Heaven's Gate (Niall Horan Fan Fic)

Ava died, and lived in the after life. She was the key and gate to heaven and hell for others that died. She could speak to the sick, and guide people when they were lost. She's never had emotions, and never felt anything for the sick. Until she meets one boy that has entered coma. And not only does she guide him back to full health, but she gains back her feeling of love.


1. ✞Chapter One✞~ Ava's Death

(3rd person POV, only for this chapter)


"That was a sweet party!" Hannah yelled from the back seat. Ava smiled as Josh wrapped a arm around her, pulling her closer to him. "Don't have sex till we get out of the, I don't feel like getting in a crash." Hannah teased sticking her head in between Josh and Ava.

Ava snickered and softly kissed Josh's neck. He turned and kissed her forehead, the smell of alcohol stinging her nose. "How many drinks did you have?" She laughed making him smile. 

"One to many." He laughed and kissed her nose. She buried her head into his chest while he continued to drive. "Who's house are we stopping at first?" He turned asking Hannah and Marcus who were making out in the back seat.

"I'm staying at Hannah's place tonight." Marcus said pulling away from her lips for a few seconds.

"Damn right you are." She said pulling him back to her. Ava laughed, obviously knowing what they were going to do.

"Yeah Josh, why don't you come back to my place tonight, my parents won't be home till tomorrow for work." Ava snickered playing with the rim of his t-shirt. Suddenly she was blinded by a bright light. "Holy shit turn you're fucking brights off fucker!" She yelled sticking her middle finger out the window for Josh.

Josh swerved a little bit, but took control of the car quickly. "God dammit." He said rubbing his eyes. "Fucking dumb ass." Josh sure was hot when he was angry, Ava thought biting her lip. She laid her head back on Josh's chest starting to get a little tired. After resting her eyes for a few minutes, she thought she was going to fall asleep but she suddenly heard a car honking. She quickly sat up, and looked at Josh.

He was completely passed out, She turned her head to grab the wheel, but the car immediately crashed into something. Ava's body went out the front dash, landing outside of the car on the sement. Josh smacked his head on the steering wheel before the air bags came out, smashing his face and chest.

Hannah and Marcus, the only ones wearing seat belts, only had a few bruises on them from the seat belt tightening. They immediately unbuckled seeing the hole through the wind shield. Hannah quickly got out of the truck, to find Ava laying on the ground. The side of her face was completely split open. Her right arm was bent in a wear position, obviously broken. And her legs were scratched deeply. She would probably never walk again if she survived.

Hannah quickly took of her jacket, and started ripping it. Putting it on the deep gases of her legs and face wound. The guy they had crashed into wasn't harmed at all, and was also trying to heal Ava in anyway possible, while dialing the ambulance. He said he was a police officer but wasn't trained for this kind of thing.

Marcus on the other hand took to Josh's mending. He had a deep gash to the head from striking the steering wheel. His chest bruised from the airbag that had gone off. Marcus knew not to remove him from the truck because he may have a broken neck. And from the looks of it, he was sure he was probably dead.

No matter how strong Marcus was, seeing Josh like this made him immediately burst into tears. He knew Josh had been drinking, and he should have drove himself. He patched up a few of his scratches and by then the ambulance had arrived.

Ava and Josh were quickly put on stretchers and taken the the hospital. Marcus, Hannah, and the guy from the other car took a ride in a police car to the hospital because they didn't need immediate medical attention.

Once they got there, Ava and Josh's family quickly showed up at the hospital. Along with Marcus's and Hannah's. A few other friends of Ava's and Josh's showed up as well.

The waiting room quickly filled up with tears, and they hadn't even heard anything from the doctors yet. Ava's condition was very serious, and Josh's may be as well. Marcus sat blaming himself constantly for the wreck. While Hannah stared blankly at Ava's crying family.

