You Had Me At Hello

It all started at a movie theatre then they started seeing each other more and more louis warned him but did he listen? No so now he has to deal with the consequences the consequences that may split the band up!!


1. When We Met

Both P.O.V

"Excuse me can you please hold my glasses while I go to the toilet?" I asked a random person.

"Sorry love I need to go to." He said in a British accent. He came out if the darkness and I realised that it was Harry Styles.

"Oh my god you're Harry Styles, what are you doing in this cinema in Australia? I thought you went back to England since your tour is over and everything."

"Yeh well we thought we would come back here for a while and chill."

"Wait so your saying that the others are here too?"


"Hello." I heard an Irish accent.


"Yes that's me."

"Wow." I can't believe that I've met One Direction I thought to myself

"So are you going to go to the toilet?"

"Oh yeh sorry forgot."

"Just get Niall to hold your glasses."


"So are you a big One Direction fan?"

"Um... I'm not really sure what I'm classed as but I do love you guys heaps."

"Well I can see that you aren't breaking down in tears like all the other girls."

"Trust me I'm crying on the inside." I said as I was turning into the girls bathroom.

"I'll wait for you."

"Aw you don't have to do that."

"I know but I want to." He said with a smile on his face. I came out and saw him waiting for me (personally I thought that he was joking)

"So how long are you gonna be in Australia for?"

"Uh it depends really."

"On what?"

"Whether the other boys wanna stay or not. I mean I really wanna go home to see my family but I also really wanna stay here and enjoy every moment."

"Really? I actually wanna go to England."

"It's nice there but it's quite cold compared to Australia."

"Well it seems that way." I said hugging him. We walked while I was hugging him I wouldn't let go for the world.

"Hey Harry."


Do you even know my name?"

"No, actually I was gonna ask you I bet it's something really pretty since you're a really pretty girl." I was blushing I can't believe Harry styles called me pretty.

"It's Emma."

"Well I was right."

"Hey can I ask you a question?" I said letting go of him.


"This is gonna sound weird but anyways can I have your phone number?"

"Yeh sure it's 04********."

"Thanks do you want mine?"

"Yes of cause I do."

"It's 04********."

"Well I better get back to my sister she'll be wondering where I am."

"Oh." He said sadly "Ok if you must I'll call you later."

"Ok talk to you later."

Harry's POV

"I couldn't stop thinking about her I know she is a lot younger than me but I really like her I don't know what to do." I told Louis. "I just I I can't get her out of my head it's like she's stuck I I think I'm in love with her."

"Woah," Louis said. "Harry you can't she is to young and it's illegal and I don't want to see you get locked up because of a girl I'm sorry Harry but I can't let you do this."

"And here I was expecting you to care you of all people should know Louis."

"Hey this isn't about me Harry it's about you and about how if you so this then it will screw your life up trust me Harry you know I've gone through it please don't."

"Fine I won't but I'm still allowed to see her." he gave me a death stare. "Just as friends Louis."

"Fine whatever Harry but listen to me please don't do anything with her."

"Louis look at her he's like 14 15 like she would even want to."

"Harry your famous."

"Louis don't say that I said hitting him."

Emma's POV

I can't stop thinking about him I mean I thought about him all the time before I met him but now I've met him he has changed my life. It's like he has taken me to another world. I looked over at him only to find him staring at me and of course I had to smile. He smiled back and I felt this cold wind pass through my body it felt amazing and I suddenly realised him walking towards me.

"Hello again miss Emma."

"Hey what are you doing over here?"

"Oh yes you forgot to get your glasses."

"Oh sorry about that."

"No you don't need to apologise it fine really it means I get to come over here and see you again."

I smiled and he smiled back.

"Your so sweet Harry."

I'm only that sweet hen I'm around girls that I like." He said with a smirk.

"You like me?" I said blushing no seriously my face got so red I thought I was gonna pass out.

"Yes I do very much actually." He said it with a nervous tone in his voice.

"Aw Harry I like you to but I am to young to date you."

"I know" he said with a frown. "It's not fair I think."

"Yeh I know you should be able to date who you want no matter how old they are."

"Yeh." He said while he laid down on my shoulder.

I think he fell asleep on me because I don't feel him moving anymore. Harry I said Harry I said barging him with my elbow. He didn't flinch. Harry I said one more time "The other boys are here to take you home."

"But I don't want to go."

"Come on Harold time to go home and get some sleep." Liam said.

"No I want Emma to take me home."

"I can't harry I'm sorry."

Zayn and Liam had to literally pick him up and drag him out of the theatre. That's not gonna be good for him with all the paparazzi.

Louis POV

I just realised it Harry is in love with her I need to find a way for them not to see each other I turned to go talk to Emma but she was already gone.

"Does he seem different to you." Niall said from behind me.

"Yes and I know why."

"Why wait is it coz I wouldn't give him any of my food?"

"No." I said

"Oh well then why?"

"Don't you see Niall he is in love."

"What! With who?"

"Emma you idiot."

"Oh but."

"I know." I said cutting him off

"Wow that's really bad you gotta tell him Lou."

"I did but I have this feeling that he won't listen."

"But then he would have to go through what you did Lou ad I don't wanna see another one of you guys go through that I'll help you save him."


Notes from me :)

Hey guys thanx for reading and I'll update you soon with the 2nd chapter anyway tata

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