Becoming Mrs. Seguin (A Tyler Seguin Fanfic)

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Christine Miller's lifelong dream was to graduate from Harvard University. The last thing she wanted to do was fall in love, especially since her previous relationship didn't end so well. Tyler Seguin, a young hockey player for the Boston Bruins, dreams of making history for his team. He's living the carefree single life, but what happens when the two keep running into each other? Well, they're in for the biggest roller coaster ride of their lives. Along the way, Tyler is faced with the toughest decision he's ever had to make, leaving Christine heartbroken. The question is, will everything work out in the end? Read to find out.


42. Chapter 42- Becoming Mrs. Seguin

This was it. The final hockey game of the Olympics between Team Canada and Team Finland. Both were battling for the gold here at Wilson Arena in Toronto. The rink had recently been built last year just for this special occasion.

For the past two weeks, I'd been cheering for both Team USA and Canada. Although Tyler was Canadian, I'd always remain most loyal to the red, white, and blue. The US won bronze yesterday against Sweden and I was absolutely thrilled.

Tyler's mom and I were sitting in the lower level seats, both sporting our red Canadian jerseys that had his name on the back.

The atmosphere of the arena was like none I'd ever experienced. Attending a gold medal hockey game had always been on my bucket list ever since I was a child. And now here I was, surrounded by thousands of cheering fans on the final night of the Olympics.

Team Canada completely dominated the first period, scoring a total of three goals and blocking every single attempt Finland made at the net. Tyler hadn't scored yet but did manage an assist on two of the goals.

Things took a turn after Finland shot two power play goals during the first ten minutes of the second period. Everyone was up on their feet, anxious to see if they could make another one and tie the game. Their captain ended up scoring right before the buzzer went off and the Finnish fans went wild.

The remaining twenty minutes would determine the fate of both teams. In the first half, Tyler was sent to the penalty box for hooking. Luckily, Finland didn't score a goal.

The game remained tied and before I knew it, there were only fifteen seconds left. I mentally prayed for Canada to score so that they didn't have to go into overtime. My eyes remained glued onto the ice, Tyler in particular, since he was the one in current possession of the puck.

He skated into the offensive zone and skillfully handled the puck, shooting at the upper right corner of the net. I couldn't tell if it went in or not since a Finnish defender was in the way, but once the crowd stood up and started cheering, I knew that it did.

Canada won!

Words couldn't describe how surreal it all felt. Tyler and his teammates threw their hats, gloves, and sticks onto the ice in victory as the Canadian fans clapped and hollered, including Jackie and I.

I was unbelievably proud of Tyler. He had led his team to the gold medal game and scored their winning goal. I could only imagine how ecstatic he felt right now.

The medal ceremony was held shortly after and I noticed the tears in Jackie's eyes as they played the Canadian national anthem. I couldn't help but cry tears of joy as well.
People were getting ready to leave a while later when a commentator spoke through the PA system.

"It looks like the captain of Team Canada has an announcement to make."

Everyone stopped moving then directed their attention to Tyler, who was standing at the edge of the rink with a reporter. He was given a microphone then began to speak.

"Christine, can you come down here real quick?"

I was in shock for several seconds and looked over at Jackie. She motioned for me to go and I began to make my way towards Tyler.

What was going on?

The crowd immediately grew silent when I got to him and I felt everyone staring at us. Tyler stood there making eye contact with me, his face still drenched in sweat. But what I didn't get was why he looked so nervous.

"What are you doing?", I mouthed to him.

To my surprise, he suddenly got down on one knee. My lips began to tremble and I covered my mouth with my hand as realization dawned on me. Tyler was going to propose.

"Ever since you wandered into my life, you've done nothing but brought me joy and happiness. I know our relationship hasn't exactly been a smooth ride, that I've made mistakes in the past, but there's no one else I'd rather spend the rest of my life with than you.

"You're the only girl I've ever loved, and I promise to love you until we both take our last breaths. Christine Miller, will you marry me?"

Tears began to cloud my eyes as I looked down at the handsome face that I loved so much.

"Yes," I whispered, my entire body shaking.

Tyler slipped the magnificent four-carat diamond ring onto my finger then stood up, his face beaming with happiness. I jumped into his arms and he picked me up effortless as we shared a passionate kiss.

Everyone in the arena went "aw" and then the sound of cheering and whistling filled the air. Tyler's teammates immediately skated over to congratulate us, including the coaches.

This was a moment I'd never forget for as long as I lived. The day Tyler Seguin publically proposed to me after winning the gold medal on home soil.

Our wedding was held in August and consisted of a morning church ceremony and evening reception at one of the fanciest hotels in Boston by the beach. All of our friends and family were there. It was by far the happiest day of my life.

I'd never forget the expression on Tyler's face when he walked me down the aisle and how breathtakingly handsome he looked in his black suit.

As for me, I wore a custom-made white Vera Wang gown. Tyler and several guests had told me that I was the most beautiful bride they'd ever laid eyes on. But in my opinion, every girl looked beautiful on their wedding day.

After spending a week in London for our honeymoon, Tyler and I flew back home and resumed our daily lives. I got promoted to manager just after working at TD Bank for a year. It was probably my biggest achievement yet, apart from becoming Mrs. Christine Tiffany Seguin of course.


It was a cold, winter night in January as I lay in bed, scrolling through the TV. Tyler had been on the road this past week for his games but was coming home in a little bit. I had the biggest news to tell him.

