The elemental werecat

Katelyn is a 16 years old werecat. Her family treat her Like shit alwell as the rest of the pack. Her pack is blackmoon pack. she hopes she Will find her mate Soon, so he Can take Away all the pain She feels. Ohh I did almost forget she an elemental aswell. so Will she find her mate? Will he reject her? or accept her? Read to find out ;)


1. chapter 1

Katelyns pov

Hi Im Katelyn Snow, Blackmoon packs slave. Im 15 almost 16 years old. I have an older brother Dylan and a older sister Zara. My mom and dad just ignorer me like the rest of the adults. I hope I will find my mate soon, so he can help me get over this.

"Katelyn come down here, you need to make us breakfast" my oh so lovely bigbrother please note the sarcasm shouts. "Im coming, one second" I yell back, I trow on some clothers, and run down the stairs, and into the kitchen. Only to be meet by a slap from my sister Zara, Zara is the most beautyful Girl in the hole pack, with her long blond hair and blue eyes. "Took you long enough" she Said I did just Roll my eyes at her, and start making breakfast.

After half an hour I was done, I Can only have the left overs, if Im lucky which I rarly are. "Katelyn come and take our plates" Dylan yells. Im glad its Soon my 16 years old birthday, which meens I'll find my mate at least if he is 16 or older. But before it gets my to be my birthday, it need to be our Soon to be alpha Stefans birthday, that meens I need to get everything ready. But on my birthday I gets a fridag.


There is only 1 week before my birthday, Im so excited I hope my mate is already in the pack, and that he is 16. You see both parts need to be 16, if your mate is younger then you, then you need to wait on him and her. "KATELYN" Dylan angry yells from his room, I go down the hallway towards his room. "What" I ask impatiently, "dont talk to me in that tone" he says and smack me hard in the head "and why are my room, so dirty" "becuase im busy with soon to be alpha Stefens birthday party" "I dont care clean it up" "Im only going to say this ones, I cant im busy with Stefens party, get that in to the thick skull of yours" "what did you just say" "get that in to that thick skull of yours" I say with alot more courage than I actually feel, I could just see how mad that comment made him, and fore the first time in long time I was actually really scared. And then I did the most i idiotic thing, I have ever done in my life, I'd run out the door, down the stairs, and into the forest. The hole time I could hera Dylan right behind me, I can feel how close he is to shift. I dident know where to run, and he knows the forest alot better then I do. I looked behind me big mistake, I fall over a tree rot, I roll over so I lay on my back. Dylan is standing there threatening over me, with this scary look in his eye. And fore the first time ever I actually feel lower than him, like he have some sort of power over me.

Dylans pov

That comment she said did really sat me of the edge, and when she did run I couldent control my self anymore, she did run to the forest with me hot in her heels. After running fore longer then I did think she could ever run, she did look around, and she falled over a tree rot. At the same second her belly hit the ground, she rolled over so she was laying on her back, and facing me. In her eyes I could see just how scared she really was, but there was also something else in them, something I couldent identify, but what ever it was, it maked me hesitate just a little bit, but I did get it together and slapped her as hard as I could, which was hard. Katelyn was looking like it really hurt, but she did quickly got it together. I slapped her again and again, while I told how worthless she is, but she dident look hurt or anything, just impatient, I was shocked I did lay all my power in those slap, but nothing. I did slap one last time, stand up and kick her side, and then I run back to the house.

Katelyns pov

I could see in Dylan's eyes that he was shocked, and honestly I was too, it dident hurt one bite, at least not before he kicked me, he really is strong, but when I think about it, it isent that strange since he is soon to be beta in the pack, but still why was it only the kick that hurt, normaly all his beatings hurts like hell, each and every slap and kick. But not today, now I think about it every beatings I have gotten lately havent hurt as much as they usually do.

I tryed to sit up but my rib hurted way to much to move, *Katelyn are you okay?* my wolf Sasha said *no my rib hurts like hell, I cant even sit up* *Im sorry Katelyn I should have done some thing* *its alright Sasha I have tryed worse* *but I still fell guilty about it.*

After laying there in the forest for hours, I got so exhausted, that I could barely keep my eyes open, and then sleep took me.

I woke up in the warm arms of my best friend Lukas, he was the omaga of the pack, so he kind of knew how I feelt, especially because his brother is Stefen, he is an unreal children his dad got with another women. "Lukas" I sleeply asked "yes Katie" Lukas was probably the only one in the hole pack who called my Katie, I hope he is my mate then we can run away together and never come back, he is already 16, where his brother is 17 almost 18, so 2 years different between them. "What time is it Lukas" " it is almost 4" "really have I only been out there fore 4 1/2 hour" "yea Katie and its only me who did notice you were gone" "alright and thanks Lukas" "its alright Katie, now lets get you up to your room, so you can get some sleep, before you needs to make dinner, alright?" "okay Luke" "good."

Lukas carried me all the way to my little room, with the pink, and blue walls, the little bed and the window. He layed me down on the bed, tucked me in, and promised me to be back to wake me up.


After my nap I got down down stairs, and started makiing dinner, todays dinner was lasanga, and to make lasanga to most of the pack takes awhile, especially with a broken rib, it would take about 4 days before it was completly healed, and that is without people beating me, it will take longer to heal when people beat me. After making dinner, eating and cleaning the dishes, I was of to bed, well tomorrow is a new day maybe it will be better than today, and with that I was asleep.



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