Harry said, "hug?"
        Lauren and I gave them all hugs, but when i hugged Harry, he slipped something into my back jean pocket. "What's this?" I asked. 
        "Don't worry about it," he said in a seductive voice. I waved good - bye and they were off. 
        "So," Lauren said, "what did he put it your pocket? I saw that."
        I wasn't so sure so I went in my back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. On it read his phone number and Call me maybe? -Haz xx
        Was this really happening to me? I mean THE Harry Styles gave me his real phone number, and wants me to call him. :) Ahhh!!!! 
        After about two or three hours of shopping around and buying new clothes, we decided to head home. It has been a long, long day. When we got home, I took the piece of paper out of my back pocket, and looked at it. Call me maybe? -Haz xx. Was this real? Could this really be happening to me? Wow! "Should I do it?" I asked Lauren for advice. 
        "Do what? Call Harry?" 
        "Well, yeah! Should I?" I said, "wait never mind. I'm just gonna do it."
        "Go for it girl!" Lauren said.
        I dialed the number and waited for him to pick up. "Hello," said Harry in his husky, british accent. 
        "Hey, Harry!" I said, "it's Elyse. The one from the mall?"
        "Oh yeah, how are you doing love?!" 
        "Um, good. How about you?" I asked him back.
        "Good, love. What's up? You seen upset." he said worriedly.
        "Uh, I-I I'm fine. But thanks." I lied. See, ever since Harry and the boys left, I could not stop thinking about him. I mean he's hot, sweet, he smells good. He's got it all! 
        "Are you sure, 'cos I want you to know you can talk to me about anything you need, love." he said.
        "W-well... I don't know how to say this, but I really like you. I mean I know I'm just a Directioner, I'm not pretty, and I'm sure you don't feel the same. I don't know, maybe my emotions are just getting the best of me. Sorry. You probably would just like it if I would just shut up." I said nervously. 
        "No, no. It's fine. Um... I, too have a confession to make..." 

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