Secrets to Tell

Everyone has a secret that they would never tell a soul. But would you even consider it a secret if you didn't know it yourself?

That's the real question.

Nuala could barely remember her name let alone anything about her past after a car accident she was involved in. As stated before, she doesn't remember anything, she doesn't remember where she came from, or how she came to be in the accident. She only assumed that she was perhaps just crossing the street and an unaware driver realized too late that she was in the way.

Now she's starting a new life.

Living with 7 other people under the same room isn't easy when she's put into a foster home and is enrolled into a nearby high school.

As she settles in, she befriends a strange group of guys and girls that seem to enjoy her presence, and they somehow understand her on a level that she never thought possible. But she doesn't get it.

What do they know about her that she doesn't?

© Copyright 2014


7. 7. They're Glowing

"We're here!" Audrey pulled the car into park.


Nuala hopped out of the car and went to the back to grab her bag from the back seat. Audrey did the same and they began walking over to the house. It was a large wooden cottage that was across from a lake. There were several other cottages like it lined along the shore.


"Ladies and gentleman! The party has arrived!" Audrey yelled. She then pointed behind her towards Nuala. "And I brought along Nuala."


Everyone in the room chuckled and welcomed them.


Nuala heard Mr. Andrews speak over top of the laughter. “Nuala, your room is going to be the one across from Cam's so I'll have her show you where it is."


She nodded and saw Cammie get up from her seat and began to follow her. When they reached her room she thanked Cammie for showing her and walked in to her room to put her stuff away. When she finished she made her way back downstairs and sat on the couch next to Keevan who was currently playing a video game with Isaac and Dante.


She sat quietly and watched, confused as to why guys enjoyed these games so much. All it was a bunch of guys shooting and stabbing each other. She didn't understand it.


Eventually Mr. And Mrs. Andrews told them to shut off the game and put in a movie for everyone to watch and despite the boys not wanting to, they begrudgingly did as they were told.


As they continued watching the movie, Nuala noticed that Brandon and Vince were missing. She had no idea where they were.


"Where's Brendan and Vince?" She wondered if maybe there maybe was another floor they might've been on.


"They said they'd be coming tomorrow and that they were bringing a friend." Audrey told her. Nuala nodded in understanding and went back to watching the movie.


Looking away from the screen for a moment, she saw that most people weren't paying attention to the movie. Audrey and Isaac were on their phones and Cammie had out a book. The only people actually watching the movie were Mr. And Mrs. Andrews, Keevan and herself.


She was even sure what movie she was watching, but she didn't find it all that interesting. From the moments where she wasn't zoning out, she was noticing the movie was about a family who had locked themselves in their house to protect themselves from killers. She couldn't remember why they were trying to kill them though.


Nuala finally decided that she didn't want to sit through the rest of this movie and got up from her seat on the couch. Doing anything else sounded better than having to watch the rest of this movie.


She walked out of the room and walked into the kitchen to see what there was to eat before she settled to making herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She looked through all the cupboards looking for a plate and where the bread would be when at last she found what she needed. As she pulled the bread out, a cold shiver ran through her body.


What the hell was that...?

That shiver hadn't felt normal to her. It had raked through her body with such force the muscles in her back still felt tense, like something had a tight hold on it. She walked towards the side door that was in the kitchen and pulled the small curtain that covered the little window on the door to look outside. Her eyes skimmed the area. All she saw were a few more cottages and the entrance to a large forest that looked to have extended forever.

Nuala's gaze lingered on the forest for a bit, feeling almost like someone was watching her before she pulled the curtain back into place and made sure the door was locked. Looking out their made her feel uneasy.

She then turned back around to get back to her sandwich making process when she saw Isaac standing at the threshold of the kitchen. He was standing with his arms crossed and his legs out shoulder width apart, giving off an aura of superiority and intimidation.

His expression was stern as he stared at her, his gaze never lingering from her. Evem as she gulped and began walking back to the counter.

She chose to use this moment to get to talk to him.

She grabbed the bread and then went to grab the jelly. "Would you like a sandwich?"

He stood silent, not bothering to reply to her offer, and instead walked to the kitchen island and sat down. The whole time his eyes never wavered from her and it made the hairs on the back of Nuala's neck stand in fear.

She didn't know what it was about him at that moment but she was feeling this intense wave of fear course through her body. He looked like he wanted to decapitate her and hang her head up over a mantle.