About an hour after waiting, a doctor finally came out. Everybody stood up and stared at the Doctor in need of news. "Please tell me my baby girl is alright." Ava's mom said clutching her husband.

The doctor shook his head, as if he were about to break into tears as well. "Ava has many broken bones including, both of her legs, her right arm, and many of her ribs. She has a deep cut from the top of her head, to her collar bone. If she is to survive, she will lose sight in her right eye. She is unconscious as of now, and is at a 70% chance of slipping into coma."

"What about Josh!?" Another women yelled almost angry.

"Josh suffered a terrible wound to the head, and is currently in coma. By the looks of it, he isn't all that beat up. He sprained his jaw from impact, and has a few scraps and bruises." A lot of people let out sighs of relief, but most of them came from Josh's family, not Ava's.

"I would like to speak to the Ava's parents please." He turned to Marcus and Hannah. "The police will be here to question you guys soon, so we're going to be checking you out soon." Marcus and Hannah nodded, Marcus grabbed onto Hannah's hand trying to comfort her. Ava's mother and father came forward stepping infront of the doctor. He told them that her chance of survival at this rate was very slim.

She had lost a lot of blood, and she had brain damage from hitting the cement and the windshield. After the Doctor talked to her parents, they sat back down on a chair and cried uncontrollably.

The Doctor took Hannah and Marcus into separate rooms to get checked out. Hannah left with nothing wrong with her, and Marcus ended up getting 2 stitches on his shoulder where a piece of glass cut him open.

After a few more horrible hours of waiting, Ava lost her life. Her body was weak, and she was pronounced brain dead after entering coma.

Ava's spirit stood next to her dead body. A angel, stood next to her, whispering her words that she couldn't understand. Ava was devastated, she wasn't ready to die. It all happened so fast. What were her parents going to say? What about Josh?

The angel that stood next to her, grabbed onto her hand. They looked at each other. "My name is Paige, I'm a No-winged angel. I was brought here for your death, but my father has told me otherwise." Paige smiled towards Ava, but her face had no expression on it. "My father has told me you are to be an angel, you are to guide others when they are sick, ill, or near death." Ava stayed quiet. "Being an angel is a gift Ava, you will still get to see the living, they can just not see you."

Ava continued to stay silent. To Paige, this wasn't anything new. Most people either had nothing to say after they died, they didn't believe it, or they'd be on their knees asking Paige to bring them back to life. Ava turned back towards her body, she put her hand on her own chest. "Josh." She whispered. She suddenly ran towards the door, and grabbed the door handle, but her hand just slipped past it.

"You can not interact with the human world." Paige walked up to the door, and went right through it. Ava hesitated, but put her hand through the door. She jerked her hand pack surprised, but then quickly ran through it. She looked back at the door, to see she had actually gone through it. "This way." Paige spoke. Ava followed curiously, then suddenly Paige went through a wall.

Ava followed still not knowing what was going on. But when she had gone through the wall, she could see Josh. His eyes were closed, and his head was bruised terribly. His chest also had a big round bruise. "Josh." She whispered again. She walked up to him and was about to hug him, but she fell right through him onto the floor. She sighed and stood back up, standing through his body.

She put her hand up to his face, and pretended she was touching him. Suddenly his spirit sat up. His body remained there, was he dead too then? "What's going on?! Ava?!" He frantically rushed around scared.

Suddenly Paige walked up to Josh. "Stay silent little one while I explain." Paige, rested her hand on his shoulder. Wait she could interact with him? Ava put her hand on Josh's spirits face, and could touch him.

"You are not dead Josh, your in coma. My father has sent me to heal you. Sit still while I place your spirit back in your body." Paige rested her hand on his spirits head, and his spirit fell back into his body. Ava stepped aside, and stood next to his bed side.

Josh suddenly woke up, but his spirit was inside of him. Josh couldn't see Ava anymore. Ava thought he would remember Paige and her though, and think she was still there. But he just stood still as Doctors began asking him questions. "Does he not remember that just happened?!" Ava said angrily.

