The elemental werecat

Katelyn is a 16 years old werecat. Her family treat her Like shit alwell as the rest of the pack. Her pack is blackmoon pack. she hopes she Will find her mate Soon, so he Can take Away all the pain She feels. Ohh I did almost forget she an elemental aswell. so Will she find her mate? Will he reject her? or accept her? Read to find out ;)


5. chapter 5

Steffens pov

"Steffen have you seen Katelyn I cant find her anywhere?" Dylan my beta asks "no I havent seen have since dinner, but Lukas probly knows where she is" "LUKAS COME DOWN HERE"I yell, we here him come down the stairs "have you seen Katelyn?" "know I havent, have you checked her room" "yes I tried but the door was locked" "do you think she is okay?" "Lukas dont you have a key to her room?" "yea I do, you wants to borrow it?" "yes now give it to me" "okay okay here." After Lukas gave us the key we walked up to her room, I unlock the door with the key. It looks like there have been a rough attack in her room there are stuff all over the room, cloth, picturs and so much more. But one thing cauth my eye a letter, I open it up and start reading it out loud so Dylan could also hear it: to my not so dear pack, I have left the pack, I dident want to be treated like a slave anymore Im stronger than that, actually Im stronger than any of you Dylan the last beating you gave me, dident hurt at all well except the kick, that broke my rib. I know I will shift soon, my wolf Sasha and I can feel it, and yes you read right I have a wolf Im not just a human like you think. And if you are thinking that I was hidding Sasha from you then you are wrong, if have tried for years now to tell you that I have a wolf, you just wont listen to me. The last straw for me to fanally leave the pack was being rejected by my mate, I will not tell you who he is he can tell you, him self. Now have a not so good life -Katelyn.

I couldent believe it, she was gone, just like that *look what you have done you jerk, how could you reject her, she was beautyful and smart, she was perfect* *she isent perfect, if she was perfect she would have shifted by now* he just growled at me and shut me out.


A week later

Katelyns pov

"Im ready for my first trainings lesson Oliver" "alright today I just want to test your stamina, okay?" "sounds good to me" "okay just start to run around the lake" I just nod and start to run around the lake. After running for 1 ½ hour, in normal speed, I decide to run a little faster, I could tell that Oliver was shocked when I begun to run faster.

Olivers pov

I was really shocked when she insted of slowing down like normal wolfs would do when they have run half the time she has runned she begin to run faster she begun to run faster, I could almost feel me jaw touch the ground, so I quickly shut it again.

After 15 minuts I told Katelyn to sprint untill she couldent run anymore. After 30 minuts she fanally seamed to be just alittle out of breathe, 10 minuts later she couldent anymore and stopped, "well Katelyn its not your stamina we needs you to train, so thats save us some time, we will continue tomorrow."

I walked into my officer and called my dad "dad do you think you could come over I need to talk to you about something" "yea sure I will be over right away." After waiting for 5 minuts, there was a knock on the door "its open" my dad stepped in, "hi there son" "hi dad how have you been doing?" "great but just get to what it was you wanted to talk about" "ofcause dad, we have gotten a new member, she is special, and before you ask no she is not my mate. Well first of all she havent shifted, second her stamina is realy high today she runned for a total 2 hours and 15 minuts, and third of her past is really bad." "hmm, son I cant think of anything that she could be, except of a vampire" "she isent a vampire she has the same tempratur like us, and she smells like us, only a little different." "Well then I cant think of anything right now, but I can check the old liberry if you want me to" "thanks dad" "just one more thing before I leave do you think she is dangerous?" "no I dont think she is only when she gets mad, like the rest of us" "alright son, see you soon" "yea see you soon" with that he left.


The next day

Katelyn pov

I woke up from a good night sleep, I took on some sports cloth, and head down stairs and into the trainings ground. "Hi Katelyn today we will fight, and I will begin to train you." I nodded, and we started to fight. I knew Oliver would be going easy on me in the beginning, but I wouldent be doing the same thing. I blocked alot of his kicks and punchs, and I got quite alot in my self ofcause not with to much force, I dont want to hurt him. I could feel that he begin to do it more complex, alot of moves that havent ever seen before, but I still managed to block or dodge most of them. He decide to take it a level up, but I couldent keep up any more, so he got me. "Wow Katelyn you are really good, you are already on warrior level, so we are gonna work from here" "sounds good Oliver" he has told me that people only call him alpha when it is serious busness, like an attack or something. "From now on we are going to train almost everyday Katelyn, are you ready for it?" "yes I am Oliver." Then we begun fighting again, and we keept going to sun begun to go down.


Hi guys here is chapther 5 I hope you liked it I will be back with more chapthers soon, so please comment and all that.

Hi guys Im home you see I have been in Norway lucky so because of that I give you This chapter


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