The elemental werecat

Katelyn is a 16 years old werecat. Her family treat her Like shit alwell as the rest of the pack. Her pack is blackmoon pack. she hopes she Will find her mate Soon, so he Can take Away all the pain She feels. Ohh I did almost forget she an elemental aswell. so Will she find her mate? Will he reject her? or accept her? Read to find out ;)


10. chapter 9

Katelyn’s pov


I woke up pretty late the next day, with a slightly headache. I walked down the stairs like a zombie, when I walked into the kitchen I noticed that everybody stopped talking when I walked in, something was differently up, but I was in a to bad mood to really care, just then Chad decided to speak up "good morning Katelyn" "what's so good about it Chad?" I asked him, of cause I didn't except an answer, but I got on anyway "the birds are singing, the sun are shining, all in all its a great day" Chris told me. I simply glared at him at him to shut him up, and it worked. "Are you okay Katelyn you look a zombie" Marci told me, "I’m fine Marci, I just have a headache" she just nodded in respond, and stuffed more pancakes in her mouth. "Hey Katelyn do you think you could take my training season today?" Miles asked me "yea sure why not" I say not caring.




"Alright listen up, Miles has something he needs to attend to, so I'll be the one to train you today, got it?" "got it!!!!" they all yelled back. "Alright today we will do some tracking training and we will practice hand-to-hand combat. Now split up in two groups, then one group go into the forest and hide your scent, the other group will then have to try and find you, now go and don’t come back before either the hiding group is all found or the other team gives up" with that they all ran off.


About 2 hours later both teams came back, "so who won the game?" I asked them "we did" the tracker team yell "but they were really good at hiding" "great then we will begin to train hand-to-hand combat, pair up two and two, I'll go around and correct your techniques" with that they started to fight.


After around an hour I called it a day, and went inside to get something to eat. After eating I decided I wound take a shower and then just relax and wait for dinner, so I did just that.


"Katelyn dinners ready" someone yelled up the stairs, I went down stairs and sat at my place, after along and awkward dinner I knew they were hiding something from me, I mean Chris and Chad didn’t even crack jokes like they usually do, I'll let it be for now, I’m really tired. After getting ready for bed I laid down under the covers and fell asleep before you could say werewolf.


I was back in the clearing and all five cats were there "Katelyn you have succeeded in controlling the elements, we only have two things left to tell, and teach you" the white cat in the middle said "I’m ready to hear it, but I have a question first, who are you? I know the name of the others" "I am the moon goddesses sister, and you can call me Juniper, are you ready to learn the last thing, this shouldn't take you long to learn" "I’m ready Juniper" "alright I will teach you how to make yourself smaller so you can go for a kitty, you need to picture yourself getting smaller in your mind while you’re in your cat form, understand?" Juniper asks me "yea I think so" "then try" "okay I will Juniper" with that said I shifted into my cat form, closed my eyes, and tried picturing my self-getting smaller, in the start nothing happened, but after about a minute I felt myself getting smaller, and to be honest it was a bit uncomfortable.

I opened up my eyes, and I tell the trees were as skyscrapers compared to me. And Aer, Aqua, Terra, Ignis, and Juniper well they had gotten smaller with me and looked like normal housecats "so did it work" I mewed to them. "Yes Katelyn it worked, now try doing it the other way around" Juniper told me, I nodded and closed my eyes again and this time it happened almost immedially, though it was still uncomfortable it wasn’t as hard as before, and before I knew it I was back to my normal height in this form at least. “Great job Katelyn, you just need a little more practice” “thanks Juniper, so what’s to second thing you wanted to tell me” “we want to give you this necklace, it can be separated into 5 different pieces. When one of said piece begin to glow, it means that you are close to one of one of your helpers. The red one for fire, the blue one for water, yellow for air, and green for earth, and the purple one is for you.” “What are the helpers for” “the helpers will help you get control over the elements, if you ever get angry they will be able make sure you don’t course nature disasters, and your mate will calm you down, if worst comes to worst.” “But my mate rejected me.” “So… perhaps my sister dear will give you a second chance, don’t you think.” “Maybe Juniper but I’m not quite sure about that.” I told Juniper, not really convinced, “You’ll see Katelyn, maybe you will get surprised. Anyway it’s time for you to wake up now.” With that, the world went black for a short moment before becoming bright once again.

