Simple But Effective

Harry Styles, of One Direction, begins to fall for a Directioner named Elyse. She doesn't know if she wants to be involved in his crazy life, but Harry promises her that he will protect her. Will Harry get what he wants, or will Elyse stick to her gut? **READ MORE TO FIND OUT!**


4. Chapter Three


 The other line was dead. I didn't know what to do or say. "Uh... Harry?" I asked confused.  
        "Yeah, um.. I l-like you t-too," Harry said nervously. 
        Oh. My. God. Was this really happening to me? Again? 
        "Sorry," he said, "it's just, ever since we left the mall, I could not stop thinking about you, Elyse."
        "Wow, Harry! Um.. I don't know what to say."
        "So, does this mean we're like together?" he asked me.
       "Well, I mean. I don't know. I kinda like you, but I don't know about your crazy life. Won't your fans just hate me and make this worse?" I asked him over the phone. 
        "Elyse, I will promise to protect you and never let anything happen to you. Really, love." he said.
        I didn't know what to say, I mean I really kinda like him, but I did not want to get involved in his crazy life just yet. We barely know each other and I just can't right now. 
        "Harry, I do like you, but I just can't deal with all the fame right now. However, I have a plan that I think you'll like."
        "Yes, what is it love?"
        "Can we be like friends with benefits until we really are together?" I said, hoping he would reply with a yes. 
        It was silent for a while on Harry's end of the phone. Then he said, "Uh, yeah. I would really like that Elyse."
        "So, Elyse. Can I take you out tonight, like to dinner?" he asked hopefully.
        "Haz, I would love that!"I said. 
        "Ok. So I pick you up at seven?" he said. 
        "Yeah, sounds great! Can't wait to see you, Harry!"
        After I hung up the phone, I realized what was happening. Harry and I were gonna be FWB. I mean, I really want something like that because I just can't be involved in  his crazy life just yet. But I know that being friends with benefits is just fine until we do get together.
        Since Lauren had gone out, I was in our rented flat alone. I decided to call her. "Hello?" she answered.
        "Hey, Laur. So guess what just happened?" I told her. 
        "What?! Does it involve your convo with Harry?" she asked me. 
        "Yes! He told em that he liked me back, but even though I like him, I just can't be involved in his crazy life. When I told him this the line went silent for a bit, but then I told him we could be FWB until we do get together." I told her excitedly. 
        "Oh. My. God. Really? What did he say to that?"
        "He said that he would love it! Oh, and but he way, he's picking em up at seven. We're going out to dinner, but just as friends." I said. 
        "Wow! Have fun girl!" said Lauren. 
        "I will. Bye, Laur!" I said.
        "Bye, Elyse!"
        It was about five o'clock and I realized that i only had TWO hours to get ready! I had to get going!
        I took a shower and washed my hair. When I came out of the shower, I wrapped the towel around my body and tired to decide what to wear. After ten minuted of looking around, I decided on this skin - tight pink dress with sequence on top. It went down to about mid - thigh on me, and really flattered my figure. I chose my silver high, high heels and black purse to go with that. My make up was simple. Just some mascara and eyeliner, enough to be noticed. 
        Then, I decided to take a picture and tweet it: 
                @HES_onething1d: first night out in London! can't wait! :) xx
By the time I was done getting ready, I had ten minutes until Harry was going to pick me up. I went downstairs and waited. As soon as I got down, the doorbell rang. He was early. 
        "Hey, Harry! You're early." I said. 
        "I know, but I couldn't resist seeing you." he stated. By the looks of him, this was going to be an amazing night!
        "So, he said, "you ready?" he asked me.
        "Yes. Let's go!" I said. 
        He walked me out the door, when I saw a limo. "Harry, what is all this?" I asked. 
        "Well, it's a limo. Is that okay?
        "Yes! Of course it's ok. But why?" I said. 
        "Because, love. Anything for my FWB." he said with a wink. 
        When we got in the car, I got a text from Lauren. 

        From: LaurBear:)xx
        Hey girl! Hope you're having fun. I just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving. There's a family emergency and I need to be there. But I swear, as soon as it's all figured out, I will be back! Love ya girl! :)xx

To: LaurBear:)xx
        I hope evrthng is ok love. Be back soon! love ya:) xx 
        "Is everything okay?" Harry asked me in the car. 
        "Yeah, it's just that Lauren has to leave because she has a family emergency. So now I'm gonna be alone until she gets back." I told him. 
        "Well, I know something that can make you feel better....."

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