Becoming Mrs. Seguin (A Tyler Seguin Fanfic)

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Christine Miller's lifelong dream was to graduate from Harvard University. The last thing she wanted to do was fall in love, especially since her previous relationship didn't end so well. Tyler Seguin, a young hockey player for the Boston Bruins, dreams of making history for his team. He's living the carefree single life, but what happens when the two keep running into each other? Well, they're in for the biggest roller coaster ride of their lives. Along the way, Tyler is faced with the toughest decision he's ever had to make, leaving Christine heartbroken. The question is, will everything work out in the end? Read to find out.


33. Chapter 33- Everything I Could Ask For

It was a chilly, fall evening in the city of Boston. Damon and I were both at the Gillette Stadium watching the Patriots take on the Dallas Cowboys in an intense game of football. Savannah and Andrew were with us too.

"Tom Brady is seriously so good-looking," I remarked, watching the Patriots' star quarterback throw a pass to his teammate at the 30-yard line.

"Oh I see how it is," Damon said with a fake frown. I laughed and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

"Don't worry, you're still the cutest guy in my eyes," I replied with a smile.

Damon chuckled and then we focused our attention back to the game. It had been two months since he and I started dating. The truth was, deep down inside, I still had some feelings for Tyler. But it was time I moved on.

He wouldn't be coming back anytime soon, so why should I spend the rest of my life waiting for someone that didn't even love me? Besides, I was the one that had dumped him in the first place. After all, he did slap me, and I wasn't going to put up with that.

Sometimes, I couldn't help but wonder if Tyler had found a different girlfriend. Well whoever she was, I pitied her for having to be with a cheating manwhore like him.

"Do you girls want to grab some drinks?", Andrew suggested after the game had finished.

"That sounds fun but I'm still under-aged, remember?", I replied. It was true, I wouldn't be turning twenty-one until this coming January.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Never mind then."

"You and Savannah can go. I'll drive back to the campus with Christine," Damon spoke.

"You sure?", Andrew asked.

"Dude, I'm not going to leave my girlfriend home alone on a Saturday night," he said, giving his friend the 'are-you-kidding-me' look.

"True. Well, see you guys later."

Once Savannah and Andrew left, Damon and I headed to his car in the parking ramp. Unfortunately, we were stuck there for what felt like hours because of the number of people that had attended the game. Even the streets were jammed with traffic.

"So you've never gone drinking before?", Damon inquired as we waited for the other cars to leave.

"I did once," I replied tiredly, resting my head against the window.

"But you're under-aged."

"I was with Tyler and since he's all famous, the club made exceptions for me. Well at least I think that's why," I explained, letting out a yawn.

"Did you get drunk?", Damon asked. I turned my head around to look at him. A mischievous grin lit up his face as he awaited my response.

"Not even close. You know I'm not a big fan of alcohol," I said.

"I was just messing with you, babe," Damon teased, reaching out his hand to give my thigh a squeeze.

By the time we reached the campus, it was nearly midnight. I decided to just spend the night over at Damon's dorm since Andrew would probably be over at mine once he and Savannah came back.

"Do you wanna watch a movie on Netflix or something?", Damon asked after I finished changing into my pjs.

I always left spare clothes here in case we ever had sex and whatnot. The first time was when I came over to study for an exam with him last month. Only we didn't do much studying that evening.

Within a half hour, we were both in bed, letting our urges get the better of us. And it sure didn't pay off the following day. I was lucky enough to get away with a 'C'. From then on, I'd always study beforehand at my dorm before heading to Damon's.

"Sure. What should we watch?"

"I don't know. Whatever you want," he replied.

We both decided to watch 42, the baseball movie about Jackie Robinson from a few years ago. I never got tired of watching sports-related films. Miracle would have to be my favorite one of all-time, though.

Speaking of hockey, I hadn't gone to a Bruins game since Tyler and I broke up. I probably would sooner or later, but I'd sit where I didn't have to see his face. Because if I did, I'd either explode with pure anger or cry from the heartbreak he had caused me.

During the movie, I lied down on the couch, resting my head on Damon's lap. He stroked my hair and the calming gesture soon made me doze off into a deep sleep.

When I woke up the following morning, I found myself in the comfort of Damon's bed. He was nowhere to be seen, though. The smell of blueberry waffles drifted into the room, making my mouth drool.

I walked into the kitchen to see a plate of breakfast on the table that consisted of waffles, eggs, and bacon. A note written in Damon's handwriting sat on the counter. I smiled to myself as I read it:

Morning, babe! Coach wanted to talk to us about the football game coming up so I had to head over to the stadium. I'll be back soon. Hope you like the breakfast I made! Love you. x

It was simple things like these that made me love Damon so much. I thought that it was so sweet of him to decline Andrew's invitation to go home with me last night. I wouldn't have minded though if he did accept, but still, he had been a real gentleman.

