The elemental werecat

Katelyn is a 16 years old werecat. Her family treat her Like shit alwell as the rest of the pack. Her pack is blackmoon pack. she hopes she Will find her mate Soon, so he Can take Away all the pain She feels. Ohh I did almost forget she an elemental aswell. so Will she find her mate? Will he reject her? or accept her? Read to find out ;)


11. A second chance chapter 10

Oliver’s pov

I was revealed that I was off the hook for now. Katelyn had finally calmed down after seeing her best friend.  Now I only needed to deal with her way of revenge. That meant I needed to be on look out, she would strike when I least expected it. In addition, I knew that one prank would not satisfy her, no there would be hell to pay for not telling her sooner.

 A knock on the door brought me back from my thoughts “it’s open come on in” the door opened to reveal Lukas “um… I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?” he asked unsure, and whatever it is that he wants, it is making him uncomfortable “no not at all Lukas, so what can I do for you?” “You see alpha Howland” I interrupted him before he got to say anything else “call me Oliver, alpha Howland makes me seam old, and I’m around the same age as you.” He nodded “right um… anyway alp… Oliver, I wanted to know how Katelyn have been here.” “Can’t you ask her yourself?” “I… yea I can it’s just that I want to know how much she has changed since last time I saw her, and she can’t tell me the progress she has made herself” “I understand Lukas. So I’ll tell you, she has a lot of stamina, she pack a mean punch, if you piss her of she will most likely prank. Um… she is very stubborn and doesn’t give up easily, that’s about it.” “Thank you Oliver I’m going to talk to her, where is her room.” “Down the hall, second door to the right” “thanks Oliver.”

Lukas pov

I walked down to Katie room. Once I got there, I knocked on the door once she saw that it was me, she pulled me in and shut the door. All in a matter of minutes. “whoa what’s the rush Katie?” “nothing it’s just I have something I want to tell you, and it’s really important.” I could tell that whatever it was she was about to tell was very serious “you can tell me Katie, I won’t a soul, I promise” she toke a deep breath ”Lukas I wanted to tell you that, I have shifted…” I cut her of “that’s great Katie” I could not see why she was so scared of telling me that, “you didn’t let me finish Luke, I have shifted into a werecat.” Now I know why she was so nervous “Luke you might want to close your mouth before you catch flies.” I didn’t even realize that I had my mouth open before she said I would catch flies “um… wow I didn’t expect you to be a werecat, more like a late shifter if anything, not to sound mean or anything Katie.” “It’s alright Luke I’m not mad at you. Do you want me to show you my cat form?” “Yea that would be nice.” And the next thing I know is that there is a white panther in front of me “wow, you’re a white panther Katie, that’s even more rare then a amour leopard.” She shifted back to human form “I know Luke, I know, but Lukas this was not the only thing I wanted to tell you, there is one more thing, but I think it’s better if I tell you where our conversation can’t be heard by any bypassing or nosy people.” I was taken back from her serious tone, and the look in her eyes. “Um... okay then Katie lead the way” with that we walked to the woods. We walked for about 10 min before we came to a big clearing in the middle of the forest. Katelyn seemed a bit more relaxed now that we were so deep in the forest. “So what is it Katelyn?” “Um… I don’t really know how to tell you this, but Lukas you are to only one who will know of this, so you can’t tell anyone, you can’t even mention it out loud. Understand?” what she said caught me a bit of guard “Katelyn you know you can trust me with anything” “I know Lukas it’s just that I don’t know how you will react to this.” How weird Katelyn normally are not afraid of anything “I promise I won’t freak out on you Katie.” She simply smiled at me, but I knew exactly what she wanted to she say. “Okay Lukas, I’m going to show you now.” I nodded to her, to show I was ready as well. What happened next was not something I was ready for. Her hand caught on fire, but it didn’t seem to be burning her. She closed her hand, when she opened it again the fire was gone. Suddenly there came a lot of water out of nothing, the water formed a big wave. Suddenly a big earth wall stopped the water, and lastly Katelyn flied. I’m pretty sure my mouth was touching to ground. “Now you know why I didn’t know if it was a good idea to tell you Lukas” “I understand Katie and I would have done the same as you Katie.”

Third person pov

After Katelyn had showed Luke her little secret the two of them walked back home and went straight to bed. What they didn’t know was despise them being cautious someone had seen and heard everything that had happen that night.

Katelyn’s pov

After walking back to the house and saying goodnight I went straight to bed, it had been a long and draining day.


I was once again in the field with Juniper. I thought there would be no more dream meetings. “What have you called me here for Juniper?” “Katelyn I have spoken with my sister the moon goddess.” The moon goddess was the mother to all werewolf’s, and she is the one who those who our mates are, she rarely makes mistakes in her mate matching. “What have you spoken with the moon goddess about Juniper?” “I have spoken to her about your mate.” “My mate hates me what more are there to say?” I honestly couldn’t see what more there was to speak about, he hates, I hates him and we are preferably never gonna get together. “That is the thing Katelyn I think my sister made a mistake in bonding you two, and I have asked her to take a closer look, she agreed to do that and he has agreed with me. You and Steffen are not mates, she told me it was an accident that she put you two together. She has bonded you with another male, one that are perfect for you. He will be your second chance, you already know him, but you won’t know it him before the next full moon, and your former bond won’t disappear completely, it will get weaker and weaker until you can’t feel the bond at all.” I was very surprised it wasn’t every day you found out you are getting a new chance to have a happy life. “So just get this straight Juniper, at next full moon I will find out who my second chance mate are?!?” “Yes, that is what I have agreed with my sister, and you must go now Katelyn.” After she said that my world went black.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Dream over>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I woke up the next morning full of energy after all I would be getting a second chance mate. I went to Lukas room, and told him the news he was very happy for me.


I hope you liked this chapter, and sorry for the long wait I have been busy.

Any way I have something important to ask you guys. I want to name my chapters but I can’t find any good names so I want you guys to comment what you think the chapter names should be comment the name and then what chapter it’s the name of. The best chapter names will be used and the ones who came up with them will get that chapter dedicated to them. The same thing will go for the rest of the book. Check out my book on wattpad it has more chapters than on here


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