The red jewel

Who would you call if you're rich and just had your favourite jewel stolen? You would probably get the best detective you could.
And what would happen if you got Shinjouro Saito?
And what would happen if you were murdered...?


2. Here comes Shinjouro

Shinjouro Saito looked out of the train window at the countryside whizzing past. He was a curious looking person. For starters he was very tall, taller than most Japanese people. He wore a long navy coat and had a black shirt underneath, which was missing several buttons. In the shirt pocket, he kept some black pens and a small white notepad. In here, he would jot down anything that interested him. He wore faded denim jeans which had a hole in the knee , and a pair of dirty Doc Martens.

He glared down at the letter which he had received not so long ago. To be truthful, he was a little disappointed, as he was used to more...exciting cases.Things like "who is threatening to destroy the parliament?", or "why are people in this town just disappearing?" or even "why is the loch ness monster destroying the city?". Of course, things like this only happened occasionally. He was more used to dealing with murders, but he had never been brought in to deal with a "help me find a jewel that was stolen from me after I was knocked out by a vase" case.


The train gradually slowed down, and then came to a stop. Shinjouro looked out to see where he was. The sign hanging from the roof read "Rockhaven station". His stop. He gathered up all his belongings and headed out of the train door.                                                                                        But what he didn't know was that he was being watched...


Shinjouro arrived to the castle after a five minute walk. When he arrived, he noticed that there were a lot of police cars surrounding the drive way.

"This woman's going to call in half the RAF just to get this silly jewel!" Shinjouro thought to himself.

After looking around the entrance, Shinjouro entered the 'Crime scene' and came face to face with who he presumed was Lady Alanique. He had trouble telling if she was or not, because she didn't really have a rich look to her. Her hair, which he guessed had been in a bun, was tangled and all over the place, her red dress was very grubby, and her eyes were bloodshot and tired looking.

"Oh, thank goodness you've arrived, Mr Saito. No offence to the others, but they haven't really got anywhere, so you should be able to help them out a bit."

Shinjouro quickly plastered a smile on his face and tried to sound enthusiastic when he said "The pleasures mine, Lady Alanique. And please, call me Shinjouro." But his voice came out flat.

Before he had to say anything else, he got his magnifying glass out from his back pocket and walked over to where the jewel had been. He looked around the cushion. The jewels original place was very visible. Next to it, there was a very small bottle of perfume. He put on some fresh gloves and examined it closer.

"Hey, don't touch that." a man yelled.

"Why ever not?" Shinjouro asked.

"We need to leave everything where it is!"

"I was just examining it! Besides, I was going to put it back."

"Yeah," the inspector said (Shinjouro knew it was an inspector because of his badge), " but we need to leave everything exactly as it was!" He continued, his face going bright red.

"Very well." Shinjouro replied, reaching to put it back. But, it 'accidentally' slipped out of his hand and shattered on the floor.

"Oh dear," he said, "it appears to be broken!"

The inspector got very red (even purple) and said, through gritted teeth, "Why don't you just go home and solve things in your own country, you stupid chink-"

There wasn't very much time between him saying that and him lying on the floor, with a broken nose.

"Racist bastard." Shinjouro muttered, flexing his hand, as he had not got his hand into a proper fist before punching the inspector.

Many police men gathered around him, and the rest started pushing Shinjouro out of the room. He was shoved into the hall, pushed past a shocked looking Lady Alanique, and fell down the outside steps into a crumpled heap. He stood up, brushed himself down, muttered a rude word under his breath, and then walked away.

When he reached the local inn, it was starting to get dark, and he was quite tired. He was in a rather bad mood after being kicked out for punching a racist arsehole in the face. When he entered, he saw a plump, jolly looking woman at the desk. When she saw him enter, she gave him a cheerful smile and said in a soft, Irish accent, "Good afternoon, what can I do for you?"

"Would I be able to get a room, Miss...?"

"Miss Browne. But you can call me Helen. Anyway, I think I might be able to get you a room on the top floor. Now, if you could tell me your name, please."

"Shinjouro Saito," he replied, "S-h-i-n-j-o-u-r-o, S-a-i-t-o."

"Thank you, Shinjouro. Now, if you could sign here, please. There we go, okay, I'll lead you to your room now."


When he arrived, he hung up his coat and sat down on his bed. He gazed out of the window into the distance. Rockhaven wasn't particularly large, but the inn was perched upon a grand hill, so it took some time to walk to it. He looked over at the castle, which still had all the police cars around it. He gave a long sigh.

"I wonder if they'll still want me on the investigation group." he asked himself.

And with that, he lay back on the bed and fell into a deep, deep sleep... 

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