The elemental werecat

Katelyn is a 16 years old werecat. Her family treat her Like shit alwell as the rest of the pack. Her pack is blackmoon pack. she hopes she Will find her mate Soon, so he Can take Away all the pain She feels. Ohh I did almost forget she an elemental aswell. so Will she find her mate? Will he reject her? or accept her? Read to find out ;)


4. chapter 4

Katelyns pov

I couldent believe it Stefen was my mate, he has bullied me in years maybe not as bad as others, but still I dont now whatever to be scared or happy. Happy cuz I found my mate, scared because I dont know how he will react.I could see alot of emotions in his eyes, happiness, anger, relief, love and much more. I dosent know what he will do he is unpredictable, maybe he will accept me, but I dont think so. "Come here Katelyn" I was shocked there he was just standing there with love in his eyes and open arms just waiting fore me to step in and get a hug, I slowly go near him and steps in to his warm arms, and in this moment it dident matter what he has done in the past it dident matter he made my life a living hell, all that matters is this moment in time. "I... hate you Katelyn, I dont know how you could think I would actually accept you? you the ugliest girl in the hole pack I will never love you never your not Luna materiale I alpha Steffen of black moon pack rejects you Katelyn Snow" I couldent, no wouldent accept it, but then again it was what I expected "I Katelyn Snow accept yours alpha Steffens of Black moon pack rejection" I love the look of shock on his face.

I ran up the stairs and in to my room, I threw all my stuff into my bag, which wasent much. Then I jumped out of the window, I ran towards to forest and over the line there tells where our pack territory are going to. I croosed the line so now Im a rouge, a rouge is a wolf that dosent belong in a pack.

I continues running and running not thinking just running and because Im not thinking I dosent notice that I crosses the Line of another pack.

Miles pov

"Guys you smell that?" "yea an intruder" "lets cacht him then alpha Oliver Can decide what to do" "good idea beta Mile" we run quitely through the forest we runs around the intruder so he Will run to us. I must say he Can run fast, that just means he is a bigger treat. Fanally we Came around him, we stops in a Big clearing and just waits for him to arrive. We dosent have to wait in long time before we hear rustling in the bushes, "show your self intruder" I yell towards the bushes, out of the bushes steps a beautiful girl?

Katelyns pov

I steps out of the bushes and into the clearing, when they see me their jaws touch the ground literally, it is actually quit funny. " close your mouth or you will catch flys" they come back to realaty after that. "Who are you and what are you doing on Moonlake packs territory?" the one in the middle ask, he has this strong aura around him, but not strong enough to be alpha so maybe beta? "Im just passing though?" I answer more like a question, danmmit Katelyn way to make youtself sound convincing, "oh so your just passing though?" the beta asks and fore some reason that pisses me of the way he says it, I keeps my temper in check and answers "yes Im just passing though."

Miles pov

"Yes Im just passing thourgh" she says I believe her, I can see it in her eyes "I can see you are telling the truth" she sighs of relief, "but I still need to take you to the pack and to my alpha, before I can let you pass though" "alright lets go so I can come back on track" "before we go I need to put this cloth on your eyes so you cant see where we are going" "okay just hurry I wanner be on my way before night" "just hold on here so you wont fall of Chads back got it?" "yes I got it, now move for gods sake."

Katelyns pov

Couldent they just let me go, why does they need to show me to their alpha?, he will probably just say im weak and just kick me out himself. After what feelt like hours, we were finally there. They took me to some dungeon, it wasent really like a dungeon more like a waiting room, with a lock on the outside. "Just wait here and we will get alpha Oliver, but you better call him alpha Howland" "alright just get him, okay"

