Secrets to Tell

Everyone has a secret that they would never tell a soul. But would you even consider it a secret if you didn't know it yourself?

That's the real question.

Nuala could barely remember her name let alone anything about her past after a car accident she was involved in. As stated before, she doesn't remember anything, she doesn't remember where she came from, or how she came to be in the accident. She only assumed that she was perhaps just crossing the street and an unaware driver realized too late that she was in the way.

Now she's starting a new life.

Living with 7 other people under the same room isn't easy when she's put into a foster home and is enrolled into a nearby high school.

As she settles in, she befriends a strange group of guys and girls that seem to enjoy her presence, and they somehow understand her on a level that she never thought possible. But she doesn't get it.

What do they know about her that she doesn't?

© Copyright 2014


6. 6. Shopping With a Spark

Nuala's first week of school went by quicker than she expected and it was finally the weekend. Mrs Andrew had made plans for the whole family to go to their cottage and they were leaving tonight. This gave Audrey and Nuala enough time to go to the mall for a little shopping for some clothes.

"Seeing as you came with not very many clothes, Mom, asked me to take you shopping." Audrey told Nuala as they hopped into the Bentley Continental GT. "We're going to need to get you a bunch of shirts, jeans and other things, and a few bathing suits for this weekend. We're going to be in water a lot."

Nuala nodded in understanding and sat back while Audrey pulled out of the parking lot.

This week had been weird for Nuala. She had gotten to know the rest of her family better, becoming friends with them and enjoying every moment she spent with them. However she was noticing something. Isaac was really closed off. Well from her anyways. Whenever she tried talking to it, it was only small talk, never full conversations. She barely even knew anything about him and something about that bothered her. There was something sinister about him, something she couldn't get out of her head.

She always brushed off her worry though. For the sake of being completely part of the family.

She wanted to get along with everyone, and she was getting along with them all. All but Isaac

He seemed to be giving her the cold shoulder since she had arrived and she just brushed it off. She was willing to wait until he was comfortable to open up to her and she was hopping that this weekend would help.

"So what do you think of this shirt?"

Nuala turned her head and looked over at Audrey holding up a baby blue and white stripped t-shirt. "Yeah that's pretty cute."

Audrey smiled and tossed it into the cart and continued looking for more clothes.

It had been an hour now and Nuala's feet were beginning to ache. They weren't anywhere near done though. They still had to go buy bathing suits and shoes, and since it was getting late they decided they'd just get something to eat here.

"I think this one would look really nice on you!" Audrey was holding up a green two piece swimsuit. The top had a bottom section that was black on the breast and the top half of the bottoms was black as well. It was cute and Nuala liked it, but it wasn't her style.

"I like the colour choice, just not the black part in it." She told her honestly. "Can we find another green?"

Audrey nodded and turned back to the rack of bathing suit.

"Ou! I think I found the perfect out!" She walked over to Nuala and began pushing her towards the change rooms. "Here try it on!"

Nuala caught the two pieces before it could hit the floor and chuckled at Audrey's excitement. She began stripping and changed into the bathing suit. "Ready to see it?"

She heard an eager 'yes' and opened the door for Audrey to see.

"It looks perfect! We have to get it" She led Nuala to a nearby mirror and showed her how she looked in it.

Nuala's eyes widened. It looked great. It was a pale green, almost turquoise. The strings were white and though it was pretty plain it was really cute. Nuala turned to look at Audrey and grinned.

"I want it!"

"Then we're going to get it!" Audrey then told her to get changed again so they could go pay for it. On their way out they also grabbed a red and blue one in case Nuala wanted to wear something different.

"I'm getting hungry; want to grab something to eat?" Nuala said as she picked up her share of the bags. There were at least 13 now, all of which were heavy but they knew that after eating and getting some shoes, they'd be done for the day.

Audrey agreed and the made their way towards the food court. "What do you want to eat?"

"Thai Express sounds good," She smiled and placed the bags down next to her seat and sat down. Audrey sat across from her and did the same. Audrey nodded. "Okay what do you want, I can go order and you can watch the bags."

"I'll take the general Thai but can you ask them to put extra sauce on the chicken?"

