Secrets to Tell

Everyone has a secret that they would never tell a soul. But would you even consider it a secret if you didn't know it yourself?

That's the real question.

Nuala could barely remember her name let alone anything about her past after a car accident she was involved in. As stated before, she doesn't remember anything, she doesn't remember where she came from, or how she came to be in the accident. She only assumed that she was perhaps just crossing the street and an unaware driver realized too late that she was in the way.

Now she's starting a new life.

Living with 7 other people under the same room isn't easy when she's put into a foster home and is enrolled into a nearby high school.

As she settles in, she befriends a strange group of guys and girls that seem to enjoy her presence, and they somehow understand her on a level that she never thought possible. But she doesn't get it.

What do they know about her that she doesn't?

© Copyright 2014


4. 4. Dinner Time

Nuala felt horribly uncomfortable as she sat at the table with everyone else. The table was filled with lively chatter and she had yet to actually learn some of their names. There was a girl who sat next to her who she found out was named Chantelle. She had light brown hair and a dark blue underlayer. Her dark brown eyes were filled with life and she grinned up at Nuala with a friendly smile.

"I love your hair!" She said. "How much bleach did it take to get it that blond?"

Nuala coughed awkwardly and glanced at the younger girl beside her. She couldn't have been older than 14 years old. "My hair is naturally this color."


Her records had stated that and even she was shocked that her hair was that blond as well. To her it was weird. She had bleach blond hair that was nearly white, but got darker near the tips. Her eyes were a soft light green that looked nearly transparent.

Nuala nodded and went back to eating her dinner in peace. She was really nervous about being in a room full of people she didn't know. There were five boys, and two girls and so far she only knew one of their names. The girl next to her was named Chantelle, but that was about it. 

Aside from Audrey of course.

When dinner was over, Nuala followed Audrey around the house. Audrey was helping her learn which rooms were which and how to get around the house. "This is what we call the Chill Room."

Nuala looked at Audrey smirking. 

Audrey laughed. "I know, it's lame, but we couldn't think of anything else."

Nuala nodded and smiled to her. 

Audrey explained that most of the kids came here after dinner, or after school to watch tv, play videos games, or just sit and relax. Nuala looked around the room and noticed that all the kids were there. There were a few guys playing a game of pool in the corner, and two girls were chatting on the couch infront of the tv.

"So are you ready to meet everyone?"

Nuala took a deep breath and nodded and the walked further into the room.

"Guys!" Audrey called out, grabbing the attention of everyone in the room. "This is Nuala, she's new as you can see, and mom asked me to guide her around school, so if you guys could give me a hand with that, that'd be great."

They all smiled and nodded to her before going back to what they were doing just previously. Audrey led Nuala to the pool table where the guys were and Nuala could feel her palm sweating with nervousness. It wasn't everyday she was surrounded by attractive boys that she was going to be living with for who knows how long.

"Nuala, this is Issac," Audrey pointed to a tall boy with dirty blond hair that swept over his light blue eyes.

He nodded at her and she waved back. Next Audrey pointed to a slightly shorter boy with black curly hair, dark brown eyes and mocha skin. "This is Keevan."

He ginned at her and sent her a slight wave toward her. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise." She smiled back at him.

"I'm Dante!" A bubbly boy said. He was really tall and scrawny and wore a pair of glasses, shielding his dark green eyes. His light brown hair swept to the left up in a quiph. Dante pointed to a much shorter looking boy with blond hair and teal-like eyes. "That's Brendon, and the guy next to him is Vincent, but he prefers Vince."

Nuala's head was spinning.She looked over to a guy with light brown hair and dark green eyes, and did her best to remember that he was Vince, but she realized that she was probably going to have thee worst time remembering all their names. But she was willing to learn.

"Well we're gonna head back upstairs, we have math to work on." Audrey waved back at the boys and led Nuala back upstairs to her room. 

"So how long has everyone been here?" 

Nuala asked this as they sat once more on the bed, but now they were working on math concepts.

Audrey looked up from her notebook and glanced at Nuala before taking a moment to think. "Um well, the guys have been here the longest." She explained how they had been living here for about 4 years before she came. Audrey told her about how she came when she was 11 and how she lived with pretty much all the guys for about 2 years before a girl names Cammie was adopted. After Cammie, Chantelle came and they've all living together since. "We get along just like siblings pretty much and we all love each other like siblings. We love it here."

Nuala nodded and glanced around Audrey rooms again. "I can understand why. This house is beautiful."

Audrey chuckled. "Yeah the house is gorgeous, but I mean here, like we love living here with everyone. Mr and Mrs Andrews are very kind to us, and since most of us came from broken homes, it's all we've ever wanted. Just to be loved."

Nuala's mouth took the shape of an O as she understood what Audrey was telling her. 

Audrey smiled. "Don't worry, you'll get used to everything soon enough. I mean so far Chantelle seems to like you."

"Yeah hopefully the rest of them will like me." 

They went back to work and before long, they began to grow tired. 

That night, Nuala went to bed thinking about how her first day of school was going to go. Would she make friends? Would her teachers like her? Those things were all on her mind before she slipped into a dream filled sleep.


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