Olivers pov

"Alpha Oliver, we found a rouge in the forest she is down in the dungeon waiting room" my beta and best friend Mile informed me "alright I will be down there if somebody needs me" I walked outside and into the dungeon, I turned a corner and was at the waiting room, the twins Chad and Chris was guardian the door. "Dont let anyone in if its not an emergency" "alright alpha," I walked into the room, to see a girl sitting on the couch. "hmm" "yes alpha?" the girl asks "I wants to know what you are doing on my land" "I was just passing trough" "so you where trepassing my land?" "yeah I was" "why were you trepassing?" "I dont wont to talk about it" her eyes how before showed impatience, is now showing fear, sadness, and hurt. Which confuses me, since she seamed like a comfident girl. "Why are you sad?" I asks with a bit of my alpha voice in it, she looks at me madly but dosent give in into the order. "Im not going to give into your order Im done with being someones little puppy" to say I was shocked was an understandment, she resiteted my order, I shot back to reallaty when I realized what she just said, "did your former pack treat you like a puppy?" I could see the conflickt in her eyes, she fanally spoke up, "yes my former pack, treated me like shit before thinking I was their slave just because I cant shift they think it means Im weak, but Im not weak Im strong, stronger than any of them. And I will shift soon, wolf Sasha is getting stronger day by day," yells at me, she is actually pretty scary. "You seems like you have had a hard life" "I have but I dosent let the past control my future" "thats a wish Choice, look umm" "Katelyn, Katelyn Snow" "would you Like to join the pack" "No I like being a rouge" "but Katelyn as you know its not all packs there are Nice Like us, some would kill you at first sight" she seemed to be thinking over what I Said before Fanally answering "okay I Will join, but you are going to train me" "dont worry I Will. Now lets get you to your room so you Can get prepered for the acceptions ceremony" "show the Way"

Katelyns pov

"Show the Way" I couldent believe the words that just came out of my mouth, and I dont think he could either. "Uhm yeah this way" you could clearly hear to shock in his voice, he started to walk towards the door. On the other side of the door, was the 2 boys that looks like twins "Katelyn this is Chad and Chris, but I cant tell you who is who" I dont know how he couldent see the differnt between them I mean first of all to one to the left have darker brown hair and a lighter blue eye colour, "hi Katelyn Im Chad" says the one with the dark brown hair, "and Im Chris" the on with dark blue eyes says.

We walks into the pack house, and up 2 pairs of stairs, "Katelyn this will be your room, when you are offial are a part of the pack" "thanks Oliver" "you are welcome Katelyn, and you have an hour to get ready there are cloth in the closet" all i did was nod, "then we will leave you alone, either Chad or Chris will get you when we are ready."

After a very long bath, I walked out of the my bathroom, and into my closet, what to wear? what to wear? I think I'll wear red skinny jeans, a light green t-shirt, and black high heals. Now fore the make-up I think I will go with mascare and lipgloss. After getting ready, there was only 5 min. before the ritual. After waiting what feelt hours of waiting, Chad and Chris fanally came to get me. We wlaked down the stairs and into the meeting room where the cerimony is held. "And we have an new addiction to our pack, Katelyn come up here" now that Im in here, I feel nervous, *dont be, you have nothing to be nervous for* *you are right Sasha I have nothing to be afraid of* while having this conversation with Sasha I dident notice that my legs had started to move, and before I knew it I was standing beside Oliver. "Katelyn do you accept our invitation to join our pack?" "yes I do" "do you promis to protect this pack with your life?" "I promis" he cut open his wrist, with a special silver knife, he gave it to me so I could do the same thing, and I did, I can tell you this much it hurts like a bitch afterwards, we then put our wirsts together, I cound feel the mindlink form. "I alpha Oliver of Moonlake pack accepts you Katelyn Snow into this pack, and now make Katelyn feel welcome" it was wired being the center of all that attention, when I all me life have been ignored. "Hey Katelyn want me to show you your room you look tired" it was Mile "yea that would be nice, thanks Mile" "you are most likly welcome" "hey can I come too" "ofcause you can Chad" "Im not Chad, Im Chris" "look Chad I can actually see the differn between you" "darn, now you have ruined our fun Katelyn" "to bad" I said and stuck my tongue out at him. "Come on Katelyn lets get you to bed you look like you could fall asleep right here and now" we wlaked up the stairs and into my new room, as soon my head hit the pillow I fell asleep.


Hi Im sorry for not updating sooner I have been busy and then I got an auther block I couldent write anything.

I hope you liked this chapther and I will try and update again soon.


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