She tried again. "Would you like a drink?"

This time she got a response from him as he shook his head, his expression never changing.

She has finished making her sandwich and sat across from him with a smile. "So I noticed we don't really have any classes together this semester, which really sucks."

He shrugged but didn't say anything.

Nuala wanted to groan. Clearly no progress was being made and she wasn't understanding why he was being so stubborn. She had been doing her best to be friendly and she wasn't even pressuring him to open up to her, but at this point she wasn't seeing what she was doing so wrong.

She took a bite of her sandwich and waited till she was done swallowing before speaking again. "What classes do you have next semester?"

"Math, gym, history, and English."

Nuala's eyes widened a fraction. She hadn't actually expected him to answer her, but the fact that he did made her smile. "Nice, I think I have math and history with you."

This time he didn't reply back. He just shrugged again and kept quiet which only cause Nuala to assume that he probably was all that happy to have the same classes as her.

"You don't belong here."

That took Nuala by surprise.

She chuckled nervously and looked down at her plate. "Uh yeah, I guess. I did just kind of intrude on your family out of know where. I'm sorry about that by the way." She began rambling without realizing it. She didn't see why she was even apologizing, but she couldn't stop herself. "I really do like you guys though. I mean my memory so far hasn't really came back yet, but if it makes you feel better, once I do, I'll be out of your hair. I'm just grateful th-"

Isaac was getting annoying with her rambling and cut her off midsentence. "I don't know what it is, but you're just like them and it irks me."

Nuala cocked her head to the side. Who was he talking about? "Just like who?"

"Beck and his stupid poesy of jocks and preps." The tone of his voice was filled with so much hatred it made Nuala's body tense up. "They make me sick and having you around now makes it even worse."

Nuala's eyebrows furrowed and she frowned. "Becks a pretty nice guy, what do you hate about him?"

"He's cocky and annoying," Isaac said. "He thinks the world revolves around him just because he's some rugby star and for some reason he thinks he runs the school. I hate people like that, and I keep getting the same vibe from you."

Nuala was taken back. "Beck is nothing like that and neither am I!" She didn't know why she had felt so offended that he was bashing Beck like that. "I may not have known him for all that long, but he's a nice guy. He was friendly and sweet to me when I first came to the school, unlike you who has been nothing but rude and insensitive. I've tried being civil and making friends with you but you've been completely stubborn, now you just sound like a whiney jealous brat."

Isaac let out a loud laugh. "Jealous? Of that cocky bigot? In his dreams. And he is exactly like that, you just don't know him like I do, and I wouldn't expect you to understand. Right now all you sound like is one of his thirsty groupies that would do anything to get in his pant." He stood up from his seat and with a glare, looked her up and down before sneering, "You're just like the rest of them."

He didn't give Nuala much of chance to counter back before exiting the kitchen.

Her sandwich was at this point completely forgotten and she was sitting down feeling angrier than ever. Where did he get the right to judge her before even getting to know her? She had done nothing wrong to him, but he was treating her like she had run over his puppy or something.

She tossed the rest of her sandwich in the garbage and walked out of the kitchen to find a washroom. When she got in she went to the sink and ran the water cold. She bent down and splashed her face. As she took a deep breath, her head rose and she looked into the mirror and her hand went to cover mouth.  She wanted to scream, but didn't want the rest of the family to hear her.

Her eyes...they were...glowing! They were yellow instead of their usual green.

She rubbed her eyes just in case she was seeing things, but when she opened them again, they were still glowing. She moved back from the mirror frantically, accidentally knocking over something. She didn't look to see what it eyes, her eyes stuck on her reflection in the mirrow. She wanted to run. Which is what she did and as she opened the door, Audrey was walking by.

"You okay? I heard something fall!"

Nuala immediately she shielded her eyes, praying that Audrey didn't notice.

"Uh, yeah I'm alright, I just kind of tripped on something, but I'm okay!" She didn't give Audrey a chance to reply before she was already down the hall and making her way upstairs. She needed to get to her room.

When she got there, she didn't bother turning on the lights and made sure to lock the door.

It wasn't until that moment that she realized that she could see everything. It was like her sense of sight had heightened and even in the dark room, she could see everything in the room.

This was starting to freak her out.

Maybe if I go to sleep I'll be okay again. She thought to herself as she climbed into her bed. She hoped she was right and did her best to fall asleep, though her mind was running with thoughts about her eyes.

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