Becoming Mrs. Seguin (A Tyler Seguin Fanfic)

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Christine Miller's lifelong dream was to graduate from Harvard University. The last thing she wanted to do was fall in love, especially since her previous relationship didn't end so well. Tyler Seguin, a young hockey player for the Boston Bruins, dreams of making history for his team. He's living the carefree single life, but what happens when the two keep running into each other? Well, they're in for the biggest roller coaster ride of their lives. Along the way, Tyler is faced with the toughest decision he's ever had to make, leaving Christine heartbroken. The question is, will everything work out in the end? Read to find out.


20. Chapter 20- Moments to Remember

"Whoa, where did you come from?", Freddy asked me with a surprised tone the next morning. He was sorting the groceries he had just bought into the fridge.

"Umm, Tyler's bedroom," I replied honestly.

"Wait what?! I'm gone for a day and you two are already sleeping together?", he exclaimed in disbelief.

"Oh no, we haven't gotten that far yet," I quickly assured... Although the thought of it rather intrigued me. Why was Freddy acting all clueless like this? I suddenly realized that he may not have been aware of me and Tyler's relationship."Did Tyler not tell you?"

"Tell me what?", he demanded, anxious to know.

"Well, he and I decided to give dating a shot," I stated.

"You serious? Christine, that's awesome! Ty cares about you so much, you know?" Freddy immediately ran into Tyler's room and jumped onto his bed, instantly waking him up.

"Dude, what the hell are you doing in here?!", Tyler yelled.

"Congrats on your new girlfriend, Segs. Man, I'm so happy for you," Freddy said, tousling his best friend's hair.

"Believe me, I am too," he replied, flashing me a huge smile.

Tyler got up and then the three of us went out for breakfast. Freddy left afterwards since he had pre-season hockey practice with his team over at Wentworth. Being that I only had two days left in Boston, Tyler made it a priority to take me to all of his favorite attractions here.

We spent most of our morning at the New England Aquarium and Museum of Fine Arts. After lunch, the both of us visited Fenway Park, and I bought a Red Sox jersey for the game we'd attend tomorrow against the Yankees. I didn't even know when Tyler got those tickets, but I sure was looking forward to attending my first baseball game here in Boston. Who knows, I might even catch a fly ball for the first time.

That night, we had dinner at a pizza shop by the harbor. Tyler's plans for tomorrow were sure going to keep us occupied the whole day. Apart from the Red Sox game, he had also made reservations for the Harbor Island ferry to take us out to Georges Island in the afternoon.

"Where are we going?", I asked Tyler in the car when I realized that he wasn't driving on the usual freeway back home.

"Winchester," he replied with a grin.

"Is it far?"

"Nope, we're almost there actually," Tyler said, resting his hand on my thigh.

About five minutes later, we were entering an extremely high-class looking neighborhood. Each house had a stunning landscape and the trees were trimmed to perfection. Tyler parked the car in front of a huge brick house and got out to open the door for me.

"Whose place is this?", I asked him with curiosity.

"Mine. You like it?"

"Are you kidding? Let me guess, those cars in the driveway belong to you, too?" Tyler nodded and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Come on, I'll show you around," he said, walking me to his front door.

Once we were inside, Tyler switched on the lights to reveal a massive living room that consisted of a fireplace, flat-screen TV, and leather couch. A coffee table stood in the middle, with several sports magazines scattered on top of it. The walls were painted a light mocha color, which gave the interior a contemporary feel to it.

Further down the hall was the kitchen. It looked pretty empty apart from the fridge, toaster, and stove. I could tell that Tyler didn't come to this house that often, the reason being that he mostly lived in his apartment.

"So, what do you think?", he asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he leaned against the counter.

"It's beautiful...and very spacious. When did you buy it?"

"About a year ago. Hey, maybe when you're done getting your Master's degree, you can move in here with me," Tyler teased.

"We'll see," I said with a smile.

Six years was quite a ways off from now, so I couldn't promise anything yet. Building up a long-term relationship required a lot of commitment and time, but one could easily just destroy it all. Like they say, it may take up to several years before you're able to confess your love for that special someone, but breaking up with them takes merely a few seconds.

That pretty much summed up my last relationship with Karl. As for Tyler, we still have quite a long road ahead of us, but hopefully the ride'll be smooth. You never know, though, because life can play the cruelest tricks on us. You just have to keep on wishing for the best.

