Becoming Mrs. Seguin (A Tyler Seguin Fanfic)

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Christine Miller's lifelong dream was to graduate from Harvard University. The last thing she wanted to do was fall in love, especially since her previous relationship didn't end so well. Tyler Seguin, a young hockey player for the Boston Bruins, dreams of making history for his team. He's living the carefree single life, but what happens when the two keep running into each other? Well, they're in for the biggest roller coaster ride of their lives. Along the way, Tyler is faced with the toughest decision he's ever had to make, leaving Christine heartbroken. The question is, will everything work out in the end? Read to find out.


13. Chapter 13- Last Weeks of High School

"Where on earth have you been?", my mom demanded when I got inside the car. I didn't want to have to do any explaining about what happened in the back alley with Karl, so I quickly came up with an excuse.

"The line for the bathroom took forever," I lied.

"Oh, that's no surprise. We thought something else had happened to you," my dad said.

Relief washed over me as I looked back at Hayley and Sierra. They both had skeptical looks on their faces, but once I said, "Best game ever," everything was back to normal. We talked the whole drive to the restaurant about the Bruins' win.

It was easy to forget about the argument that I had with Karl, but running into Tyler was something that I still couldn't stop thinking about. He had seen me during my most vulnerable state, and I barely even knew him.

The same question rang in my head the entire night: If I had stayed back there a bit longer with Tyler, what would've happened? I wonder what he was doing now, probably getting drunk with his teammates to celebrate their win. Then he'd wake up in the morning and forget about ever seeing me. That's what I would try to do, too.


I woke up one Saturday morning in April to the sound of my mom squealing with excitement downstairs. What was going on? Before I could even get out of bed, my mom had already rushed upstairs into my room.

"Sweetheart, you got accepted into Harvard!", she exclaimed, wrapping me into a huge hug.

My mind went blank for a moment. Was she for real? I grabbed the letter from her hand and read it. Holy crap...I was actually going to go to Harvard in the fall. Words couldn't possibly describe how happy I was right now. I gave my mom another hug then quickly went to get my phone.

"Aaron?", I said when my brother picked up.

"What do you want, sis? It better be important," he replied sleepily.

"I got accepted into Harvard!"

"You did?! Holy shit, that's amazing! I'm so proud of you! Man, that definitely woke me up," he exclaimed. I burst out laughing.

"How about you? Got any exciting news?", I asked.

"For now, no. The NFL draft is coming up soon, though," he replied.

After Aaron and I finished talking, Sierra and Hayley came over to go dress shopping with me. Prom was coming up in three weeks. A guy named, Adam, had asked me to go with him. He's in my math class and a quarterback on the football team. We talk sometimes, but not that much.

It was actually really cute. There was a track meet last week and I ran the 400m dash. When I reached the finish line, Adam was standing there with a bouquet of flowers. I looked up to see a banner that read, "Prom?" tied to one of the goalposts. He was so happy when I said yes.

Two weeks after I had gotten accepted into Harvard, Aaron got drafted to the Indianapolis Colts. The draft was held in New York City this year and both my parents flew over there with him. His lifelong dream had come true at last. All the hard work and practice had paid off.


My friends and their dates were all piled up inside a long, black stretch limo on our way downtown for prom. There were 8 of us total. I wore a long, light pink dress with a pair of silver high heels. My hair was up in an intricate bun, with curls falling off the sides. Adam had a black suit on with a tie to match my dress. We all looked great.

Once everyone finished with dinner, we headed over to the Landmark Center where the dance was held. The committee really outdid themselves this year. Paris was the theme and there was even an Eiffel Tower in the middle of the dance floor. It felt as if we were actually by the Seine river in Paris.

I had one of the greatest times of my life that night. The prom king and queen were about to be crowned, and I knew for sure that it'd be Karl and Lizzy. But when they announced my name and Adam's, I couldn't believe it. Even Adam was at a loss for words.

There was a party at his house after and everyone was there, including Karl since he was close friends with Adam. I was with my friends in the living room when Adam walked over and said that he had to talk to me. He led me upstairs to his bedroom where it was quiet and told me that he had always liked me. I knew where this was going and I had to stop it. It was for my own good.

"Adam, I'm really sorry. I know what you're thinking, but I'm not looking for a relationship right now," I said to him.

He seemed hurt at first but then we decided to just be friends. We went back downstairs afterwards and hung out with our friends. Adam challenged me to a game of pool and I accepted. Several people gathered around to watch us. At the end, I won. My brother had taught me everything there was to know about pool.

Adam dropped me off at my house around two and I headed up to my room, trying to ignore the pain that my feet were going through. Heels sure make you look good, but man did they hurt. I collapsed onto my bed and instantly dozed off.


Senior year was coming to an end, with only one week of school remaining. I was at home preparing my valedictorian speech for graduation next Friday. My friends would be heading off to college next fall in all different states. Sierra was going to UND and Hayley would attend Madison. Just thinking about it made me want to cry. I'd sure miss them.

The day after graduation, people were already planning road trips with their friends. Sierra, Hayley, and I were flying to Florida and spending a week in Miami. It'd be our last summer together. The weather sure was going to be hot, but at least there were beaches. We definitely needed to work on our tans, too.

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