"You can interact with somebody's spirit, their spirit will always remember you until they are put back into their body."

"I want him to remember me though! I wanted to tell him goodbye!"

Paige suddenly appeared next to Ava. "He would only be able to remember you if he was an angel as well. If he mentioned you though, nobody would believe him. Besides, my father has told me he isn't an angel."

"Why does your father have any say in whether or not he's an angel or not?!"

"He is not just my father, he is your father as well." Paige's voice remained calm, while Ava stood staring at Josh's body.

"What's my fathers name then?!" Ava was angry and thoughts ran through her mind. She wondered if Paige was playing games, or if she even were an angel. She began thinking this was some kind of joke, or she thought she was dreaming.

"God." Paige said. "I see you do not believe this, sha'll I take you to the heavens? Our father can teach you your new way of life there?" Ava was unsure, and she didn't want to leave Josh. But she didn't believe Paige, so she nodded. Paige grabbed Ava's hand, and put her hands together. Making her look like she was praying. Paige put her hands over Ava's and closed her eyes.

Ava was suddenly blinded by a bright light, but once she could see again she was not longer in Josh's hospital room. She was standing at large golden gates. The ground at her feet was white marble, with fog over the top of it. "Where are we?" Ava asked.

"We're at the gates of heaven." Paige walked forwards and placed her hand on the lock of the gate. The lock broke open, and the gates opened. Ava walked inside, and looked around. There wasn't much to see. People walked around frantically and talked loudly. Ava could hear everything everybody was saying. Paige and Ava began walking through the crowd, till finally they reached a huge building. Paige placed her hands on the giant handles and pulled like it weighed as much as a feather.

Ava wondered why she didn't just walk through the doors, and how she could even interact with the door. Once Ava could see past the doors, she could see a man. His clothes were grand with gold and white silk. His skin was literally glowing, and he had a long white beard. "My holy father, I have brought you an angel who has lost her human form." Paige bowed, and looked at me. "Bow." She whispered. Ava got on her knees then, bowing as Paige did.

The man who was sitting on a marble chair grabbed his golden staff and stood up. "Good job Paige, you've never let me down, I think it is time you grow older." Paige stood up and smiled. "I now pronounce you as a short-winged white angel." The man set the front of his staff on her head.

Paige burst into a bright ball of light, blinding Ava once again. Once the light had died down, Ava could see Paige again. She now had white wings. Ava finally agreed that she was beautiful. "Now you, my new child." Ava turned to see the man walking towards her. "I am sorry I put you through that kind of death."Ava froze, what was he talking about? Was Paige being serious when she said he was God?! Ava thought.

"Paige has told me you go to Church though, she has been watching over you for a while." It was true, Ava's mother and father had always made her go to church. Not that she enjoyed it though. "I have chosen you to also be an angel for me." The man smiled. "Do you accept this gift?"

Ava thought about it, she would love to keep seeing her family, but she wasn's so sure. She eventually decided she was going to accept though. "I do sir." Ava nodded trying to be respectful by calling him 'sir'.

"Do not call me sir Ava, I am your father, please refer to me by that." Ava nodded.

"Sorry father." She didn't know why she was listening to him, but for some reason she was starting to believe this was the real thing. Besides this man was rather scary to Ava.

"Ava, I now pronounce you as a no-winged angel." He set his staff on my head, and my body began to burn as light surrounded my body. Once the light ended, my skin started to shine like Paige and my new father.

Ava was no longer wearing her bloody and scratched up clothes either. She was now wearing a fitted white robe, with a thin gold chain for a sash and a belt. She wore no shoes, and had a flower headband. Her hair was longer, and was straight. "Thank you father." Ava suddenly covered her mouth, it voice was different. It was prettier though, sort of like Paige's.

