Secrets to Tell

Everyone has a secret that they would never tell a soul. But would you even consider it a secret if you didn't know it yourself?

That's the real question.

Nuala could barely remember her name let alone anything about her past after a car accident she was involved in. As stated before, she doesn't remember anything, she doesn't remember where she came from, or how she came to be in the accident. She only assumed that she was perhaps just crossing the street and an unaware driver realized too late that she was in the way.

Now she's starting a new life.

Living with 7 other people under the same room isn't easy when she's put into a foster home and is enrolled into a nearby high school.

As she settles in, she befriends a strange group of guys and girls that seem to enjoy her presence, and they somehow understand her on a level that she never thought possible. But she doesn't get it.

What do they know about her that she doesn't?

© Copyright 2014


8. 8. I Gotta Say, I'm Impressed

Waking up to the sound of loud banging on her door wasn't exactly how Nuala wanted to start her morning. Chantelle was yelling for her, telling her breakfast was ready. That sparked her interest as she heard her stomach growl in anticipation.

As she crawled out of bed, she recalled the events from the previous night and immediately ran to the dresser mirror to check if her eyes were still glowing. Fortunately for her they weren't and she let out a breath of relief. She didn't want to be scaring off her new family.

Nuala grabbed a pair of jean shorts and a blue t-shirt before brushing her hair, getting out as many knots as she could. Once she was done she made her way out of her room and headed down to the chicken. As she sat down at the table she noticed an extra plate next to hers and looked towards Chantelle.

"Who else is here?"

Chantelle shrugged and instead had her question answered when the person walked into the kitchen.

First her eyes widened in shock but soon narrowed in confusion. What was Beck doing here?

"Good morning Nuala." He smirked at her as he took a seat next to her.

It took her a moment but she mumbled a quick good morning then looked down at her food. She had no idea that this was the friend Brendan and Vince were bringing and though she had nothing against Beck, she didn't know if she was fully comfortable with him being there.

Mentally sighing she realized she couldn't do much about it. She didn't decide who came and who didn't so she decided to just get over it and make the most of this weekend.

Breakfast was weird, even Nuala had to admit. She hadn't said much to Beck but that didn't seem to stop him from making conversation with her anyways, to the point where eventually she was almost beginning to feel comfortable.

He was very friendly and very easy to talk to. They had managed to talk about a few things within the last half hour and though Nuala started off with only short replies, eventually she started getting more into their conversation.

"So what's your favorite class this semester?"

Nuala and Beck were now sitting on the dock playing twenty questions. "Gym I guess, only because I'm apparently getting closer to being top of the class, what's yours?"

Beck couldn't help but look impressed. Nuala was small, hardly looked all that athletic, but was still managing to get near the top of her class. To him that either meant the rest of the girls in her gym class either really sucked, or he really underestimated her. "Wow, only been here a week and you're that good? I'm impressed."

"I know, I don't look all that athletic do I?" Nuala knew it herself that she didn't look all the fast or sporty but when she started playing and got into her zone, she couldn't see anyone else. She was only concentrated on one thing and that was the sport she was playing. The girls in her class were shocked that even she could go against two of the most athletic girls in her glass. Kacey Alger and Aliya Gillens.

"No, I never said that!" Beck didn't mean to make her upset with his comment.

"But you were thinking it," Nuala countered, she then smiled, she didn't want him feeling guilty for what he had said. "Look its fine, I know I don't look that athletic, but hey, I'm pretty good."

"I bet I'm better." Beck smirked.

"That sounds like a challenge," Nuala slowly got up. In gym she was never really competitive, but right now she couldn't help it. The thought of going against Beck Grant at any sport and winning sounded good to her. "A challenge I'm willing to take."

Beck grinned at her. Most girls would've just told him that he probably was better, and wouldn't have even thought about going against him, but she was different. She was a challenge, and Beck liked to be challenged. "Let's race then."

Nuala grinned back. "You're on."



"Okay are you guys ready?" Vince and Brendon were lined up on either side of Nuala and Beck, just to make sure neither of them would cheat nor step over the line. Much farther down were Audrey and Cammie at the finish line to see who the winner would be.

Nuala smirked at Vince. "I'm ready to win if that's what you mean."

Vince and Beck chuckled at her enthusiasm. They didn't think she stood a chance against Beck.

"Okay on your mark," Brendon began.

