Dangerous (16+)

18, soon to be 19 year old Kenzie was living the hard life. She was physically abused by her alcoholic parents. Her and her sisters Ashton and Bailey have thought of running away for a long time. When they come face to face with their own danger.


1. our life




Kenzie POV:



 "STOP!!" I sobbed as he kept hitting her, again and again. Over and Over, her defenses getting weaker. I sat in the corner,watching Ashton get hit over and over again non-stop by my dad then my mother came over and grabbed my hair. I screamed out in pain but that did not stop her she punched me in the face... But I punched harder than her this time she will not push me around when I am done. I turn around and punched her in her fuck up face and did not stop...till she was knocked out.after getting away from my mom I went to go help Ashton but that did not take long Ashton already had him on the ground bleeding.




Ashton POV:

I turn my head to see if Kenzie was ok but to find out she had our mom on the ground knocked out cold. After that all I could think was "That Stupid Bitch!" Kenzie could take a punch,she was very strong for her age same as me and Bailey. My dad hit me one more time, so I got up and turn around took my knife out that I had In my boot and stab him in the side so that he can't walk for a week. When I turn around Kenzie was staring at me that when I notice that she knew it was time to leave so we pack our shit and left never to come back....



I had saved up some money for the trip, I knew it was going to happen one day. I took a lot of money from my parents account before we left. Ii had my duffel bag slung across my shoulder as all three of us made our way out to my car. Kenzie took hers also, but Bailey didn't have a car yet since or parents started abusing us more, taking away all privileges. Bailey got in the backseat and i threw my duffel bag into the passenger seat as I backed out of the driveway, Kenzie following. We stopped in our well known alley, to stop and take a breath. We crushed our old phones and had gotten new ones before we left, looking exactly like the old, so they wouldn't notice. Kenzie got out, the same as me and Bailey, and we all hugged. "We did it" I said breathlessly as we pulled apart. Ii grabbed my duffel bag, just in case as the girls were sitting down against the wall. I turned back around and they weren't there. I turned around and a rag covered my view, then I was out like a light. 





This Is the first chapter and we won't do many authors notes!! I hope you like this story!

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