Save Me *Sequel to Respect Me, Understand Me, And Love Me*

Now that Angel left Justin behind.
Justin still having her heart and her having his they both are broken.
They both are falling apart but Angel new it was for the best.
But what about Justin?
Will he be the one falling down?
"He will be screaming Save me but you can't... you can't save him"


6. *Chapter 5* Just Because It Was A Year Ago, Doesn't Mean It Was Ok.

Angel's P.O.V

As we left the room, i was being pulled threw a huge crowd.

Bumping into several people.

I heard some harsh comments, because i didn't really apologize for knocking into people.

A cold chill hit my face, so i instantly knew we where outside.


How could i get myself in this situation? How am i that stupid to go with these black hearted assholes?How could i put myself in this rape situation again. I guess i'm just not protecting myself as much as-

As much as Justin can?

Shut up ok. i have gone a whole fucking year without him!

Look what that got you, everyone in your work wanting to make sure you get raped.Oh, and don't forget your scars, and broken relationships with everyone you knew.

I was happy alone....

No you weren't. Ever since he came,

he changed everything. For the better.

I'm not thinking about this anymore.

You say that because you know i'm right, but your a stubborn bitch.



"Angel"Justin said breaking me out of my conversation with myself.

"You don't look so good"He huffed.

"I don't feel good either"I said looking at my feet.

"I'm sorry..."He said with a tiny crack in his raspy voice.

I look up, and saw tears beaming out of his brown colored eye's.

"Justin... why are you sorry?"I asked.

"I didn't get in there in time to save you"He said frantically.

"And if i got there sooner then he wouldn't have touched you"He said running his hands threw his messed up hair. 

"Come on let's get you in the car"He said.

He put his arm around my shoulder protectively. 

We walked up to his fisher, and i got in the passenger seat , and looked over at Justin.

He was already staring at me.

"I have so much to ask you"I said getting it off my chest.

His eyebrows raised slightly.

"You can ask me anything"He said turning his body more towards me.

"Do you regret it?"I asked.

"Regret the .... hitting thing?"I asked fiddling with my fingers.

He took a big breath before slowly sighing.

"I have never regretted something so big like this before"He said.

"I don't want you to pity me, or act like it was ok"He spat.

"Because I know what i did was wrong, very wrong"He said.

"Justin it was a year ago ok you don't-"

"Angel stop!"He barked.

I shut my mouth.

"Just because it was a year ago, doesn't mean it was ok to hit the women that i love with all my fucking heart!"He cried staring into my eye's.

I bit my lip.

"Justin.."I trailed off.

"I will just have to live with the fact that I hurt the most valuable thing to me"He said wiping some of his tears and looking down in his lap.

I wish i had something to say but i had no words.

I was speechless.

Tell him you love him, tell him you forgive him! i know you do!

Just do something!

I thought we were taking little steps. Not leaps.

Rules change when it comes to love sweetheart.

I shook the voices away ,and look at Justin.

"Why did you have the gun?"I changed the subject.

Fuck fuck fuck. Why! JUST WHY???

He sniffled. 

"I use it for protection, just incase i get into a bad situation."He said.

I nodded.

"Thank you"I breathed out.

"Thank you for all you have done, for protecting me"I said grabbing his big hand , and rubbing my thumb against his palm.

He looked down at it and smiled.

"I'm sorry if i scared you"He chuckled.

"You can never scare me"I smiled.

"I love you too much"I spoke.

Did i just say that?


"What?"Justin stuttered.


"I said i love you to much"I said a little quieter, but i bet he heard me loud in clear.

"I bet you, i love you more"He breathed out smiling a little.

"You would be surprised buddy"I chuckled to myself, and looked down at our hands.

What the fuck am i doing?

Your taking one step at a time.


Justin's P.O.V

Her saying she loved me again made my heart lift up.

It was like all my darkness was covered with light once again.

At first i thought i was hearing things.

Like i use to hear her voice when we were apart, but she never was there.

Now that she is here in front of me, looking more beautiful than ever before, talking to me.

Makes me not wanna leave this world.

"I should uh drive you home"I said turning my body towards the steering wheel.

"Thanks"She smiled at me.

I nodded, and started the car.

Once we finally made it to her apartment building, i look over at her, and saw she was fast asleep snuggled up next to my arm.

I didn't wanna wake her up so i grabbed her stuff, and got out of the car quietly.

I opened her door, and picked her up.

She grabbed me instantly, and snuggled close to my chest.

I made it up to her apartment door, and unlocked the door.

I close her door and put her stuff down on this nice glass side table by the door.

I walk threw her nice apartment to try to find her bedroom.

I finally found it, and laid her down on the bed.

I saw her stretch, and slowly open her eye's.

"Justin?"She asked groggy.

"Hey go get your pj's on"I chuckled.

She stumble over to her dressed and pulled out some underwear, and a baggy t-shirt.

"Hey can you help me unzip this motherfucker"She said annoyed by the dress. 

"Ok"I chuckled.

I unzipped it slowly as my finger's brushed against her soft light pale skin.

I felt her goosebumps form on her skin, and smirked.

I love how i still had that effect on her.

"Thanks"She yawned.

She dropped her dress, not even analogue my figure.

Her bare ass came into view, and i stopped myself from grabbing her, and having her right now.

I bit my lip.

She slid on her panties, and she took off her bra, and put the shirt over.

She turned around and plopped on her bed.

I put the covers over her.

"Goodnight angel"I whispered in her ear as i gently kissed it.

"Goodnight jay"She yawned snuggling her sheets.

I kissed her head, and shut the lights off and closed her door.

It only goes up from here


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