Becoming Mrs. Seguin (A Tyler Seguin Fanfic)

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Christine Miller's lifelong dream was to graduate from Harvard University. The last thing she wanted to do was fall in love, especially since her previous relationship didn't end so well. Tyler Seguin, a young hockey player for the Boston Bruins, dreams of making history for his team. He's living the carefree single life, but what happens when the two keep running into each other? Well, they're in for the biggest roller coaster ride of their lives. Along the way, Tyler is faced with the toughest decision he's ever had to make, leaving Christine heartbroken. The question is, will everything work out in the end? Read to find out.


25. Chapter 25- Bonding

The moment we stepped into Stella's Fish Café, everyone turned to look at Aaron and Tyler. My parents were still trying to get used to all the attention that my brother received whenever they went somewhere with him. After all, he was one of the youngest and hottest players in the NFL according to the media. Lucky for the ladies, he was currently single, too.

A pretty blonde waitress led us to a table near the back and immediately, her eyes went to Tyler, which didn't surprise me at all. She took our orders before reluctantly heading back to the kitchen. My family normally ate here during the summer so we could sit on the rooftop. Being up there gave you a really nice view of Uptown.

"Tyler, we're so glad that you're a part of Christine's life. We thought that she'd never be happy again after breaking up with her ex, but-." My mom was about to continue talking when my dad gave her a stern look.

"Dad, it's ok. Tyler knows about Karl already," I said lightly.

"Your daughter told me about him last year. I can't believe how much of a douche he was to her. Meeting Christine was probably the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. I'll never hurt her like Karl did," Tyler spoke with certainty.

"Well, if you two are happy, then Victoria and I are, too," my dad said with a smile.

After a huge dinner that consisted of lobster, crab, and walleye, I was absolutely stuffed. During the car ride, Aaron and Tyler talked to each other a lot. It was nice to see them getting along. Then again, they both were very likeable guys with the same lives as professional athletes.

When we got home, I went upstairs to my room, changing into a tank top and shorts for bed. My parents were both in the living room and I decided to join them. Their faces lit up when they saw me and my mom patted the empty space on the couch next to her, motioning for me to sit down.

"Sweetheart, you were right about Tyler. He's such a wonderful guy," she said happily.

"Victoria, didn't you say the same thing about Karl back then?", my dad remarked, raising an eyebrow.

"I did. But Christine never told us about how he was always around Lizzy even when they were dating. Does Tyler hang out with any other girl besides you?", my mom asked me.

"I don't think so. We barely even see each other during hockey season, but I trust him to not do anything stupid while we're apart," I replied.

"Alright then. But if Tyler does hurt you, I'll teach him a lesson he'll never forget," my dad vowed.


I threw my head back, moaning wildly as Tyler's expert mouth ravished every inch of my skin. The feeling of it was indescribable. I grabbed onto the sheets, completely lost in pure ecstasy, as he slowly made his way down to where I needed him most.

My legs were gently parted and the moment I felt his tongue against my sensitive mound was when I couldn't hold it in anymore. My body shook as it reached an earth-shattering orgasm, leaving me panting and breathless.

Tyler smirked as he watched me fall apart beneath him before slamming his lips back on mine. I kissed him as if my life depended on it, with so much force and passion. Our tongues fought for dominance as his fingers tangled in my hair. Slowly, I felt him enter me as our bodies became one.

When I entered Tyler's room after talking to my parents earlier that night, he had said that he wanted to make love to me, which was a rather foreign concept for the both of us. Well, for me at least. Tyler probably made love to other girls before.

At first, I thought that it'd be the same as the other times we've had sex, but I was proven wrong. Tonight had definitely felt different.

There was so much more emotion to it than usual. Our fingers were interlaced the whole time and Tyler's movements had been slow, tender...loving. I had never experienced anything like it before my whole life.

The following morning, I woke up to find Tyler still fast asleep beside me. I gently kissed him on the forehead before getting up, grabbing my clothes from the floor. I put them back on then headed upstairs to my bedroom to shower. Once I finished, I changed into the jersey that Tyler had gotten me and a pair of jeans. Then, I went over to Aaron's room to see if he was awake.

"Aaron?", I said, knocking on my brother's door. He opened it right away, his hair still damp from the shower he just took.