I heard the sound of the front door open and quickly ran out to greet Tyler. His face lit up and he gave me a huge hug after setting his bags down.

"I missed you so much," I spoke into his chest, inhaling his familiar scent.

"I missed you too, honey," he said, leaning down to kiss me.

"I have something to tell you," I mumbled against his lips.

"Can it wait? I've been dying to get you in bed all week," he said with a smirk.

"Tyler...I'm pregnant."

"Are you serious?! Christine, this is amazing!", he exclaimed, picking me up and spinning me around in his arms.

Tyler placed me back on my feet then bent down so that he was kneeling in front of my stomach. He untied my robe then kissed my belly, sending tingles down my spine.

"Thanks to you, I get to be a daddy," he said to our 'kid', his face illuminated with happiness and pride. I threw my head back and laughed. Tyler was just too cute.

" said something about wanting to get me in bed," I spoke in a suggestive tone, playing with the zipper of his jacket.

Tyler grinned mischievously and I grabbed his hand, dragging him to our bedroom. The rest of the night was history.

Nine months later on October 15th, I gave birth to Alicia Claire Seguin. She was the most beautiful baby girl I'd ever seen. Her hair was dark brown like mine, but she had her father's eyes and chin. Anyone that laid eyes on her could definitely tell that she was Tyler's daughter.

For the first time in my life, I was a mother. As I lay on the hospital bed, cradling Alicia in my arms, tears of joy fell down my face. She had only been born for less than an hour, but already, the love I felt for her was immeasurable.

I looked over at Tyler, who was sitting on the bed next to me. He had tears in his eyes as well.

"Can I hold her?", he asked.

"Of course. Be careful," I said, gently shifting Alicia into his arms before leaning my head against his shoulder.

Tyler placed a kiss on my cheek and then the both of us started making baby faces at our daughter. We couldn't care less how funny we looked.

"Well, well if it isn't Daddy Seggy himself," a familiar voice spoke at the door.

Tyler and I both looked up to be greeted by Milan Lucic, Patrice Bergeron, and Brad Marchand. Apparently, they had just got done with their game at the Garden.

"What are you guys doing here?", Tyler asked them with an amused expression.

"To see your baby. Man, who knew Boston's famous party boy would become a father one day?", Lucic teased.

"We're seriously so happy for you, though," Marchand added, playfully punching Tyler's shoulder.

"These men here are your uncles," I whispered to Alicia, giving all three of them a smile. "So, which one of you wants to be the godfather?"

"Milan of course. He's got the most kids out of all of us," Bergeron replied, giving his teammate a slap on the back.

"Looch, you ok with that?", Tyler asked.

"You bet. I'm gonna teach Alicia all she has to know about being a hockey player," Lucic said proudly.

"What's Tyler gonna do then?", I remarked.

"Oh, I forgot. He can teach her how to party like a hockey player."

We all burst out laughing and then eventually when it was getting late, the three of them left.

After a few days, I was able to leave the hospital. Tyler had worked on our baby's nursery for the past few months during his offseason and it looked amazing. The walls were painted a bright sky blue and the theme was a flower garden. Alicia would sure love it.

That night in bed, I replayed everything that had happened to me these last couple of years. I couldn't have possibly asked for a better life.

The best part, though, was getting to share it with Tyler. Although fate had tore us apart, it still brought us together in the end. And I would forever be grateful for that.

Sixteen Years Later

"Which one of us is going to pick Alicia up at the airport?", I asked Tyler.

Our daughter was coming home today after spending her spring break in Florida with her friends. Meanwhile, my brother and his wife were visiting us here in Boston, along with their son, Drew.

Two years after I had Alicia, her younger brother, Sean, was born. His features mostly resembled mine, but he'd inherited Tyler's hockey genes. Although Sean was only fourteen, he was already playing on the varsity hockey team for the second year in a row.

"I'll go get her," Tyler offered. "Sean can come with me too since he has to pick up a new pair of skates."

"Ok, sounds good."

Tyler went to take a shower and I folded the laundry in our bedroom. My phone suddenly rang a while later and Alicia's name popped up on the screen. I put her on speaker.

"Hey sweetheart, did you arrive yet?", I asked her.

Tyler had just finished dressing and came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Yeah. You wanna hear something unbelievable?"

"What?", Tyler spoke.

"Oh hi dad, you're there too? Anyways, I just met Jackson Stamkos. He even asked me for my number!", Alicia exclaimed.

"Steve Stamkos's son? He plays in the NHL doesn't he?", Tyler asked.

"Yes, he's like my all-time favorite player. And oh my god, he's so hot. Who knew I'd end up him meeting at the airport? I mean, how random is that?"

"Trust me sweetie, I know exactly how you feel right now," I said, giving Tyler an all too knowing smile.

Looked like our daughter's love story was going to start out just like mine had.

The End


At the age of forty-five, Christine became the first female CEO of TD Bank. After retiring from the NHL, Tyler became a sportscaster for NBCSN, along with his former Bruins teammate, Milan Lucic.

Alicia Seguin played professional soccer and ended up going to the Olympics at the age of twenty-two. Hockey just wasn't her best interest. As for her brother, Sean, he followed in the footsteps of his father.



A/N- Well guys, it looks like the story of Christine and Tyler has come to an end. There's no guarantees as to whether or not I'll write a new story, but for now, I have to focus on school and of course...the Stanley Cup Playoffs coming up in a few weeks(: May the best team win and for the last time ever, remember to like and comment! xxx

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