Simple But Effective

Harry Styles, of One Direction, begins to fall for a Directioner named Elyse. She doesn't know if she wants to be involved in his crazy life, but Harry promises her that he will protect her. Will Harry get what he wants, or will Elyse stick to her gut? **READ MORE TO FIND OUT!**


2. Chapter One

     "Come on, Elyse! Let's go!" yelled my friend, Lauren.We were getting ready to fly to London. We have waiting to go together for years, now and finally we get to go! When we were driving to the airport, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I got it out and read that Harry Styles was on Twitter!      "Oh. My. God.!" I yelled, "Harry's on, Harry's on!"       "Well then tweet him, girl!" said Lauren.
        Lauren knew how much I LOVED One Direction! Especially Harry. She liked them too, but not crazy like I do. SO I decided to tweet him. 
                         @HES_onething1d: Hey Hazza! How are you doing? My friend and I are flying to London. MB we'll see you there! haha. I wish...
        When we arrived at the airport, we were going through security, when my phone vibrated again. I couldn't look at it because it was on the tray going through. After I got my stuff from security, I immediately looked at my phone to see who it was. Harry had replied to my tweet! He said:

                                   @Harry_Styles: Hello @HES_onething1d. It's lovely to know you're coming here. Who knows? MB we will see each other. :)xx
        Oh. My. God. Harry Styles replied to my tweet! "Can you believe he did that?" asked Lauren.

        "No, I mean he took time out of his day to reply to me!" I said. "I was not expecting that!"

        We continued to walk to our gate that we would be flying out of. When we arrived, we sat down in some empty seats and waited for our flight to be called. There was ten minutes left until boarding and both Lauren and I could not wait! 

        "Will people on flight 735 to London sitting in rows one to five please board now," someone said over the loud speaker. 

        That was us! "Yaay! I can't wait!" I said as we boarded the plane. 

        We arrived in our seats and waited for everyone else to board the plane. While we waited, I decided to go on Twitter. I tweeted:
                        @HES_onething1d: Just boarded the plane to London! Can't wait to arrive! See you soon London...
Lauren tweeted:
                          @Lmvlauren: Can't wait to be in London with @HES_onething1d! Yaay! :) xx

        Because it was such a long flight, I brought my laptop with me so I could check Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You know.... Anyway, after a while both Lauren and I fell asleep. I awoke to Lauren tapping me on the shoulder saying, "Elyse, wake up! We landed!"
        "Oh... uh ok..." I said groggily. "Really? Wow... that was fast."
        "Haha, you fell asleep, girl! That's why." Lauren said. 

        Since we were closer to the front of the plane, we were able to get off before everyone else. I was glad about that because both Lauren and I were really tired and needed some rest. It was like two o'clock in the morning here! Even though were were tired, I tweeted:
                            @HES_onething1d: Arrived in London. On the way to the hotel. Tired:/ xx

        I was happy that our hotel was close to the airport because all I wanted to do was GO TO BED! It was a long flight and I needed some sleep. We finally arrived...Yes!

        When we got to the hotel, Lauren and I both got a room key and went upstairs to find our room. Since it was just the two of us, we decided to get one room that we could share. As soon as we got to the room, I threw my suitcase in front of me and jumped onto my bed, closing my eyes, falling into a deep, deep sleep. 

        *the next morning.*

        I looked at the clock on my bedside table and it said 1:04 p.m. Wow! I slept like twelve hours! A whole day in London, wasted. "Lauren?" I questioned, not knowing if she was awake. 
        "Yeah," she said, "what's up?"
        "Oh, I just wanted to know if you were up and if you knew that it was already 1:05 p.m. here!" I yelled.
        "Haha, wow. Boy, did we sleep."
        "Yeah, I know. Now I feel like really energized with twelve hours of sleep." I said. "Let's go shopping for dresses and go clubbing!" 
        "Are you serious?" Lauren asked me. 
        I gave her a sarcastic look, telling her that yes, I was serious about shopping and clubbing. We've never been clubbing before, and it seemed like fun! We were eighteen so it was legal and everything! Haha. 
        "Alright, fine. I'm just gonna go to the bathroom and change my clothes." she said. 
        "K," I said, "same. I'm gonna change as well."
        When Lauren went into the bathroom, I decided to look for a comfortable outfit to wear while shopping. Since it was Fall here, it was a bit chilly outside. I decided on some bright orange sweatpants from PINK and a pink crop top with a white tank top under it, also form PINK. 
        By the time I changed, Lauren came out of the bathroom, all dressed and ready to go. 
        "Ready?" I asked.
        "Yeah!" Lauren said, "let's go."
        I could not wait! We were going shopping for our first dress to go clubbing in! Wow, how exciting! 
        As we approached the mall, we got very excited! We walked in ready to shop.
        When we saw the first store we wanted to go into, I noticed a crowd of people outside of it with people in the middle...
         "Who could it possibly be?" I asked myself.

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