Friends with benefits?

Allie Simmons was just a normal 17 year old girl, until she found out her best friend left without telling her .Allie and Niall become really close friends they are almost like brother and sister..... But will this change when Niall and his band mates auddtion for the X-Factor without telling Allie that they did?


2. chapter 1


I was in my room jamming out to Blood On The Dance Floor I heard something outside my window. " What the?!" I walk over to my window to see Niall standing there throwing rocks at my window " NIALL!!! What are you doing throwing rocks at my window?" I shouted " I wanted to get you attention, but I wanted to do it in a weird way." " By almost breaking my window?" "No just meet me at our secret tree in 10 okay?" I nodded and he left. I wonder what Niall wanted the only time he wanted to go to our scerct tree is when he needs someone to talk to or he needs to ask me something. I look at the time " I have 6 minutes to get ready" I grab my washed out jeans and a black tank top and my green vans. I walk outside and head to the tree. " Hey Niall, what's up?" "Allie what would you do if I left to go to England to audition for the X-Factor?" " NIALL I'd be soooo happy for you, but I'd miss you way to much. Why'd you ask?" "Oh you know just wanted to know what you think."

A/N Hey guys I'm sooo happy to be writing here I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter I'll try to up date everyday

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