Simple But Effective

Harry Styles, of One Direction, begins to fall for a Directioner named Elyse. She doesn't know if she wants to be involved in his crazy life, but Harry promises her that he will protect her. Will Harry get what he wants, or will Elyse stick to her gut? **READ MORE TO FIND OUT!**


6. Chapter Five


The next morning, I woke up and I was really sore. I look to my right, and I saw a beautiful, adorable sleeping Harry. He turned to me and said, "Morning, beautiful. Did you sleep well?" Wow. He morning voice was so sexy.
        "Yeah, and you?" I said. 
        "Of course, love. But only because I was next to you all night," he said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. 
        We scooted closer to each other and Harry wrapped his arms around me. "So," Harry said, "this whole FWB thing, how long is gonna last exactly?" 
        "Harry, I don't know. Maybe a little bit longer. I just don't know if I'm quire ready to be a huge part of this crazy, famous life of yours." I stated. 
        "Elyse, I agree. God, I love you so much!" he told me. 
        "Love you too, Haz."
        In about ten minutes, we both got out of bed. As soon as I tried to stand up, I immediately fell to the floor. "Omigod! Elyse are you okay?" Harry asked, running over to me.
        "Yeah, I'll be fine," I said. 
        "Uh, Elyse? Did you get your period all over this bed?" he asked me laughing.
        I looked up at the bed, and saw the blood all over it. Oh. My. God. What have I done? 
        Harry tried to help me up, but as soon as I began to stand up, I just fell right to the floor again. "Are you okay?" Harry asked me. 
        "I don't know. I'm like way too sore down there to be okay," I said kind of embarrassed. 
        "Well, Elyse. I know this may sound weird but, may I look?" he asked me. 
        "Uh... yeah," I said. 
        Harry lifted me up bridal style and put me on the bed. He began to spread my legs apart, when all of a sudden he said, "Oh. My. God. It's like all ripped down here. I gotta take you to a doctor. I'm so sorry Elyse."
        "Harry, don't be. Just get me there quick. I'm in so much pain!" I screamed. 
        He picked me up again, and carried me all the way down the stairs, and into the car. Most of the way there, it was silent in the car. Then Harry said, "Elyse, I'm truly so so sorry. Are you ok?"
        "Yes, Harry. besides the pain, I'm fine," I told him. 
        In about ten minutes, we arrived at the doctor's office. Harry went around to my side of the car, and, again carried me. When we got into the office, the nice lady behind the desk said, "Hello. Are you Harry? How may we help you?"
        "Uh, yeah. I need a doctor right away for Elyse Everhart," he said, "like now."
        "Ok," said the lady, "no problem. One second."
        In about a minute, the lady came around the desk and led us into a room. "The doctor will be right in guys. Just hang tight." 
        "Okay, thank you," Harry said. 
        When the doctor came in, he said, "Why, hello. What has brought you guys here today?"
        Harry gave me a look like he was trying to say It's ok. I got this. 
"Well, doctor," Harry began, "Elyse and I had sex last night, and when we woke up this morning, there was blood all over the bed, but she told me that she is not due for her period yet."
        "Oh, ok," the doctor said, "let me have a look."
        "Be careful," Harry said, "she could barely stand up this morning." Oh, Harry. Always being so protective. 
        The doctor lifted up my gown, and was looking down there. It only took him five minutes and he knew what we had to do. "Well," the doctor said, "your vagina is completely ripped open, which means we have to stitch you up down there. So, let me go and get my materials, and I'll be right back."
        "Oh my, god. Elyse, I'm so sorry. I did this to you," Harry said, putting his head in his hands. 
        "Harry, it's okay. Stop worrying,"  I said. 
        Ten minutes later, the doctor came back with the stitched, and tools and everything. It was quite scary. "Ok," said the doctor, "open up." I opened up my legs, and let the doctor do his job. Since there was no way to numb me there, it hurt a little bit. The whole time, Harry was gripping my hand, making sure I was okay. When the doctor was finished he washed his hands, and began telling us what to do now. 
        "Ok. So, there really isn't medication we can give you for this, but there is something you can do for me. For about one to two weeks, no sex. Ok? None. Just to make sure the stitched dissolve, and everything heals. Then, this may sound weird, but in a week or so, I do want you guys to have sex," the doctor said, "but, Harry, you have to go slow, and be careful. Maybe use some kinds of lubricant because this sex will be very painful for her. Ok?"
        "Yes, doctor. I got it. Thank you," Harry said.
        "Ok, guys. You're free to go now," the doctor said.
        "Thanks," I said. 
        As soon as the doctor left, Harry picked me up, and carried me out to the car, buckling up my seat belt. "Elyse, are you ok?" he asked me.
        "Yes, Haz. I'm fine. Just in a  lot of pain."
        "Well, don't worry. In a week, I'll make you feel much, much better," he said with a  wink, "but you're going to be so hard to resist."        
        Even though we re only FWB, for me too, this week was gonna be the hardest week of my life....

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