I walked down the stairs towards the kitchen, when I got down there everyone was sitting nervously in their seats, they were oblivious afraid to tell me something. “Good morning guys” I got a few good mornings back from them, and a quick hug from Marci. “Guys what’s wrong, you have been way to quite all morning, you acted weird yesterday too, so spit it out” they all looked unsure at each other, in the end Oliver cleared his throat, “you see Katelyn, another pack will be coming, and they will be staying here, until we have gotten the rouge situation under control” “why didn’t you tell me before, now I have to include them in my training, so… which pack is it that are coming?” “you are not going to like this Katelyn, but the pack that are coming here are the Black Moon Pack.” “WHAT!!! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!? I DON’T WANT THEM HERE.” “Because we knew you would react like this” “when are they coming?” I asked Oliver finally getting my anger a little under control. “In about an hour and a half.” “I’m going out, to blow of some steam. I’ll be back later.” After that I stormed out.

Steffen’s pov

We were on our way towards the Moonlake pack that allowed us to stay at theirs. I don’t really know how it will go, we have never really spoken with the Moonlake pack before, and when I spoke to alpha Howland he sounded like he didn’t want to have anything to do with Steffen, and he didn’t know why.

Before I knew it we were on Moonlake territory. We drove towards the middle, were to pack house is located. After a few more minutes, we arrived. When we got there alpha Howland was standing outside, along with his mate, and beta and what looked like a few pack warriors. I stepped out of the car along with my beta Dylan and a few of my warriors. “Greetings alpha Howland” “you too alpha Valmond” (a/n. I can’t remember if I mentioned Steffens last name, if I have this is his new last name.) “Alpha Valmond this is my mate Marci, and her brother and my beta Miles, two of my best warriors Chad, and Chris. My pack warrior isn’t here yet.” What a surprise a boy that is stronger than the alpha, perhaps I can get him to train my pack. “That is fine I will greet him when he gets here. Any way this is my beta Dylan, and his sister Zara. I myself is the pack warrior.” Just as I finished my sentence, a tree came crashing down. “What was that?!? It wasn’t a rouge, was it?” Dylan asked alpha Howland. “No it wasn’t a rouge it was our pack warrior” “wow man your pack warrior is really strong,” Lukas, told alpha Howland “yea, and my pack warrior will be here soon.”

A figure walked out from the trees, as the person got closer I could not help but feel as if I knew this person. Soon I could see that the person is a girl, perhaps she has news about the pack warrior. Soon the girl was standing right in front of me, and I could not help but gape. The girl looked exactly like Katelyn. Same hair, same eyes, same everything. “You called alpha” the girl in front of me said with so much venom I’m surprised he didn’t burn up. “Yes I did, I want you to introduce yourself” “fine I’m the pack warrior, Katelyn at you service” the girl Katelyn told with a mock bow, and a sarcastic. Wait her name is Katelyn, maybe this is really my Katelyn. “Wait what’s your last name” Dylan asked her, she gave him a very cruel smile that promised pain, and no mercy. “My last name is Snow, and so we meet again, my oh so dear big brother.” At Katelyn’s words Dylan froze, His eyes went wide, and I’m sure mine did as well. Then I heard Lukas yell from the back of the group “KATELYN!!!!!!!!.”

Lukas pov

I couldn’t believe my own eyes there right in front of me was Katelyn, and I just couldn’t hold it in anymore, I had known from the very start that it was her, but getting it confirmed that it really was her was enough to set my over the edge. “KATELYN!!!!!!!!” “LUKE!!!!!” she yelled back just as loud as I did. She ran towards me, and I ran towards her, we met halfway, and she jumped I caught her and hugged her tightly. I was so happy then and there, but of cause that had to be ruined, when I think Chris coughed loudly. Katie turned around and gave a death glare to the boy. “What is it Chris?” she asked him, she was clearly not happy with him. “um it’s just that um… everyone is staring” Katie only glared harder at him making him flinch. “Katie relax alright we will talk later. Okay?” She relaxed as I told her to, “okay speak to you later Luke” after that she slowly walked over to her friends.


Hey guys this was chapter 9. And just to let you know I’m really sorry for making you wait for so long but I didn’t have much of a choice seeing as I’v been busy. Please comment what you think and all that stuff.


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