The red jewel

Who would you call if you're rich and just had your favourite jewel stolen? You would probably get the best detective you could.
And what would happen if you got Shinjouro Saito?
And what would happen if you were murdered...?


1. The jewel

The old castle loomed on the large hill, towering over the small village. Inside, the long corridors were silent. 

Elsewhere, in the living room, Lady Alanique sat in peace, reading the local newspaper. Very little happened there. The most that they could report would be if Tiddles the cat got stuck up the oak tree again.

She glanced up from the newspaper and admired yet again her families red jewel. It had been through generations of the Alanique family, and it was still in perfect condition. 

She looked at the clock on the mantelpiece. Eleven o'clock, it was getting late. She folded up the newspaper and placed it on the  armchair. Suddenly, the floorboards behind her creaked.

"Is someone there?" she called.


She let out a sigh of relief and stood up. She then felt a strong blow to her head and she fell to the floor, unconscious.



Sorry about how short this is, but I'm really just setting up the storyline. I can guarantee you that the next one will be much longer.

Hope you enjoyed it! 


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