Something Diffrent (Boys Love)

Mason has seen a student late to class and his friends dare him to go up to him and talk....Will everything change between them will they become buddies or more than that.


1. Teen Park Woods

"Beep Beep Beep!" The alarm went off and startled me. I jumped up and slammed the alarm clock and dragged  myself over to get my clothes on. "Mason dear it is time for your first day of school hurry!" Mom yelled                                                                                                                                                       "I'm coming mom!" I say running down the stairs, giving my mom a hug, and rushing out the door. I walk to school and look around to see if any friends are walking also. "No luck this school year will probbaly be tough.I am going to 10 grade and I had no contact with any of my friends over the summer. They're probbaly mad at me, I just hope this is a good school year." I say talking to myself and i was already at school. "Here I go" I say walking into the school, kids were walking around and running to classes and asking people were to go. I just start walking like I know were to go until someone jumps on my back. "Heyy! Mason!!" A familar voice yelled in my ear and started hugging me. "Taylor?" I say turning around seeing a shorter boy then me smiling and waving. "I'm so glad to see you Mason! Over the summer I was going to ask if you wanted to go to L.A with me, but your phone number wasn't working!" Taylor says crossing his arms and pouting like a child. "Sorry I got a new phone" I say walking to class and showing Taylor my new phone. "Oh ok I'm just going to have to get it again" Taylor says walking with me to class.                                                                              "What class are you in Taylor" I look down at my schedule                                                                         "I'm in class A4"                                                                                                                                                  "Same" I sigh gratefully and me and Taylor continue walking to class by time we get there everyone was there. They were either talking or playing around. Me and Taylor looked around at everyone then started talking a little. We had only a little minute to talk because the teacher told everyone to stand on the side of the room. "Hi class I'm Mrs.Gilbert! I'm glad to have you guys as my students. I will tell you your seats and then we can gets started. Ok lets start in this seat Beck and Joe in this seat Marshall and Kasey" Mrs.Gilbert says until she gets to my name finally. "These two seats Mason and Shayley" Mrs.Gilbert shoos everyone to go to their seats and I just walk over to my seat upset. Taylor sits way on the other side of the room and I sit way over here. "Introduce yourselves to your seat partner then we will continue class" Mrs.Gilbert says                                                                                     "Hi I'm Mason" I say turning to Shayley and waving.                                                                                      "Your pretty nice dude I'm Shayley" she says taking out a piece of paper. "Here's my number I'm sure we can good friends dude I mean Mason."                                                                                                    "Oh cool yeah." I say turning back around and looking down at the paper. Mrs.Gilbert told us to stop talking and then she started talking about her self for a while and then the door opened. Everyone turned to look who it was. It was a boy with dark brown flippy hair and he was wearing a beanie. He gave Mrs.Gilbert a pass and then looked at everyone in class. Then our eyes caught each others, I looked away quickly and back down at the number. "Oh hi! I'm Mrs.Gilbert it's fine your late it is the first day of school after all. Whats your name?" Mrs.Gilbert says getting out the attendance sheet.        "My name is Lance" he says                                                                                                                          "You sit right behind Mason, the one over there" Mrs.Gilbert says pointing at him. Lance walks over to his seat and people continue to stare at him. "Class I am going to have you feel out a sheet about yourself then you will rotate around and play a Guess something about me Game." She says passing out the papers. "Do you have a pencil I think I forgot mine when I rushing to get to class" the voice behind whispers to his seat partner. "Sorry nope" his seat partner whispers back. I turn around and hand him a pencil. "Thanks" he says looking up at me smirking. I nod my head and turn back around and write. "Rotate to the person in front of you! One partner stays back and the other partner goes" Mrs.Gilbert says. Shayley gets up goes up one and starts talking to the people in front of us. Then Lance comes and sits by me. "Uh Hi" I say staring at him and getting tingly.                                             "Hey"                                                                                                                                                                   "So lets play" I say starting out first "So do you like playing the guitar?"                                                      "Yea I also sing, I bet you love animals" he says smirking.                                                                          "How'd you know!" I say scratching my head.                                                                                               "It's a secret" he says laughing.                                                                                                                       "Why cant i know i really love secrets and I'm good at keeping them" I say. Lance leans closer to and is right in front of my face. "I'm a genius" he says and then starts writing on his paper. I feel my cheeks get hot and i turn red and turn around so he wouldn't see me. "You ok?" he says patting me on my back. "Y-Yea" I say not looking up at him. Me and Lance continued to talk then had to rotate which lead to the end of the day. Everyone rushed out of school already happy and it was just the first day of school. I walk by myself daydreaming about earlier what Lance did. The same scene kept playing in my head! "Wait up Mason" Taylor's voice echoes from behind me. I turn around and wave and ask him about his day and he told me about it pretty much it was great. When I get home I plump down in my bed I look at Shayley's phone number and take out my phone. I dial Shayley's number and wait for her to pick up."What's up" she answers                                                                                                         "Hey Shayley" I say                                                                                                                                           "Oh hey Mason what up."                                                                                                                                  "Nothing much I guess I just don't know what to do?"                                                                                   "Can I come over dude" Shayley says.                                                                                                            "W-What!! We just met and your asking to come over" I yell.                                                                        "Yea I'm coming over dude I saw you walk home so I know were your house is" Shayley laughs. I hang and roll my eyes and then close my eyes then hear a knock on the door. I rush down stairs and open the door. "That was quick"  I say inviting her in.                                                                                   "We don't live to far away from each other only like 6 houses down" she says sitting down on the couch. "So whats up Mason"                                                                                                                           "Not much just later on I'm going down to teen park to meet up with Taylor he said something down there is happening. Students from our school should be there also teachers he says its a first day of school game" I say.                                                                                                                                           "Seems cool looks like I'm going there with you" Shayley says looking at the time. Hours passed by and it was time to go to teen park. Shayley hopped up and grabbed me and we jumped in her car and she drove there really speedy. "Whoa whats the rush!" I yell grabbing on to something in the car. "I just like being there on time, you'd probably take your time which would take forever" Shayley says pulling into a parking spot. We walk out of the car and we see a lot of 10 graders from our school. I looked around and I saw Lance with a group of cool looking guys and girls crowding around them. I looked away and then focused what we were going to do. "Hello students welcome too first day of school scavenger hunt! I know its kind of dark but come on were under protection! We got security I'm glad you guys wanted to do this. So what you guys are going to do is get in a group of three! You have to find each thing on the paper in the woods. First trio back wins extra credit and whatever kind of lunch they want for 2 weeks" The principal says. Taylor ran over by me and Shayley and jumped up and down "Us three are perfect partners!" He says smiling and grabbing our hands and running in the line of other teams. "Is everyone in there teams? Oh looks like it" the principal says putting his hands up. "On your marks! Get set! GO ON THE SCAVENGER AND GOOD LUCK" the Principal yells. Us three run into the woods and see other students laughing and jumping around. "Whats the first on the list Taylor" I ask.                                                                                                                                                 "A wood frog" Taylor says looking at the trees.                                                                                             "Lets look on the tree trunks" I say walking and searching the tree trunk.                                                    "Hey Shayley, Taylor I think I....." before I could finish my sentence I fall and roll down something. I was freaking out and couldn't stop my self. I hit a tree and pulled my self up "Shayley? Taylor!" I yell looking around. There are security right? I mean what could happen its safe. I hear leaf crunches and then they get closer and closer. My eyes widened and I get too scared to move until they got even closer I pick up a stick and run towards it with my eyes closed. Then I bump into something and fall, I look up and scoot back. "P-Please..don't hurt me" I say stuttering and scooting back more.                    "Don't worry Mason I'm not going to hurt you" Lance appears with his group. He gives me his hand and helps me up. "You ok" he says taking a leaf off of me. I nod and then walk forward and fall to the ground. "Uh Mason I don't think your ok" he says. What am I doing why did I just fall in front of him I'm making a fool of myself. I stand again and try to walk but my knee hurts and I fall to the floor once again. "Mason" Lance says helping me up now we were face to face closer then the last time we were face to face. It was dark and couldn't see much but I could feel his breath. It was a little chilly but I was fine I never had this happen to me. "Mason I'll help find your group with you. Hey Marcus, Ryan go find the stuff without me I'll find you guys when I'm done with Mason's problem." The two boys run off looking for the stuff. Lance picks me up bridal style and starts walking "So? How did you lose your group and hurt your leg" Lance asked.                                                                                                            "Well I was looking for a wood frog and I saw one right when I fell down and I rolled down and got stopped by a tree. Then I guess it was twisted and I ran fast on it because I thought you guys were someone else" I say.                                                                                                                                         "Can I see your knee" Lance says putting me down. I nod and pull up my pants and point to it. It was red and and swollen. Lance touched and made a weird face "Yeah its pretty swollen" he says. I sigh and then feel Lance shivering. I pull my self up and take off my jacket and put it around Lance and smile. "Thanks Mason" Lance says. I didn't know what else to do me and Lance were just looking at each other. I blushed and this time Lance probably couldn't see me blushing. Then something hit me, not literally I mean the cold hit me. I was freezing I regret doing that! I was still cold when I had on that jacket. I started shivering and chattering my teeth "Mason do you want your jacket back" Lance asked starting to unzip it. "No No! Keep it I'm just a little c-cold!" I say trying to act like I'm not cold. I'm so cold I can't just give him the jacket and ask for it back. Before I could continue my next thought Lance grabbed me and embraced me. "L-Lance what's wrong" I say as my whole face turns red.     "Your cold right Mason" Lance says hugging me tighter. I hug him back and then we cuddle on the ground. I can't believe I'm on top of Lance cuddling with him. What are we doing were both boys! I have to snap out of it. Lance pulled my head closer to his lips and we just paused. What do I do! I was nervous. Lance touched my lips and they were dry and cold. "Mason kiss me" Lance says.       "But were both boys" I whisper. Lance grabbed my head and kissed me he put his tongue in my mouth. I had to experience and I didn't know what to do. I couldn't take it anymore I had an erection and I tried to get  off of Lance before he couldn't notice. But my erection rub up against his crotch "Mason is this your" before Lance could finish his sentence I got off of him and back away from him "I'm sorry! Were both boys I don't know what I'm doing" I say trying to stand up. Lance grabs me "It's ok its just how our body works it's natural" Lance says running his head on my hair.                    "H-how do I get it too go away" I say looking down at my erection. Lance sat in front of me and got on top of me. He touched my crotch and started rubbing it "Uhh" I moan but cover my mouth. Lance unbuttoned my jeans and his head went down there. "Wait Lance! I can't I'm embarrassed" I say trying to pull my jeans on. "I promise I won't look" Lance says smirking and starts moving his hands up and down on my crotch. It felt so good i didn't want to tell him how I felt I would embarrass my self. "Uhhh!" I moaned and then put two hands over my mouth. "L-Lance something its coming I think I have to use the bathroom s-stop" I say sweating bullets.                                                                "It's not that don't worry" Lance put his mouth on the tip of my crotch. I couldn't hold this stuff in anymore "Lance please stop I don't want to use the bathroom in your mouth! It's coming please stop! I can't hold it anymore" I say letting it out into Lance's mouth. "L-Lance I'm so sorry I know that's gross I know you hate me now I'll just go" I say backing up from Lance who was swallowing the semen. "Mason don't worry you didn't use the bathroom now come down" Lance says helping Mason get his pants on. "Hey! Mason!" Shayley and Taylor run over to Mason.                                    "What did you do to Mason late kid" Shayley yelled at Lance.                                                                  "Nothing just helping him find you guys. By the way his knee is hurt so carry him" Lance says waving and walking away. "What did he do too you Mason! Tell us don't even lie did he force you too do something did he jump you and lied about your knee! Tell me I will beat the living out of him"Shayley says chasing after him but Taylor held her back. "No he was helping me find you guys" I say calmly and get up and start limping. "Lets go home I've had enough" I say limping and Shayley and Taylor help me. "Wake up Mason its time to go to school!" Shayley was over me and yelling at me. I get up and put on sweats and a shirt and Shayley grabs my hand "let's go sleepy head" she says rushing out the door. "Who let you in Shayley" i ask rubbing my eyes.                                          "Oh I slept over I was worried about you" Shayley says messing up my hair.                                        "Oh thanks Shayley" I say looking at the ground kicking rocks.                                                             "No problem I'm always here to help you" Shayley adds.                                                                          "Shayley about last night"                                                                                                                               "What about it Mason" Shayley says                                                                                                        "I think I like boys" I say blushing at the thought of Lance.                                                                        "I will ask this one more time what did Lance do too you Mason" Shayley says looking me in the eye. "Shayley you promise not to tell him or anyone at school not even Taylor, also please don't get mad at me or him" I say kicking more rocks. Shayley nodded and put her thumbs up.                         "Lance touched my...." Shayley cut me off by saying                                                                                   "LANCE TOUCHED YOUR CROTCH YOU LET HIM ARE YOU CRAZY WHY I KNEW HE WAS KNOW GOOD TOUCHING YOU LIKE THAT!Just wait till I get my hands on him" Shayley yelled furious. "Shayley I enjoyed it" I say 



                                                           TOO BE CONTINUED!!                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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