Simple But Effective

Harry Styles, of One Direction, begins to fall for a Directioner named Elyse. She doesn't know if she wants to be involved in his crazy life, but Harry promises her that he will protect her. Will Harry get what he wants, or will Elyse stick to her gut? **READ MORE TO FIND OUT!**


5. Chapter Four


"And what is that Styles?" I asked with sarcasm in my voice. 
        "After dinner... Just you and me tonight? My house?" he said.  
        "Sounds like a plan Haz," I said. I could not wait for later.... ;)
        After what seemed about twenty minutes, we arrived at the restaurant. From the outside, I could tell it was really fancy in there.
        "Harry. This is way to fancy. Why are you doing all this for me?" I asked him. 
        "Because, dear, I just wanted to take you somewhere nice, since this is your first time in London." he said. 
        "Awwww.. well thanks. I really appreciate everything you've done."
        We walked in and Harry took me to a private room in the back of the restaurant. It was so fancy and beautiful! I could not believe everything he was doing for me.
        "Wow, Harry. This is amazing! How did you do this?" I said. 
        "Love, have you forgotten who I am?" he said sarcastically.
        "Oh, right. Haha. Sorry," I said. 
        He smiled at me and pulled out my chair so I could sit down. 
        "Thanks," I told him.
        "Anything for you, love." he said and kissed my forehead.
        A few minuted later, out waiter came over and took our orders. "So, what do you think so far?" Harry asked me, "of London?"
        "Oh. My. God. I LOVE it here! I think I wanna live here for a while!" I said. 
        "Wow! That's amazing! I'm really glad that you like it here."
        When our food came, we continued to just talk and get to know each other. We had an amazing time that night!
        "You ready to go?" Harry asked me.
        "Yes. Thanks for this!" I said. 
        We were walking out the back of the restaurant when all of a sudden he out me against the wall, and crashed his lips onto mine. It felt amazing! Nothing I've ever felt before. Ever. It was awesome. 
        After about a minute, we pulled away from each other. "Harry, what was that for?" I asked him.
        "Well, I just wanted a preview of later." he told me, "and so far, I like what I'm getting."
        "Thanks, Haz. But remember, for now, we're FWB. Don't get too carried away Styles." I said and winked at him.
        "Haha, we'll see how long that lasts," he said.
        We walked back to the limo and  sat hand - in - hand the whole way home. God, I love this boy! :)
        When we got home, Harry tipped our driver and we went inside. As soon as we got inside, Harry locked the door and began taking my jacket off in a very seductive way. All of a sudden Harry passionately kissed me, and before I knew it, were in his room, on his bed fully making out. "Uhh.. Harry!" I moaned. "Give me more, Styles! I want you so bad right now!"
        "You ready?" he asked me.
        "Yes, Harry! Let's go!"
        He first began to unzip my dress as I unzipped his pants. Then we were both there, in our underwear. Wow! Was he hot or what? Harry began to unhook my bra, and I got shivers all up in my body. It was my turn. I slip my fingers around the waistband of his boxers to tease him. My hands went all the way in his boxers and I slid them off. My eyes widened at his length. Now, I was left in only my underwear. Harry's hands went around my bum and he ripped off my underwear. He inserted his tip into me, making me want him even more. "Harry! More, more! I want all of you!" I yelled. He continued putting him inside of me. Oh. My. God. It hurt like fuck! But I loved every minute of him being inside of me. "H-harry. I'm g-gonna c-cum," I managed to say. Within seconds we were both in the climax of tonight. By now, his dick was inside my mouth and I swallowed him in one gulp. He then rested his head on my chest. 
        "Damn, Elyse. That was am-mazing!" Harry said. 
        "Yeah," I said. 
        This moment was so intense. I immediately felt my eyes getting heavy. Tonight was amazing...

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