"Get set," Nuala and Beck crouched, their muscles tense, getting ready to go.



They sped off. Nuala started off in the lead, taking Beck by surprise. He started off thinking maybe he could go easy on her, but she was a lot faster than he thought so he started speeding up, eventually catching up with her. They were neck and neck, pretty much the same speed. Every now and then one would get ahead of the other, only encouraging the other to go even faster until they were once again tied.

Nuala looked over to Beck for a second, then looked back ahead of her to look at the finish line. It was getting closer and she knew in mere seconds they'd be crossing it, but she wanted to be ahead of him when they did, so with all her might, she pushed her legs to go even faster, and silently groaned when he did the same. She didn't want to lose to him, and she was determined not to.

Nuala closed her eyes tight and used ever once of her power to go faster.

You can do it! A voice said in her mind. It didn't sound like hers and any other time, she might've tried to figure out whose it was but in that moment it encouraged her even more. When her eyes open she saw the finish line right in front of her, and glanced back to see Beck a couple steps behind her with wide eyes. She turned back around she grinned when her legs stepped over the line and she began to slow down.

She did it, she had won the race!

When she finally stopped she fell to the ground and grinned up at the sky while trying to catch her breath. Her eyes closed for a second and when they opened up again, Beck was standing over with his arm out to her. She smiled at him and grabbed his hand so he could pull her up.

When she got up Audrey and Cammie ran to her screaming and enveloped her in a big hug, pulling her away from Beck.

"Oh my god that was amazing!" Cammie cheered, letting go of Nuala to stand in front of her. Audrey did the same. "I can't believe you just beat Beck Grant in a race! Like that has never happened before!"

Nuala looked at her and laughed. "Nothing's impossible and it’s not that big of a deal, it was probably just beginners luck."

Audrey looked at her like she was crazy. "No one has that much luck Nuala, you're amazing!

"Thanks, but really, he probably just let me win." Nuala tried to argue.

"I didn't."

The three girls looked over to see Beck looking down, his arms crossed while kicking some sand. "At the start of the race I was letting you win, but you were a lot faster than I thought so I started speeding up." He looked up at her, his expression serious. "You beat me fair and square snowflake, and I've got to say, I'm impressed."

Nuala chuckled at him. "Still with the nickname I see, well you did pretty well yourself."

"Well if I did pretty well at racing, let see how well I do at a basketball game." He said. "You in?"

Nuala smirked. "You bet I'm in."

Three games later, the Andrews family was left stunned. Nuala and Beck were still going at it, but even now they were beginning to grow tired. The first game it was Nuala, Cammie, Chantelle, Keevan, and Brendan against Beck, Vince, Dante, Keevan, and Audrey. That in itself was a pretty intense game, but eventually Audrey and Cammie decided to call it quits.  Leaving it 4 against 4.

But now, it was the third game and Nuala and Beck were the last two left after the other guys sat down to rest. They watched from the side lines, cheering the two on. Some cheering for Nuala, while others cheering for Beck. It was fun for the girls to see Beck get flustered at the fact that she was actually a challenge, and the guys enjoyed seeing Nuala get more competitive than any other girl they had ever seen.

"Dinner's ready!" Mrs. Andrews called from the front porch.

"Want to call it a game?" Beck asked smirking at her. She was breathing hard, hard on her knees as she tried to catch her breath.

"Yeah, I give, you win." She stood up straight and held out her hand for him to shake.

He chuckled and shook her hand, making him tense up at the skin to skin contact. It was happening again. Just like at the mall, he was feeling that same shock he had felt then. It felt like a warm electrical like current was making its way throw his entire body, and suddenly he was left feeling breathless.

Beck can't help but notice how soft and small her hands are, and just how well they fit in his hand. He looked up from their hands to her eyes and assumed she was feeling the same thing he was, and he couldn't bring himself to let go of her hand. He didn't want to, but he knew he had to.

"Guys come on! Dinners ready!"

Nuala heard Keevan calling to them and instantly let go of Beck's hand. She hadn't realized they were still holding hands, making her blush slightly and chuckled awkwardly. "I guess we should go now."

Beck gulped and nodded, trying to ignore the loud thumping of his heart. "Yeah, we should."

Nuala sent him a small smile before turning away and making her way inside, Beck following close behind.

Neither of them could tell the effect they had on each other. They just assumed it was all the action and lack of food in their stomachs making them feel how they were feeling now, and they left it at that.


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