Nuala nodded and asked for the money to pay before taking her place in line. She looked up at the menu trying to see what she wanted, when a voice behind her caught her attention. She glanced behind her and saw none other than Beck Grant himself.

The only thing that confused her however was that he was nearly all the way across the food court from where she was. She didn't know how she had been able to actually hear him loud and clear. Even now she could still hear the conversation that he was having with his friend and her brows furrowed. How was that even possible?

"I can help who's next in line!"

Nuala suddenly turned back around and saw that it was her turn to order. She walked closer to the counter and ordered hers and Audrey's food. She then stood to the side and waited for it and as she did she heard footsteps coming closer to her.

"Hey snowflake, didn't know you were here."

Nuala turned her head to look behind her and saw Beck smirking down at her.

"You know my name now so there's no need for the nickname." She said as she turned back around. This was the first time she had talked to him since her first day. They had seen each other in the hallway and made eye contact but it was nothing more than that, so she wondered why he was even talking to her right now.

She heard him chuckle. "I don't know, the nickname has kind of grown on me."

She smirked to herself but didn't respond to him.

"So what brings you by?"

She shrugged. "Just some shopping, I'm going out of town this wee-"

She was cut off when she felt a pair of hands on her hips and was spun around.

Beck was smirking down at her, his hands still on her hips. "You really should look at someone when you're talking to them."

Nuala couldn't reply. She was too concentrated on the feeling of his hands. She could feel the tips of his fingers brushing against her bare his and an unfamiliar heat spread through her body. Standing there silently, except for the sound of her heavy breathing before she finally got the willpower to take a step back, almost instantly she could breathe again.

She kind of felt like suddenly something was missing, however, she ignored it.

"U-um yeah well," She tried to remember what she had just been talking about.

"You're going out of town.." Beck held a smug look as he noticed that she looked flustered and confused.

"Yeah that," She said. "I was saying that I was going out of town this weekend and need to buy some clothes and bathing suits, but Audrey and I got hungry," She tilted her head to the side slightly. "Why are you here?"

"Came to grab a new mouth guard for rugby." He held up a Sports Chek back that Nuala was just now noticing. "I kind of tore through my last one."

Nuala raised an eyebrow at him. "How'd you manage that?"

He grinned down at her, showing his pearly whites. "I have a bad habit of chewing on it."

"General Thai and Tom Yum soup!"

Nuala glanced behind her before looking back at Beck. "That's my order, I'll see you around."

She turned and grabbed her food before brushing past Beck and walking back towards Audrey. When she reached the table she placed the bag on the table and took out Audrey's order, handed it to her then got hers.

"Was that Beck Grant you were talking to in line?" Audrey was looking at Nuala with a shocked expression.

Nuala glanced up from her food and nodded. "Yeah, he came to get a new mouth guard."

"But he never goes to talk to girls, they come to him."

Nuala shrugged. "Oh really?"

Audrey nodded. "You better be careful though, he's kind of a womanizer and I don't want you getting hurt."

Nuala smiled at her and nodded. "Thanks I'll keep that in mind, but if it makes you feel better, I doubt anything is going to happen between us."

Despite what she had just said, she doubted it was true. Well she at least hoped it wasn't, because in that moment all she could think about was how she felt when he was touched her moments ago. That was just his fingertips and her body felt like it was on fire, and she had no idea what it meant. She wondered if he might've felt the spark that she felt.

"Thank God we're done!" Nuala hoped into the passenger seat and waited for Audrey to finish putting the last of the bags into the trunk. They had just finished shopping and the car was nearly filled with clothes that they had bought. Nuala realized that finding room for them in Audrey's room was going to be difficult but then thanked god that her room would be ready by the start of next week.

It was now a little later than they expected, so the moment Audrey got into the car, they were already speeding off home.

When they arrived they quickly when up to Audrey's room to put most of her clothes away and pack the rest for the weekend and before they knew it they were ready to go. The rest of the family had left a while earlier so they knew that they were going to be arriving a little later than they hoped.

"Ready to go?" Audrey asked while making sure all the lights were off and all the doors were locked.

Nuala hiked up her heavy bag and nodded. "Yep, we better get going, it's an hour drive after all."

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