The elemental werecat

Katelyn is a 16 years old werecat. Her family treat her Like shit alwell as the rest of the pack. Her pack is blackmoon pack. she hopes she Will find her mate Soon, so he Can take Away all the pain She feels. Ohh I did almost forget she an elemental aswell. so Will she find her mate? Will he reject her? or accept her? Read to find out ;)


12. Chapter 11

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<the next day>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Katelyn’s pov

I woke up the next morning happier than I’ve been in a long time. I could have a second chance in love; all I had to do was wait for the next full moon.

I went down the stairs to the kitchen, when I got there Dylan, Steffen, Lukas, Oliver, Miles, Chris, Chad, and Marci were all sitting around the table eating breakfast, I noticed Zara wasn’t there funny I had thought she would be hanging all over Steffen. When the saw me they all stopped talking. Oliver looked at me worriedly; I just gave him a smile after the great news from Juniper I was not mad at him anymore. How could I, I was just so happy, oh I hoped my second chance would be Lukas. Any way I could tell my smile had surprised him. “Good morning Katelyn ready to teach The Blackmoon pack how to fend for themselves?” I could tell Oliver was very nervous about my answer. “Of cause Oliver, but I except that they do exactly what I tell them to do, when I tell them to do it.” “Just like we do ourselves Katelyn?” “Yes, just like you do Oliver.” I could tell Steffen and Dylan were uncomfortable with this whole deal, I knew they did not want to take orders from me that was unnaturally for them. Too bad for them I wasn’t the same girl anymore, I was stronger, faster, and smarter than before they made me a fighter I wouldn’t take shit from them anymore, no those days were over, no more. I quickly ate my breakfast told Steffen tht we would start training at 12. After that I walked outside to relax and think before training I just knew I would need all my energy.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<At 12>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When I got to the training ground not even half of Blackmoon pack were there. Lukas was there and a few others surprisingly both Dylan and Steffen were there. I decided I would give them 10 minutes to get their fat asses to the training ground before I would go and kick their asses here instead. Finally, they arrived 20 minutes late, chatting loudly and laughing, we would be seeing how long they were laughing when I was done with them. “So may I ask why you are 20 minutes late when I told you to be here at 12 o’clock?” they looked at each other before one of my old tormentors decided he would tell me “well you see, we decided that it was not worth our time to be trained by a weakling like you.” He gave those of his friends closest to him a high-five. “If you think I am so weak why don’t you fight me, if I win you gotta do everything I tell you to doing training, if you win you win have the title of warrior wolf, deal?” I knew he would say yes, he couldn’t look weak in front of his friends, and this was a golden opportunity to go up a few ranks. “Of cause I accept, you don’t deserve the title you are too weak to even kill a fly.” His comments didn’t bother me, but the best way at beating someone was to let them think that they have the upper hand. “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY I AM NOT WEAK I WILL KICK YOUR ASS ALL THE WAY INTO NEXT WEEK WITHOUT EVEN TRYING.” And now I had him exactly where I wanted him. “See you don’t deserve your position you can’t even keep your cool in a fight.” Everything went just like I hoped it would, now I would attack and let him hold me down then flip him, so he loses his cool and ultimately gets humiliated. I lunged at him like he excepted, and threw a few punches and kicks at him that he would easily dough. After that he got ahold on me and laid me down. (A/N It’s not meant to sound dirty, to you pervs out there.) Just like in my plan he sat on my stomach with his legs on either side of me, I pretended to struggle for a while before relaxing a bit not enough to show submission, just enough so he would think I was getting tired. “Getting tired already you useless waste of space?” He asked while holding a bit more loosely on my hands. “Not at all.” I told him with a smirk while flipping us over so I was the one sitting on him. I quickly got up, and toke a few steps back while waiting, and I wasn’t disappointed he jumped up after me, and started to throw punches and kicks left and right without touching me once, he was getting angrier by the second, all there was left for me to do was edging him on. “uhh it seems like the big bad wolf, just got shown by little red riding hood.” I heard a few laughs, and his face got even redder than it was before my comment. He shifted after a comment from one of his friends I didn’t hear. He lunged for me throat by missed by a mile, I kicked his side, he got up and lunged again I simply side stepped him and he hit a tree, and knocked himself out, like I said the ultimate humiliation. “Anyone else who don’t think I should be training you.” Nobody said anything, and training resumed.


I am afraid that was all for this chapter. Leave your comments and votes behind, and remember the competition please. I will try and I will try to update before I go skiing with my family Friday next week.


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