Friends with benefits?

Allie Simmons was just a normal 17 year old girl, until she found out her best friend left without telling her .Allie and Niall become really close friends they are almost like brother and sister..... But will this change when Niall and his band mates auddtion for the X-Factor without telling Allie that they did?


3. chapter 2

Niall's P O V

I see her coming and I get really nervous. "Hey Niall, what's up?" Allie asked. Oh man I can't do this, man up Niall. "Allie what would you do if I left to go to England to audition for the X-Factor?" NIALL I'd be soooo happy for you, but I'd miss you way to much. Why'd you ask?" "Oh you know just wanted to know what you think." My hands stared to get really shakey I didn't know what I was going to do. "Is there anything else you want to tell me?" "Nope!" "Okay I'm hungry, does nandos sound good to you?" She offered "sure." We started to walk to nandos.

" Niall." "Yes love?" She hesitated for a moment " I um...... Love you" I smiled "I love you too" I love having her as a younger sister( or best friend) she is so sweet, kind, loving, and most of all she is so beautiful.

{ at nandos} still nialler's P O V

" Table for two please." I asked the waiter. " Yes right this way." We followed the young lad to the table.

"Can I get you guys something to drink?" "I'll have a water." We said at the same time.

We both started to giggle and the waiter left giggling as well. Me and Niall talked for hours. " Niall it's getting late we better be going." " yeah! Your right." We payed and left. " Allie want to see if you and stay over?" " Niall you know what my dad is going to say." She paused I knew what she was going to do, an impression of her dad "Now Allie he is a bad example for you and I don't want my daughter to turn of to a dumbass like him" I started laughing so hard I almost fell to the ground. " funny but please tell him your going to a friends house pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!" I begged " fine" " yay"

A/N sorry I haven't updated I've been so busy. I love you and stay beautiful

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