As I was washing my plate in the sink, Damon came back, holding his football jersey. He surprised me by wrapping his arms around my waist, causing me to let out a little shriek. The plate dropped out of my hand and into the sink, splashing soap and water all over the place.

"You scared me!", I exclaimed, turning around to face him.

"I did?", Damon replied with amusement gleaming in his eyes. He kissed my forehead before handing me a towel to dry off the water on the sink countertop.

"Hey, is that the jersey I get to wear to your game on Tuesday?", I asked.

"Yup. Don't worry, it's all fresh and clean," Damon said with a reassuring smile.

"Good. Thanks for making me breakfast by the way. It was absolutely delicious."

"Anytime. Oh and Christine, I was wondering, what are you doing for Thanksgiving next month?"

"I'm probably just going to stay here and celebrate with my uncle. Why?", I inquired.

"Well I was planning on taking you to New York with me. We can celebrate with my dad and he'll finally get to meet you. But if you already have plans, then maybe next time," Damon explained.

"Yeah. I would've loved to go with you, though."

"No problem. Now go take a shower, I'm going to go see if Andrew and Savannah are awake yet so we can all do something."



Harvard's football team was on a winning streak this season. We hadn't even lost a single game, which was pretty incredible. Damon had faith that they'd end up making an appearance in the BCS Championships.

A massive snowstorm hit the Boston area as I was driving back to Harvard from my uncle's Saturday evening. I hadn't even been informed of it or else I would've waited until the morning to leave.

The meteorologists had never predicted a blizzard either this week. Mother nature just decided to play one of her tricks on us tonight. Tough luck for me since I was out on the road.

Thanksgiving had been absolutely terrific with my uncle and his wife. The trunk of my car was currently packed with things I had bought from Black Friday. Most of them would probably end up being presents for my friends and family, though. Besides, I didn't even need half of that stuff.

Driving in the snow would probably have to be one of my worst nightmares. The freeways were packed and none of the cars were even moving. My patience was wearing thin so I decided to just take the next exit and find a restaurant or shop to wait at until the storm died down.

Lucky for me, there was a Starbucks right around the corner so I opted to go there. After all, I was a huge fan of coffee. I ordered a nice, hot peppermint mocha then went to sit down by the fireplace.

Three hours later, the storm from earlier had turned into a few snow flurries. I headed out to my car, thankful to see that Starbucks' parking lot had been shoveled. Another forty-five minutes and I would soon be in my bed that was calling for me. I admit, I was dead tired.

I pressed the button to ignite my car, but it wouldn't start. All I heard was the muffled, wheezing sound of a dying engine. This couldn't be happening...

"Fuck!", I cursed out loud.

After several failed attempts at starting my car, I gave up. I had had nothing but bad luck today. I went back inside Starbucks since it was freezing cold in my car. At that moment, my phone rang and immediately, my spirits rose at the sight of Damon's name on the screen.

"Damon? Are you back from New York yet?", I asked.

"Yeah, I just off the plane. My flight was delayed for three hours because of the snowstorm. How was your Thanksgiving? I missed you."

"It was great, but I'm kind of in an emergency right now," I replied with an edge of panic to my voice.

"Are you ok? What happened?", he demanded in a worried tone.

"I've been stuck at Starbucks for hours because my car wouldn't start. I just want to go home," I said wearily, letting out my tears of distress.

"Baby, don't cry. You'll be alright.Listen, I'll rent a car and come pick you up. Just give me the location of the Starbucks you're at and I'll be there."

"But it's late. I can't make you do that," I declined.

"Christine, you know that I would do anything for you."

I told Damon where I was then plopped down onto the chair. A broken car was the last thing I needed right now. I was surprised that it had been able to survive several winters, though.

An hour later, Damon came rushing through the door. His hair was all over the place, due to him probably running his fingers through it several times. I had never been more glad to see him in my whole life.

"Christine!", he said, wrapping me into a tight hug.

"Oh Damon. Thank goodness you're here."

I buried my face in Damon's chest, inhaling the familiar scent of his cologne. After our warm embrace, he pulled out his phone to call the car towing company.

Once they showed up, I was reassured when they told me that my car would get fixed by the morning. I could go pick it up at the repair shop with Damon on our way to Boston tomorrow.

"You have no idea how grateful I am to have you," I said as he drove the both of us back to Harvard afterwards.

"I know, babe. Me too," he replied with a weary smile.

Damon must've been so tired right now, but he still came to me when I needed him most. He was everything I could've ever asked for. Sometimes, I felt as if I didn't deserve him. He had been nothing but good to me. The last thing I wanted was for something to come between our relationship. Or even someone.

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