Unknown cyberbullying(COMPLETE)

Harry's been dared to cyberbully a girl . He doesn't know who he will be bullying .but he is bullying his crush Rachael High . Will he find who he is bulling? Will they become friends ?... Or more? READ TO FIND OUT !!!! P.S this is my first book!!!!read my other ones


7. the fight

Rachael's P.O.V

I woke up & Harry wasn't there . I went to the kitchen& Harry was making breakfast . " morning beautiful."" Hey babe you made breakfast ? You shouldn't have."" But I wanted to." After breakfast I ask "Harry who is Brian ?" His happy face was gone" Brian is the guy who told me to bully you . Can we please not talk about him."" Ok babe I'm sorry I got you angry ." "No I'm not angry . I just don't want to talk about it . "" ok then . I have to go home don't worry I'll be safe ."" You sure?" "Yeah bye babe" I kissed him and left


I reicive a message ."what's up loser " great who is bullying me now " who is it" "what you don't know me ? I'm Harry you idiot !"" No your not !" " ok I'm not but look at this picture ." There was a picture of Harry kissing a girl . My eyes were full of tears . " hey babe . :)" Harry send ."WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT !" " is everything ok?" " I don't know you b*tch!" " what did I do ?!?" " oh you know what you did ! Cheater!" " woah hold up ! Since when did I cheated on you !" " leave me alone ! We are over cheater!"

BANG BANG the door . I went & got it . It was Harry " since when did I ever cheated!" " oh you know when!" " ok where the hell is the prove uh!??!" " YOU WANT PROVE OK!" I showed him the picture . "That's my exgirlfriend ! That was last year !we already broke up !"" Yeah right !" I said as I walked away . Then he grabbed me by my wrist ." OUCH!" I yelled . My wrist still hurts from the cuts . "LET ME GO!" "NO!" " stop Harry you're hurting me!" I said as I cried . He pulled me to his house . At his place he yelled at me I got scared" LISTEN I WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO YIU !" I finally freed my hand and yelled at him " I HATE YOU ! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE !" I ran out & left Harry crying .

Harry's POV

I started to cry then got a message from Niall " hey mate how you doing :)". I replied " terrible my girlfriend thought I cheated her .😢💔" " oh that's terrible want me to cum over ?" "Yeah ." 10 minutes later Niall came . " how did it happened ?" He asked "she found a picture of me & Mary kissing . I try to tell her that we already broke and that was last year . She didn't bielive me . She hates me !" I said crying . Niall hugged me " don't worry . You guys might end up together . " no we won't she hates me !" I cried

Rachael's POV

How could he do this to me ! I hate him so much ! I hate my life! I went to grab the knife and cut

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