Tyler led me out the back door and I was faced with the biggest pool I'd ever seen. I swear, if this house was mine, I'd just stay home all day and enjoy it. The wind started to pick up so we decided to head back inside. Tyler showed me around upstairs and then we went down to his basement, which had a home theater and pool table.

"You want anything to drink?", he offered.

"No thanks. So, are we sleeping here tonight?", I asked him.

"Yup. I was actually planning on having us stay here until you leave," he said.

We decided to watch a movie, but my eyes kept glancing over at my boyfriend during most of it. I could still make out the features of Tyler's defined face, even in the dark. His full lips, strong jaw, and high cheekbones. The smell of musk-scented cologne radiating from his body. And that's when my sexual frustrations really got to me.

I wanted him so bad right now, it almost hurt. Just picturing his insanely hot body on top of me made my mind go nuts. I didn't even realize that I was biting my bottom lip until it began to sting.

"Are you ok, babe?", Tyler asked me with a low chuckle.

My lustful thoughts got the better of me and before I knew it, I grabbed Tyler's face and full-on kissed him on the lips. He was taken by surprise but kissed me back with just as much force, tangling his fingers in my hair. I found myself being pulled onto Tyler's lap and immediately, I felt the arousal in his jeans as I straddled him. Looks like I wasn't the only one getting turned on.

Tyler's kisses shifted downwards to my neck, his lips brushing the soft, sensitive skin. I moaned, pulling him even closer to me, as he began to suck on the sweet spot right below my earlobe. My hips grinded against his, causing him to elicit a deep groan.

"Bedroom, now," I gasped.

Tyler lifted himself off the couch and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me upstairs, our lips never breaking contact. When we got to his room, he kicked the door shut with his foot before placing me onto the bed. I flipped over so that Tyler was underneath me, then quickly worked on ridding him of his tshirt before throwing it to the floor. My hands stroked his smooth chest as I made my way down to his abs and v-lines.

"You're perfect, Ty," I whispered in his ear.

"No I'm not, babe," Tyler said softly with a smile as his hand reached up to lightly caress my cheek. He grabbed the hem of my tank top and I helped him pull it over my head. "Holy shit", Tyler muttered under his breath as his lust-filled eyes raked over my body.

Thank goodness I was wearing my sexy, pink lace bra. I wouldn't want Tyler to see me in some plain, ugly one. He rolled over so that I laid underneath him once again. Light kisses were placed against my chest before Tyler completely took my bra off. The cool air hit my nipples, making them instantly hard. I felt him take one into his mouth as I groaned with pleasure, grabbing onto his hair.

His lips trailed downwards, exploring every inch of my skin. I lay helpless beneath him as my body lit on fire from his hot, seductive movements. Tyler's hands fumbled with the zipper of my shorts and he slid them down my legs, leaving me in only my panties.

He stood up to take off his jeans and boxers, then retrieved a condom from his nightstand. My mouth watered at the sight of his tall, athletic body. All the tattoos made him look even more sexy and desirable. The minute he got back on top of me was when I couldn't wait anymore. I needed him. Now.

"Tyler, take me. Please," I begged. A smirk instantly grew on Tyler's face. He hooked a finger into the waistband of my panties and slowly slid them halfway down my legs.

And with that, he pushed himself into my throbbing core and I moaned loudly. It felt so good and I never wanted him to stop. Tyler kissed my neck and jaw as his length continued to move inside of me. I raised my hips, deepening his thrusts as my nails dug into his broad shoulders. He already had me crying out his name within the first couple of minutes as he took my body to places it had never been before.

As soon as we finally reached our climax, Tyler placed a kiss on my forehead before rolling off of me to lie on his back. Our chests were heaving and I panted wildly, struggling to regain my normal breathing.

"You tired?", he asked, pulling me close to him. I nodded in response and let out a yawn.

"Good night, Tyler," I mumbled against his chest.

"Good night, Christine" he said, intertwining our legs.

Tonight had definitely been a night I'd never forget for as long as I lived.


The sunlight peered through the window the next morning, accompanied by the cool, ocean breeze. My eyes fluttered open to see Tyler's face hovering just inches away from mine. He was propped up on one elbow, the sheets covering his waist down.

"Morning, beautiful," he greeted with a smile.

"I don't think I've ever slept so well my entire life," I remarked with a sigh, stretching my arms.
The memories of last night lingered in my mind.

"I know, me too. Listen, I'm gonna head back to my apartment real quick to grab your stuff," Tyler said, getting out of bed. He went over to his dresser and tossed me a tshirt. "You can wear this for now."