"Hey, you're awake. What's up?"

"Coach Lombo still coaches boys' hockey, right?", I asked.

"Yeah, I think so. Why?"

"Just wondering." A smile grew on my face as I headed downstairs to make breakfast, since both of my parents were at work.

Shortly after we finished eating, I drove both Aaron and Tyler to the community center. Even though I hadn't been in town for a while, I still remembered what went on here every month. And today, the high school boys' hockey team happened to have practice in the arena. The three of us headed down onto the ice and right away, everyone's heads turned to look at us.

"Miller, is that you?!", Coach Lombo asked my brother in disbelief.

"Hey, Coach!", Aaron greeted with a huge grin. He ran over to his high school football coach and the both of them hugged.

"What made you come visit?"

"It was actually my sister's idea. She didn't even tell me that we were coming here. But wow, it's great to see you again, Coach," Aaron said happily. Coach Lombo smiled when he saw me, but his eyes instantly widened at the sight of Tyler.

"Wait a minute, you're Tyler Seguin from the Boston Bruins!", he exclaimed.

"Tyler, this is Coach Lombo. He was my brother's football coach," I introduced.

"Wow, it's an absolute honor to meet you, Tyler. These boys here are such huge fans of you. We've got a game coming up tomorrow against Edina, the best team in the state," Coach Lombo said, shaking Tyler's hand.

"Really? Well in that case, I'd love to teach them a few of the tricks I've learned over the years," Tyler offered with a grin.

"You would? That'd be great! Boys, gather round!", Coach Lombo called out to his team.

Aaron and I went to sit on the bench as we watched the boys practice. They all were extremely excited to have Tyler work with them for a day. Coach Lombo walked over and sat down next to Aaron.

"So, I'm assuming that you're dating Tyler?", he asked me with an amused expression.

"Yeah, we've been together for a few months now," I replied.

"An NHL player for a boyfriend and an NFL player for a brother. Not bad, huh?" I couldn't help but laugh.

"So, how's the football team these days?", I inquired.

"They're doing great, but I haven't seen a player like your brother yet. Aaron was the star of that stadium," Coach Lombo stated proudly.

"It's all thanks to you, Coach," Aaron said.

My eyes went back to the ice and instantly, I recognized one of the hockey players as Ian, Karl's younger brother, who was a junior this year. He looked over at me and smiled, the crinkles forming by his eyes. It was crazy how much he resembled his brother. I gave him a wave and to my surprise, he skated over to sit down next to me.

"Hey there, stranger. I haven't seen you in a while," I greeted.

"I know. Ivy misses you a lot. I do, too," Ian said with a sad look on his face.

"I missed you guys, too," I replied, giving him a hug. Even though Karl and I had broken up, his siblings didn't have anything against me. I used to talk to Ian whenever I saw him in school.

"Why did my brother have to be such a douche?"

"If only I knew," I said, my eyes lighting up with amusement.

"Well, it's a good thing you dumped his sorry butt. He totally deserved it. Wait til I tell him that you're dating Tyler Seguin now..." The both of us cracked up and then Ian headed back to his team.

Once practice was over, Tyler signed autographs and then Coach Lombo took a picture of him with the whole team. My plan had turned out to be a huge success. Not only did Aaron get to reunite with his football coach, but Tyler got to coach the hockey team for a day. The best part, though, was having the both of them bond with each other.

"Those guys are going to kick ass tomorrow," Tyler said with confidence once we were all in the car.

"Hell yeah. Edina better be prepared to have the State title taken away from them," Aaron chimed in.

I wonder what it'd be like if the two of them ever became brothers. The thought of marrying Tyler sure seemed a bit crazy and sudden at the moment, but who knows, it could happen one day. For the time being, I just hope that our relationship lasts. The rest would be up to fate to decide.



A/N- I sure hope Tyler doesn't break Christine's heart in the future. I mean, look how well he's getting along with her parents and brother. Their relationship is definitely serious now, so it'd sure be devastating if anything were to happen to it. I just pray that fate is good to them. Anyways, here's a question I want you guys to keep in mind as you're reading. We all know how much Christine likes Tyler...but does she love him? Or is it still too soon for her to decide? Comment your thoughts!

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