You Had Me At Hello

It all started at a movie theatre then they started seeing each other more and more louis warned him but did he listen? No so now he has to deal with the consequences the consequences that may split the band up!!


3. Starting School

Emma's POV

Well it's Monday and I gotta get up and go to school. I should have just gone to sleep last night coz I'm so fucking tired. I go into the bathroom to have a shower, then I get dressed, have breakfast, brush my teeth, pack my lunch, then walk to school. When I got to school I saw my best friend Holly talking to her boyfriend Derrick I started to walk over but before I heard someone call my name.

"Emma." I turned around only to find Harry standing behind me. "Emma hey."

"Oh hey Harry what are you doing here."

"I enrolled here."

"But your to old for school."

"Shhh they don't know that."

"What they don't know your a famous 20 year old boy that is in one of the biggest bands in the planet."

"One of the biggest band who else is there?"

"Um 5SOS duh!!"

"Oh yeh I forgot about them."

"So I made sure they put me in every class your in."

"Emma." Holly yelled "come over here."

"Look I'll talk to you after." I said turning away from him. I walked over to Holly. "Hey."

"Hey uh who is that."

"Harry Styles."

"From One Direction?!"

"Yes why."

"Um Emma are you serious or are you just fucking with me?"

"I'm serious."

"OMG I'm gonna go over there and talk to him I can't believe he is in our school and why were you talking to him."

"Well it's kinda a long story come over here ad I'll tell you."

"Nah I think I'm gonna go over to Harry." She started walking over there then eventually made it to him so I had no choice but to go over there.

"So what are you guys talking about?"

"You." Harry said

"Yes Harry is just telling me how the two of you met."

"Harry can I talk to you for a second?" I said to him. "Alone." I walked away from Holly and stood in front of him asking "What are you doing Harry?"

"I'm here only for you."

"Well what if I don't want you here."

"Look I know something is going on with you and I came here to keep an eye on you okay."

"Well the reason there is something wrong with me is because you are keeping something from me that obviously is about me."

"No well that's what I thought."


"I thought that you were keeping something from me that was about me."

"Well I'm not that's the only reason I'm like this."

"Do you wanna know what I'm keeping from you?"

"It would be nice to know."

"Well here's the thing Louis doesn't want me to see you anymore because he thinks that I will date you or do something bad with you."

"Well then he obviously doesn't know me."

"I do though and I know that you would never do that."

"Ok then I'm not mad at you anymore."

"So what do we have first period?"

"Maths hey Harry?"


"What if you fall in love with some other girl? What if you find a girl prettier which isn't very hard."

"Do you want to know my honest answer?"


"Well I think that it is impossible to find another girl prettier than you. It is in fact impossible to find another perfect girl."

"You think I'm perfect?"

"From head to toe baby."

"Thank you." I said kissing him on the cheek. We started walking to class when all the other girls came over and started obsessing over him. So I just kept on walking I couldn't stand there and watch.

Harry's POV

We started to walk to class then all the girls rushed over pushing Emma out of my sight. "Emma?" I yelled but I couldn't see her.

"What on earth are you doing with that fat slut?" A girl that looked like a whore said to me.

"I am well was walking to class with her."

"So she is the whole reason you came here?"

"Yes. Why?"

"You haven't heard?"

"Heard what sorry?"

"What she does."

"No what does she do?"

"Well she brings guys here and makes them love her. She makes them have sex with her then after a week she dumps them. Then makes them go back to where they came from. So basically she is a slut."

"What did you just call her?"

"An S.L.U.T slut."

"If I wasn't a boy I would actually bash the shit out of you."

"Oh I see you like me don't you."

"No I really don't."

"I know you do I can see it in your eyes."

"I have to go now oh and a word of advice stop being a bitch."

"What did you just call me?"

"A B.I.T.C.H bitch." I said as I turned away and started walking. I was thinking about what she said does Emma really do that? All these thoughts were going through my head I should go find her and just forget about it. Or at least try.

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