I quickly put his tshirt on then climbed back under the covers. Once Tyler left, I decided to watch some TV. I wonder what emotions were running through his mind during our passionate night of sex. Did being with me feel any different to him than the other girls he'd slept with?

Once Tyler came back, I went to shower, changing into a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and my Red Sox jersey. When it was Tyler's turn, I headed out to the kitchen to see if he had any food for breakfast. There were eggs, peppers, cheese, and ham in the fridge, so I decided to put my culinary skills to the test and make omelets.

"Man, this tastes great. Nice work", Tyler praised as we were eating. He also had his Red Sox jersey on and a matching cap to go with it.

"Thanks," I replied, beaming.

Once we were finished with our food, Tyler washed the dishes and I wiped the table. The ferry was scheduled to leave at 11, which meant that we had exactly an hour to get to the harbor. Since it was Saturday, traffic was something we didn't have to worry about. No doubt downtown Boston would be packed tonight, though, because of the baseball game.

People were buzzing as we arrived at the docks. Lucky for us, the weather was absolutely gorgeous today, without a cloud in sight. Tyler and I boarded the ferry, along with several other tourists. It'd take approximately half an hour to get to Georges Island.

The ride went by pretty fast and before we knew it, the island came into view. Fort Warren stood tall for all the visitors to see. Tyler and I spent most of our time there and we hiked along the trails, occasionally stopping for him to sign autographs. The island also offered a ranger-guided tour, which we went on. After eating lunch at a small restaurant, it was time to take the ferry back to Boston Harbor.

Since the weather was so nice, Tyler and I decided to drive back to his house to grab our swimsuits so that we could pay a visit to the beach. When we got there, I spread my towel out on the sand and pulled out a bottle of tanning lotion from my purse.

"Would you mind putting some of this on my back?", I asked Tyler with a mischievous grin.

"Not at all," he replied eagerly, removing his sunglasses.

That's what I thought.


Fenway Park was absolutely crowded tonight. The ramps were all filled up so Tyler had to park on the streets. When we entered the stadium, he led us to our seats, which were located in the lower section, behind the umpire.

During the sixth inning, a fly ball hit by a Yankees player came soaring towards our section, and to my utter amazement, I easily caught it with the palm of my hand. And let me tell you, it was a moment I'd always remember. Not everyone gets to catch fly balls at baseball games. Lucky for me, I was in the right place at the right time. After the ninth inning, the Red Sox had defeated their visting team, with a score of 6-4.

All of the Red Sox fans, including Tyler and I, headed over to the bar and grill by the stadium afterwards to celebrate our victory over the New York Yankees. As we were driving back to Winchester, Tyler got a phone call from his captain, Zdeno Chara. He looked over at me after their conversation had ended, with a look of disappointment on his face.

"Turns out I have a meeting with the team tomorrow morning at 8 and then a charity event to go to afterwards. So much for having you stay over with me tonight," Tyler said with a deep sigh.

"That's ok. Savannah'll be back in the morning anyways," I told him with a sad smile.

Once we got to Tyler's house, I grabbed all of my stuff from his bedroom, remembering the amazing night we had there. The drive back to Harvard felt way quicker than it usually did. Tyler walked me to my dorm and we stood at the door. It was a clear night and the stars were shining brightly.

"Thanks for everything, Ty. I absolutely loved spending the week with you," I said, throwing my arms around his neck. He pulled my body against his and wrapped me into a warm embrace.

"I did too," he replied, kissing the top of my head. As soon as we pulled apart, the tears escaped from my eyes and I couldn't control it.

"I'll miss you," I told him.

"Hey, don't cry. We'll see each other again soon," Tyler asserted, wiping away my tears.
He leaned down to kiss me on the lips as his arms wrapped around my waist. I felt his tongue swipe my bottom lip, demanding entrance into my mouth, which I granted. The moment our tongues made contact, my insides melted completely.

"You should go now, it's late," I mumbled against Tyler's lips, gently pushing him away.

"Good luck with college," he said with a smile, kissing me one last time before turning to leave.

"Have a great season."

"Oh, we will," Tyler called out over his shoulder.

I watched as my boyfriend got into his car and drove off. He had somehow managed to worm his way into my life after just a single encounter at the airport and now, he was such an important part of it. Giving my heart to Tyler had definitely not been easy, but I trusted him to keep it safe, as long as it was in his possession.



A/N- Now that Christine and Tyler are going to be busy with their own personally lives, they won't be seeing each other on a regular basis anymore. That'll play a part in their relationship for sure. Read on to see what happens and remember to like and comment!

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