The elemental werecat

Katelyn is a 16 years old werecat. Her family treat her Like shit alwell as the rest of the pack. Her pack is blackmoon pack. she hopes she Will find her mate Soon, so he Can take Away all the pain She feels. Ohh I did almost forget she an elemental aswell. so Will she find her mate? Will he reject her? or accept her? Read to find out ;)


13. Chapter 12

Third person pov

The next couple of weeks Katelyn trained her old pack. They learned how to defend themselves in both wolf and human form. Most had accepted that this wasn’t the Katelyn from before, no the old Katelyn had disappeared and in her place there had grown a strong independent woman. Most had accepted that but some still tried to bring her down like they did before, but this Katelyn was ill tempered and if someone bother her in a wrong way, she told them of and she didn’t do that in a nice and quiet way. There had been a few rouge attacks but nothing to big, the two packs knew that something was up they just didn’t know what it was.

Katelyn’s pov.

Everyone was on edge, everyone could feel that something was up, but no one knew what it was. Everyone had been training like crazy, and as much as I hate to admit it Blackmoon pack had really been doing well, after they had realized that I would be training them. (And that I actually knew what I was doing.) They tried hard in becoming better and they succeeded.

I was with Miles when a howl sounded through the forest. We ran to where to howl came from, when we got there we saw five wolves. One from blackmoon pack and 2 from our pack, the last two wolves were rouges, the bigger of the two were brown and the smaller one was light brown. Miles stepped towards them slowly I could tell he didn’t want to scare to rouges, and with good reason they looked terrified. I decided that it would not be a good idea for Mile to get closer than he already was plus it seemed like two rouges were even more terrified because of the power there were rolling of him in waves, they oblivious didn’t have good experience with people with much power. “Rouges I will make you a deal, if you shift I will make two of the other wolves here go away, if you agree with this nod your heads.” They looked at each other and seemed to come to an agreement, the bigger of the two and less terrified one nodded. “Mile Zach leave.” I ordered Miles and the wolf from blackmoon to leave, they both did so through a bit reluctantly. “Alright they are gone now, so shift.” They looked a bit uncomfortable, and then it hit me they were girls. “Mathias would you mind getting these two ladies some clothes.” Relizon shone in his eyes and he nodded. Mathias returned a few minutes later, with clothes for two in his mouth, he laid it down in front of them. “Alright boys look away so they can shift.” They both did as I said. Shortly after there were standing two girls with clothes in front of me.

The first one was a bit on the more masculine side she was as tall as I was which was around 1.70 give or take a few centimeters. She had brown hair that would probably be a golden brown when the sun shone on it, she had light blue-gray eyes and looked like she packed a mean punch if it ever come to that, but one look in her eyes told me she was too afraid to actually hit someone. She had probably had a tough life if the look she had in eyes were anything to go by. The other girl was shorter than the first she was around 160 cm. and she had a more feminine figure. She had light brown it was so light in color that it almost looked blond, only almost. She too had blue eyes, but instead of light blue they were dark blue a bit like the ocean, she had the same look in her eyes as the first girl.

“What are your names girls?” They looked at each other, and then the higher of the two spoke up. “My name is Rose Lockheart, and this is my friend Amy Winterfield.” She told my while pointing at the newly dubbed Amy. “Alright Rose, Amy follow me, and I have to warn you if you try anything we would have to tear you to pierces.” I saw them shiver at my words, it was clear it wasn’t first time someone had told them that, and I’m pretty sure they were used to serious threats, and that said threats would be carried out. We walked in silence until we reached the pack house, and I heard both girls gasp. “Beautiful isn’t it?” I asked them they both nodded. We continued but instead of walking into the pack house, we walked to another and much smaller house.

We was almost at the prison house when we heard yelling behind us, it was the twins and Mile, and by the looks of it, the twins had pranked Mile again. The twins ran towards me while yelling something about saving them. Suddenly both twins stopped and started to sniff the air, I noticed both Amy and Rose do the same, and then all four of them stiffen and turn towards each other. All of them stop and just stare, and after a few seconds of just standing there like statues Chad and Chris snap out of it, they walk towards Amy and Rose slowly as if they were to disappear if they made any sudden movements, and in a way, I guess they were right. Chad and Chris reached Rose and Amy, and carefully as if Rose was going break, Chad touched her cheek. Chris was a bit less blunt and instead of touching Amy’s cheek he toke her hand. After awhile with no one saying anything I decided to break the silence by saying. “Congratulation boys you are no longer mate less.” That seemed to get everyone to snap out of it, Chad and Chris got a few more congratulations, and then they started to head towards the pack house. “Hrm Chad, Chris aren’t you forgetting something?” “No, what would that be?” Chris asked, but by the looks the girls were wearing, they knew what the boys were forgetting. “Well it could be that your mates are still technically rouges, so before they can go to the pack house they have to be question and accepted into the pack by alpha Oliver, not that I that would be a problem.” Both boys wore masks of displeasure by this. “But they are our mates Katelyn they wouldn’t do anything to hurt this pack.” Chad told me. “I knew Chad but we still need to know if they are being hunted or anything like that, we won’t throw them out but we need to know if it’s safe for them to be here.” I could see in their eyes that they knew I was right. “Okay but we want to be there when you question them” Chris said “I’m afraid that I can’t allow that, it would influence with their answers if you guys were there.” “But Katelyn they are our mates we can’t just leave them.” Chad told me. “Nothing is going to happen to them, I promise I will be the only one in the room with them, there won’t even be guards outside.” They were almost convinced. “Plus while I talked to your mates, you can get them some more decent clothes, and you can inform alpha Oliver first hand.” That did the trick both nodded and let go of their girl. “We will be right back just go with Katelyn. Katelyn will make sure that nothing happens to you.” With that the boys were of, and we went down to the holding room where I was first accepted into the pack.


Well guys it’s a bit shorter than I would have liked, but I decided that this was a good place to stop. Remember the competition guys there are only one person who have commented what they wanted a chapter to be named, please guys give it a try I can’t come up with names for the chapters on my own. I would like to thank my friend for pushing me to write this chapter I wouldn’t have gotten it done without her, she pleaded with me in school to get me to update she forced me to write this chapter so you have her to thank for this chapter. Please comment your thoughts of this chapter, and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee comment names for the chapters. I hope you look forward to hearing Amy and Roses background. Anyways I hope you liked it bye.


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