"You are very welcome Ava." He smiled. "Paige, I would like you to guide Ava in her new path of life. I have a few more angels that may join us today, so set out on your mission to helping her." Paige nodded. "Her first mission is to help a young girl. A house caught fire, and she is terribly ill. She is currently unconscious and I will send her soul to you once you reach your destination."

"Yes father." Paige said. She folded her hands as if she was praying, then suddenly disappeared.

"Father, what do you want me to do?" He turned around and sat back on his chair.

"Fold your hands, and ask me to send you to where Paige currently is." Ava's eyes widened, but she didn't argue. She folded her hands and asked her father to send her to Paige. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, Paige was standing infront of her.

"Good job." Paige said smiling. She walked towards the little girl on the hospital bed, and Ava walked on the other side of her bed. "I'm going to have you heal her." Suddenly the little girls spirit sat up.

"MOMMA!" She cried. Ava's angel instincts suddenly kicked in.

"Calm down my child, we're here to help you." The little girl continued to cry, but suddenly jumped up into Ava's arms. Ava patted her back.

"Lay your hand on her head, and her spirit will go back into her body."

"Will this wake the body up?" Paige nodded. Ava put the little girl on the ground.

"Your voice is pretty." The little girl said. Ava smiled a little, then placed her hand on the girls forehead. The girls spirit was lifted, and placed back into her body. Her eyes opened, and Doctors around her began treating her again.

"Your first mission is complete." Paige said smiling. Ava didn't smile though she looked at the little girl. Ava was jealous that the little girl was alive, and she was not. Ava shook her head, shaking the thought away. "Lets head back to our father, for our next mission. I'm going to try out my wings, so I'll meet you there." Paige suddenly flapped her wings and flew through the ceiling. Ava folded her hands and prayed once again. She suddenly appeared back infront of her father (AKA God).

"Ava I have lots of confidence in you." He smiled. "I want you to go on this mission by yourself." Ava nodded. "There is a elderly man who has reached the end of his life. I want you to bring him to the heavens. That would be where the crowd of people are outside." Ava nodded, and folded her hands. She suddenly appeared in a different hospital again.

She looked at an elderly man who's spirit was sitting on a chair. "Who are you?!" The old man asked kind of surprised.

"I am Ava, a no winged angel. I am here to take you to the Heaven's." The man stood up and Ava walked towards him. Ava made him fold his hands, and she put her hands over his. She asked to be sent to the Heaven's, and they suddenly appeared there.

Ava walked towards the gates of heavens. "Where are we?" The old man asked. Ava smiled, only a few hours ago she had asked the same question.

"We're at the gates of Heaven." Ava placed her hands over the lock of the gates. The gate began to open, and she walked inside. The old man followed behind her.

"So I'm dead?"

"Your human form is dead, but your spirit will now live here." Ava set her hand on his shoulder. "It's not as bad as you may think." The elderly man looked at her.

"I don't know if I'm dreaming or not, but thank you Ava." Ava nodded and the old man began talking to a few others. 

Ava put her hands on her hips as she looked around. She folded her hands then, and asked her father to take her to her mother. She suddenly appeared in the waiting room of the hospital. Her mother was weeping into her fathers shoulders.

"Ma?" Ava said walking towards her. She laid her hand on her mothers head, she couldn't actually touch her but she pretended to. "I'm sorry Ma, but you will see me soon." Ava felt as if she could cry, but tears didn't come out.

Ava's hand began to glow, she still had it on her mothers head. Suddenly she could read her mothers thoughts, and she could see when her mother was going to die and what she was going to die of.

Her mother would die of depression in 2 years and 46 days because of Ava's death.

Ava moved her hand to her father's head.

Her father would die of old age in 56 years and 254 days.

Ava was shocked by the information that should knew. She suddenly couldn't stand hearing people's cries in the waiting. She folded her hands, and appeared back infront of the Gate's to Heaven's. "This is my new home..." Ava whispered, not so sure if she was liking it. She just knew that she was happy to be alive after her death.


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