Secrets to Tell

Everyone has a secret that they would never tell a soul. But would you even consider it a secret if you didn't know it yourself?

That's the real question.

Nuala could barely remember her name let alone anything about her past after a car accident she was involved in. As stated before, she doesn't remember anything, she doesn't remember where she came from, or how she came to be in the accident. She only assumed that she was perhaps just crossing the street and an unaware driver realized too late that she was in the way.

Now she's starting a new life.

Living with 7 other people under the same room isn't easy when she's put into a foster home and is enrolled into a nearby high school.

As she settles in, she befriends a strange group of guys and girls that seem to enjoy her presence, and they somehow understand her on a level that she never thought possible. But she doesn't get it.

What do they know about her that she doesn't?

© Copyright 2014


1. 1. Prologue

Dodging and weaving past the tall trees that sprouted in the dark forest, Nuala's breath came out in quick pants as she ran. She ran as fast as her legs could take her, her only source of light being the full moon above her.

The muscles in her legs were beginning to ache and burn, but she kept going. She couldn't stop now if she didn't want them to catch her, and if she even dared slowed down, it would only assure her death.

Nuala could hear their paws hitting against the hard forest floor. It only made her run faster. 

'Im so screwed.' She thought glancing behind her. She couldn't see them but she could hear them and that was enough for her to keep going.

Nuala turned back to look ahead of her and saw the opening to the forest. She pushed her legs as hard as she could in her tired state and didn't waste time getting to the clearing.

She hiked the backpack on her back higher as she climbed over a large tree trunk and saw ahead of her, a deserted road and the opening to another forest. Quickly she ran for it but then stood paralyzed when a loud car horn sounded. 

The last thing she saw was a blinding light heading towards her and almost instantly, she blacked out.


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