The elemental werecat

Katelyn is a 16 years old werecat. Her family treat her Like shit alwell as the rest of the pack. Her pack is blackmoon pack. she hopes she Will find her mate Soon, so he Can take Away all the pain She feels. Ohh I did almost forget she an elemental aswell. so Will she find her mate? Will he reject her? or accept her? Read to find out ;)


6. chapter 6

4 months later

Katelyns pov

"Hey Chris and Chad, do want do to a prank?" "do you even have to ask" they say in unison, "no I dont, anyway I was thinking painting Mile, and his car, in that color he hate the most in this world, PINK, the plan is we swap his shampoo and bodywash out with pink hairdye, and we paint his car pink, and we set up a trap in the forest, then when he triggers the trap his wolf will also get pink, and we videotap it all" "I like the way you think Kit-Kat" Chad tells me, and Kit-Kat is thier nickname for me, "well lets get started then" Chris say "okay Chad you fiks the car, Chris you take care of the trap in the forest, and I take care of the hairdye, Here is the paint for the car, and hairdye for the trap now run" with that we all 3 took of like rockets.

Miles pov

It feelt like something was of I just couldent put my finger on it, I know it dident have anything to do with Chad, Chris an Katie, I have checked thier thoughts, but found nothing out of the usual, *why dont we go take a shower it nomaly helps us think clearer* *you're right Dimon* *Im always right* *how did I end up which such a selfcenret wolf* he just stuck his tongue out at me, I really got a wired wolf, but he also has a pretty bad temper. After I was done in the shower I took on me cloth. I took a look in the mirror, and almost screamed, what meet my eye was like took out of a horror movie. My hair and body was pink, I swear how ever did this is going to pay, but I needs to cool of a little first or I mich kill to person/s how did it. I walked down to my car, I was so mad I saw red, I needed to go on A run or I would kill the next person I saw.

I run to the forest and shift, I run my usual rout for when Im mad or really upset, after running half to rout I feel something wet hit my back, Dimon turns his head around only to see pink, and more pink. I run back to the pack house, full covered in pink paint, I could hear some snickers so I sendt a death stare the way it came from. I found Chris and Chad still playing wii in the game-room, "what did you do boys" "nothing" they said inbetween laugh, I growl at them, they immediately shut up, "how dare you do this to me?" "we dident do it" they say with serius faces "I KNOW YOU DID IT" I yell at them, I hear someone go down the stairs but dosent pay attention to who it is, "why are you yelling Im trying to read, oh my ghos, what happened to Mile" Katelyn asks "someone, and with someone I mean this two, put pink paint in my shampoo and bodywash, painted my car pink, and set up a trap in the woods so my wolf also would get pink" "you two really did all that?" "no we dident do it" "oh come on we all know you two did it, and Mile come with mee I have something that can get the pink color of you" I follows Katelyn up the stairswhere I get some sort of sobe, and in to the bath, where I try to get the pink color out of my hair, and my wolf fur. Suddenly hear growling and smell roughs.

Katelyns pov

Me, Chad and Chris was sttting in the gameroom, and laughing our butts of, when we out of nowhere hear growling we hurry outside where we see alot of roughs, our warriors and our alpha "leave now or we are going to make you" Oliver tells them "nah we like it here, its you who are going to leave" the leader of the roughs says, then he shifts and all the roughs attack, ^Katelyn keep in the background and help where its needed^ Oliver says through the mindlink ^okay Oliver.^ Suddenly Mile is standing right next to me in his wolf form, he jumps into the fight. In the outskirts of the fight I see a little boy and a rough is running his way, everyone is fighting they cant react him, his only chance is me, I starts to run but, Im to slow I cant get to him in time, the rough is much closer than I am, even with my super speed, I will be to late, the little boy needs a miracel to survive.

I feel my bones shift, and Im down on all 4, I run as fast as can in this new form. I react the boy, jump over him and rip the rough apart. I follow the boy to packhouse. After I followed the boy to the packhouse, I jumps into fight and rips apart all the wolfs that I meet.

After fighting for awhile, we fanally got the last rough runnig away. I was running a round in the forest around the packhouse just to be sure that there anyone left. I was almost done when I hear the boys call for me "Katelyn, Katelyn where are you" I run over to them, "Katelyn, wher" Mile comes to a halt in the middel of the sentence, he looks at me like I have grown another head. ^Katelyn is that you?^ Oliver asks in my head, ^what do you mean, is that you?^ ^what I mean Katelyn is that if is you then you have shifted^ it was first then I realized I was standing on all 4 insted of my 2 legs. ^How do I shift back Oliver?^ ^just think about how you look like as human, but before you do that you should go behind a bush, you know we dont shift with our cloth on,^ I walks behind a bush and think of myself in human form and before I know it Im standing on 2 legs, but not naked like Oliver said, but in the cloth I had on before the fight, it was only a little ripped. I walks over to the others, "guys what does my wolf look like?" "Katelyn you better come with me." I follows Oliver up to his officer, "so... why did we have to go come up here Oliver?" "'Katelyn you arent a werewolf" "what does you mean? ofcause Im a werewolf I shifted" "yes you did but not to a wolf, but a white panther" "are you telling my that Im a werecat" "yes I do Katelyn, and a very rare one too, a white panther is even more rare than an Amur-leopard" "I cant believe Im a werecat, I mean there are only around 300-400 left in the world" "I know Katelyn I know, you can leave now if you want to, you probly wants to think about what we have just talked about" "yea thanks," with that I walked out and into my room I throw myself on the bed and fell asleep right away.


so that was Chapther 6 Im sorry for the long wait, and please comment

And guys Im going to put This story on hold for awhile sorry


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