The elemental werecat

Katelyn is a 16 years old werecat. Her family treat her Like shit alwell as the rest of the pack. Her pack is blackmoon pack. she hopes she Will find her mate Soon, so he Can take Away all the pain She feels. Ohh I did almost forget she an elemental aswell. so Will she find her mate? Will he reject her? or accept her? Read to find out ;)


8. chapter 7

A week later

Katelyns pov

I woke up with sweat all over me, and for the first time since I got away from my old pack I was afride, I dont know why maybe it was because of my dream a few days ago.


I was wandering in a forest I had never been in before but it still felt like I had been there before, or more like I have done nothing else than wandering in that forest, it was like my legs had their oven life, and before I knew it I was standing in a clearing, bathed in moonlight, I layed down in the ever so soft grass. It was like 5 of the biggest stars was coming closer to the ground, it was then I realized that they actually where, and that they werent stars but cats, they forms was everything inbetween normal housecats and big jungelcats. They were shifting at the same time, like they were one person. Before I knew it they were standing right infront of me, know that I could see them close by I could see that one was blue, another was red, the third was green and the forth yellow and the one in the middel was was a pure white. "Katelyn you have been chosen" "chosen to what?" they dident answer, to say i Was lost would be an understanment, and then I woke up.

End of flashback

I dicided to go down stairs and get some breakfast. Down in the kitchen I met up with my best girlfriend Marci, "hey Marci what's for breakfast?" "toast, with eggs and bacon" "nice" I sat down and begun to eat. "So Katie are you excited, about the fight" "no not really" "oh alright then but you better eat up" "I know Marci." Alright I think I better explain, you see when a werewolf shift for the first time, he needs to fight against the pack warrior, so the warrior can see if they have potential or not, and you also have to fight the pack warrior when you are done with your education. The pack warrior is often the alpha, because the alpha is almost always the strongest. "Are you ready Katelyn" "ofcause Marci, see ya when Im done" with that said I headed out, towards the training gruonds.

 "You ready Kate" Oliver asks "as ready as I'll ever be Oliver" "well then lets start." After he said that he throw a punch towards my jaw with I quickly blocked, I kicked him in the gut, and so on. I kicked him in the side, he had gotten enough of fighting in human form he shifted, he leaped from the grund, and towards me, I ducked and pushed him so he lost he balance and landed on his side I took action and took him in a headlock. He howled a howl that meant I had won, I let him go, and he ran into woods, and came back in his human form, he comes over to me and lay his hand against my forhead "I Oliver Howland admit defeat to you Katelyn Snow, I give you my powers as the pack warrior, that title is no longer mine" he ends his part of the ritual with a bow of his head "I katelyn Snow accept your Oliver Howlands powers and former title, I am know Moonlake packs warrior I promise to protect the people in this pack with my new strengt" I end the cermiony with a loud howl. 

"MARCI, MARCI I DID IT I WON OVER OLIVER I AM KNOW THE PACK WARRIOR" "THATS GREAT KATE, BUT I THINK WE SHOULD STOP YELLING" Marci yell back at me "okay Marci I have to go again I have to patrole the border all alone you know to prove myself" "I understand Kate be careful" "dont worry Marci I will" with that said I was out the door and ready to protect my family.

Steffens pov

I was sitting in my office thinking about my mate Katelyn it had been 4 months since she had disappired I had called all near by packs none of them had seen her. My wolf had shoot my out and only allowed me to shift if there was rouges, it was a reall pain in the ass. I had tried to get Lucas to tell me about her, but he would just tell me to fuck of and if I had jyst given her a chance I woundnt have to asks, normally I would be mad that somebody talked to me in that tone but he was right I shouldnt have rejected her, but I did, I dont really know if I regret it or not somedays I do and others Im happy I did it, today was one of the days I regret rejecting her, but theres nothing I can do.

Olivers pov

I was happy Katelyn won over me in the fight its quict stressfull to be both an alpha and a pack warrior when you are such a large pack as the Moonlake pack is, I mean we have just around 500 members, where most packs have rough 2-300 members. "Knock knock" Miles says as he and my dad enters "what did you want Oliver?" my dad asks, "I wanted to dicuss something with you and Miles" "and what may that be son" "Katerlyn" "what about her?" Miles asks, I know he has grown to love her, even if he is still abit pink at places. "As you know she is a werecat and a very rare one at that to, well I think its for the best if we keep an eye on her, its not that I dont trust her its because of how rare she is." "I understand your worry son you want to protect her and make sure she feels that we trust her" "yes and no that is only part of the reason I also wants to make sure she wants to with us" "I understand aswell Oliver we will keep an eye on her" Miles speak up, "thats great Miles, would you please tell Chris and Chad" "ofcause Oliver" he says with a bow of the head and then he walks out, "dad I want you to look for books about werecats I want to know about as much as possible about her type of werecat so we can be prepered" "I will my son, see you soon" my dad says as he too walks out of the officer.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>time skip<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

 Katelyns pov

 I came from my all day border control really tiring, and decided that once I had gotten something to eat I would go to bed. So I headed towards the kitchen, I took out some leftovers from the day before, beaf with mash potatos. I ate it all in a matter of minuts and walked up the stairs to my room, I walked to the bathroom connected to my room and took a quick shower. I layed down in my bed and fell asleep soon after.


I was standing in the same clearing as earlier, but this time it was only the blue cat that was with me, then it spoke "Katelyn you have been chosen, we have decided that it was me how should teach you my element first seeing you will need it when ignis is going to teach you how to control fire we dont want you to set fire on it all know would we?, and you can call me Aqua" "umm no we wouldnt, but Aqua would you mind explain abit more about this element stuff?" "no I wouldnt you see Katelyn you have been chosen to be the element bearer, its your job to make sure everything is like it should be there are 4 other like you except they only hold 1 element, its their job to help you. Ignis will teach you fire, Terra will teach you earth, Aer will teach you air, and I will teach you water." "Alright I think I understand, Aqua will I remember this when I wake up?" "in a way everything you learn will be stored in your subconscious, and you will only remember this as a wired dream." "Im  okay with that know lets start." After I had said that Aqua started to showed me what to do and we trained for along time.


 Hi there chapter 7 done I will try and write more again, oh yea is there anyone who knows how you can allow others to edit in your story, like you say my story needs editing, and a friend of mine told me she would do it. And please comment. I hope you liked it :D


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